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Common mistakes in the interior, where there are children

Techniques in the interior that should not be used if there are children in the house

Making a stylish interior, many forget that there are children in the house. Professional designers, of course, are unlikely to make such mistakes. But those who are engaged in repairs on their own, having peeped fashion chips on the Internet, risk missing important points.

Safety, where there are children, should come first, so we tell you what fashionable techniques in interior design should not be practiced.

Mistakes in the interior where there are children

Beautiful living room interior

When solving such important issues as the choice of flooring in the entire apartment, wallpaper or painting, it is important to remember not only the aesthetic side, but also safety. Where there are children, everything should be thought out to the smallest detail.

One of the most common misconceptions of parents is “Why make a nursery if the kids are growing fast? We will immediately choose something for teenagers so that in 5-6 years we won’t have to redo everything.” But the crumbs are extremely clumsy and need protection and care, especially in the first years of life.

We tell you what mistakes you should not make if you make repairs yourself without a designer.

Contractors do not really delve into the history of each family. It is important for them to sell expensive materials in order to increase the total bill. This is another reason to hire an interior designer, and not just because it’s trendy.

Porcelain tiles throughout the apartment ❌

Living room with porcelain stoneware
Porcelain stoneware in the interior

Porcelain tile is a coating that resembles marble slabs, but is not.

This is a more budget option, which has a lot of drawbacks: cold, fragile and, of course, slippery. It is because of the latter property that designers do not use porcelain stoneware in the interior of rooms where there are small children. But when the repair is done by hand, few sellers will offer an alternative, assuring that the idea of ​​laying out porcelain tiles not only in the bathroom and kitchen, but even in the bedroom is great.

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Bar counter instead of dining table ❌

Kitchen with breakfast bar
Kitchen with bar counter photo

Even in a small apartment, you can find a place for a dining table, because there are a lot of folding compact options. The bar counter, which is now popular with young couples, has nothing to do with children. Behind her, the kids are uncomfortable, as the chairs are high and unsafe.

Do not replace a standard dining area with a trendy counter. It can only be an additional element in a huge living room or living room.

Podiums ❌

podium in the room
Podium in the bedroom photo

There are many safe ways to zone a space, and the podium is not one of them. Creating some elevation in the room is a technique that was popular over 15 years ago, but many are only now deciding on it.

A podium in a room where there are children is not the best solution. They may trip, get bruised or bruised. It is better to abandon such a zoning idea in favor of vertical techniques: shelving, panels, curtains, etc. ⠀

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Glass partitions without end protection ❌

Glass partition in the room
Glass partition in the bathroom

The presence of glass and mirrors in the interior is the trend of 2021. However, it is important that they are all glass elements in the interior in a frame or have end protection. This will secure the space.

On a note! Designers recommend abandoning glass partitions if the children are very young. Come back to this interior chip in a couple of years. ⠀

Unfixed dressers ❌

Shelving in the living room
Chest of drawers against the wall

In an apartment where there are children, it is important to think through everything in advance. For example, many overlook cabinets and shelving, which are unstable. To secure the space, you should fix the furniture to the wall or floor. You still won’t move it and rearrange it every day, and the kids, even opening the door abruptly, don’t run the risk of knocking over a shelf or the entire cabinet.

Sockets next to the bed ❌

Location of sockets in the bedroom

The location of outlets in a room with small children should be thought out. You should not take into account only your own interests and install them directly above the bed, at the table, or in the bathroom.

Position sockets so that children cannot access them. Also remember about the stubs for them. Modern devices perfectly help to secure the space in the house. By the way, do you need a separate article about fashionable and inexpensive devices for apartments with children?

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