girl with eyelash extensions

Consequences accompanying the eyelash extension procedure (with photo examples 2022)

The craving for beauty is a natural desire of all women of any age. Thick, fluffy, long eyelashes are one of the components of the desired image. At all times, women from different countries, in an effort to make their eyes more memorable, subjected their eyelashes to coloring, lengthening them with villi superimposed on the paint.

girl with eyelash extensions

With the development of the beauty industry, the need for daily makeup for eyelashes has disappeared, giving way to extensions. This made it possible to look beautiful at any time of the day, immediately after waking up and during the day.

Eyelash extension effect

There is no need to waste time spent on morning makeup. Women have ceased to be afraid of black streaks under the eyes in wet weather. With eyelash extensions, there is no longer a need to purchase voluminous types of mascara.

With the development of extension methods, the need for daily morning makeup has disappeared.

It all started in the distant 20s of the last century, when Maximilian Factor invented false artificial cilia, which were attached to natural ones with the help of adhesives.

 eyelash extension

Representatives of the film industry were the first to appreciate the invention. For a simple layman, such a daily procedure remained unclaimed for a long time.

Kylie Jenners with doll eyelash extensions

Women owe the modern method of building long well-groomed eyelashes to cosmetologists in Japan. It is their masters who owned the first attempts at classic eyelash extensions.

Arrow eyelashes on Asian eyes

Over time, not only individual villi, but also whole compounds of two, three or more hairs in one bundle began to participate in lengthening and giving volume to eyelashes.

 Bundle eyelash extensions

Problems with eyelash extensions

But along with beauty, the problems associated with the extension of natural cilia with artificial ones also came to women. And the feeling of the absence of your own eyelashes after removing the extensions is not the worst thing that a fashionista can expect. There are other consequences that arise already in the process of building up.

View of natural eyelashes after removal of artificial

Negative consequences of eyelash extensions

Eyelid swelling is often observed after an eyelash extension session.

Swelling can be caused by:

  • poor quality of the material and adhesive composition;
  • unskilled actions of masters;
  • poorly sterilized instruments;
  • mechanical damage to the skin of the eyelids;
  • infection in the eyes;
  • an allergic reaction to the composition of the adhesive composition.
 Extension procedure

Redness of the eyes and swelling of the eyelids after eyelash extensions

The first sign of an infection is a burning sensation in the eyes. It comes after a feeling of discomfort, swelling, redness of the eyelids, and ends with tearing and purulent discharge.

Swelling and redness of the eyelids

With such a reaction to building up, it is better to get rid of artificial cilia and make an appointment with a doctor for a treatment appointment. Pharmacology has a wide range of drugs that help prevent inflammation.

Medical eye treatment

If the swelling is caused by a mild allergy, there is no need to peel off the artificial cilia. Often, redness and slight swelling go away after applying cotton swabs soaked in a strong brew of warm tea.

 Compresses for puffy eyes

A few such compresses of a five-minute duration are enough so that there is no trace of swelling and redness.

Treatment with wet tea bags

You can also cope with the problem with the help of juice squeezed from grated potatoes, apples or cucumbers.

Preparing a compress from potato juice

After a five-minute compress, a nourishing cream is applied to the skin of the eyelids. Chamomile, mint decoctions made from melissa leaves and oak bark have a good sedative.

Lotions from cucumber

An allergic reaction can be caused by the components of the raw materials from which the eyelash extensions are made. Girls prone to allergies can be advised to replace the build-up with Botox.

 Eyelash transformation after Botox treatment

Improvement of eyelashes with Botox helps to increase their elasticity, density, volume. Saturated with vitamins, natural cilia become stronger, fall out less often, grow better.

Fact about eyelashes

The prototype of modern mascara was the product of the American company Maybelline, released in 1917. The paint consisted of only two components – soot and petroleum jelly.

 Eyelashes before and after Botox

After restoring the structure of the eyelashes with Botox, you can do without the use of decorative volumetric mascaras for 2 or even 4 months.

Botox procedure

Improves the appearance of natural eyelashes and the use of lamination. After applying the drug, the cilia acquire a rich color, density, shine, bend, which is not lost even when taking water procedures.

eyelash lamination procedure

Damage to the cornea of ​​the eye during the eyelash extension procedure

The cause of damage to the cornea can be mechanical trauma, an inadvertently dropped artificial eyelash, the action of the chemical constituents of the material. Damage to the cornea is accompanied by severe pain, redness, photophobia, lacrimation, poor opening of the eyelids.

Sequelae of corneal injury

Here, it is often impossible to do without drug treatment aimed at restoring and moisturizing the outer layer of the cornea. Even with minor damage to the epithelium, it is desirable to carry out prophylactic treatment with antibacterial agents.

Mechanical damage to the corneal epithelium

Depending on the area of ​​the damaged area, the duration of epithelium recovery does not exceed 15 days on average. After the end of treatment, it is desirable to instill preparations that moisturize the cornea for some time in order to avoid recurrence.

Damaged cornea needs treatment

Alopecia (eyelash loss) after eyelash extensions

Usually, the cause of excessive eyelash loss is congenital or acquired diseases of the endocrine system. But it is also possible to damage the bulb of eyelashes with the mistakes made by the masters during extension, with endless correction without complete removal of artificial materials.

Focal loss of cilia

Indeed, dirt, organic decay products accumulate in the interciliary space, which, if not removed in time, cause infectious diseases. Without the complete removal of the extended eyelashes, it is impossible to completely clean the lash line.

Chemical damage to the mucous membrane of the eyes during the eyelash extension procedure

Often damage to the mucous membrane of the eye is associated with the composition of the adhesive. The composition of any of them includes cyanoacrylic acid, as well as other components, which, due to their low percentage, are often not printed on labels.

Wide range of adhesives

The set of adhesive components depends on the rate of their polymerization. Beginning craftsmen prefer to work with a low adhesive hardening rate. It is also shown for rooms with high humidity.

Artificial eyelash extension process

Allergy sufferers and clients with high eye sensitivity are advised to use an adhesive with a reduced percentage of cyanoacrylic acid in the composition. But the organic substance formaldehyde, which can be recognized by a sharp, toxic, unpleasant odor, is best excluded from use altogether.

Chemical damage to the mucous membrane of the eye

An adhesive product with formaldehyde in the composition can contribute to serous rashes at the place where artificial eyelashes are attached, followed by allergic and inflammatory processes.

The first signs of a burn manifest themselves …

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