В чем разница между консилером и корректором

Concealer and corrector [в чем разница] – what is the difference and what is better

Difference between concealer and corrector

Contrary to popular belief, concealer and corrector are not the same thing. Each tool has its own tasks:


Compared to the corrector, the concealer has a less dense texture. First of all, it is intended for the skin around the eyes (from dark circles). In addition, concealers use:

  • To mask cosmetic errors in the make-up. For example, if you need to correct the tip of the graphic arrow.
  • For light contouring.
  • For lip makeup. Concealer can be used instead of a primer or to define the contour of the lips before applying lipstick. The make-up will be more resistant, and the color will be brighter!


The corrector is a must-have for owners of problem skin. It will help hide redness, inflammation, post-acne, spider veins and age spots.

Due to its dense texture, it has a higher overlapping power.

Still not fully figured out what is the difference between concealer and proofreader? Then let’s move on!

Concealer and corrector: the correct sequence and method of application

What is the difference between a concealer and a corrector according to the method of application

The difference between a concealer and a corrector is easiest to notice when creating a make-up. How to apply them correctly?

  • The corrector is applied before the foundation, and the concealer is applied after. In both cases, it is most convenient to use a sponge or fingers.
  • Make light driving movements. This is especially important when working with the skin around the eyes!

The corrector is applied directly to the correction zone. And the concealer is in the form of an inverted triangle. This will help not only hide bruises, but also brighten the area under the eyes.

What is the difference between a concealer and a corrector in terms of release format

Both concealers and correctors come in the form of sticks, pencils, or cream (liquid) textures in a plastic tube, often with an applicator or brush included.

  • Sticks are ideal for owners of oily skin. In addition, a product of this format is convenient to take with you: it will definitely not spread in your purse!
  • Dry skin will love a creamy concealer. It will not emphasize peeling.
  • A tool in the form of a pencil is most convenient for spot masking imperfections.

The difference between a concealer and a corrector in terms of color

The difference between a concealer and a corrector in terms of color

Now let’s figure out how the concealer differs from the corrector in terms of color.

Both concealers and correctors often come in palettes. But if concealer is a story about fifty shades of nude, then correctors are not only beige, but also colored. How to choose the shades of products that are right for you?


  • To hide dark circles under the eyes, use a concealer one tone lighter than your natural skin color.
  • For contouring, you will need two shades: light and dark.


To use color correctors, it is important to understand what flaws they can hide:

  • Green – neutralizes redness, suitable for masking inflammation, acne, vascular network.
  • Yellow and orange – hide purple bruises under the eyes and blue wreaths.
  • Blue – will remove dark brown circles under the eyes, as well as freckles and age spots.
  • Pink – helps if the circles under the eyes have a greenish tint. In addition, it can refresh aging skin.
  • Violet – neutralizes yellowness.

The best concealers and proofreaders: a review of funds from Maybelline NY

Which is better – concealer or proofreader? Wrong question! Ideally, you should have both products in your cosmetic bag, and in the company with foundation. After all, as we have already found out, all these are different things that are needed to solve different problems.

The Eraser Eye Concealer

The Eraser Eye

Cover up dark circles? Hide imperfections? Even out the tone or smooth out the bumps in the relief? The Eraser Eye to the rescue! This is a concealer for the eyelids (and not only), which contains caring ingredients – haloxyl and goji berries. and the patented pad applicator will help make application as comfortable as possible.

Concealer Fit Me

Concealer Fit Me

Maybelline NY classic in ten shades! The concealer has a liquid texture and medium coverage, so in case of urgent need it can be used instead of foundation. The silky texture is easy to apply and blend without clogging into pores and wrinkles, and also has the most natural finish.

Concealer Superstay

Concealer Superstay

The main advantages of the concealer are a long-lasting formula (up to 24 hours!) and a dense texture that allows you to mask even pronounced imperfections. the product has a non-rolling and waterproof formula, and the ultra-thin applicator provides an economical application.

Marvel The Eraser Eye Concealer


Favorite The Eraser Eye concealer in a new stylish case! The Marvel-inspired design is a subtle nod to the product’s superpowers as it erases imperfections, including fine lines, crow’s feet and dark circles.

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