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Copper hair color photo

Who suits copper hair color

Due to the fact that naturalness and naturalness are again in fashion this season, most girls opt for a copper shade. Dazzling photos of celebrities are an inimitable example for those who have decided to change their image. Only a brave lover of risk and experimentation is able to decide on radical changes. But any question should be taken seriously and take into account such nuances and details as eye color, skin color and face shape. Therefore, consider the photo with the proposed palette and correctly determine your color type.

Who is copper hair color suitable for?

Variety and infinity in the choice of tone begins with dark and light, pale dull and dazzling, fiery red and wheaten. It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question – to whom exactly all of the above gamut is suitable. That is why photos and advice from stylists will become the first assistant for those who choose paint for further reincarnation.

Bright or calm makeup should already be selected after staining. You always need to remember about the only compositional center and learn how to correctly place accents, play with details to emphasize beauty and highlight advantages.

Dark copper hair color photo

The winter cold color type of women should focus on chocolate, red and copper-blond shades. For those with short and curly hair, these colors will help emphasize the zest and make the appearance more attractive. It’s better not to overdo it with a make-up, so as not to overload an image that is already so bright and saturated.

And brown-haired women and brunettes with brown and green eyes will become simply beauties if they change their tone to a colder one.

Dark copper – photo examples:

Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color

light shades

Light copper hair color has unique notes with the presence of a copper tint. And it suits the owners of blue, gray and green eyes. The only condition is the presence of perfect skin. In order not to lose a beautiful tone, it is periodically worth refreshing the tone with a red and yellow tint balm. It is he who gives the hair a beautiful copper shade.

Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color

Copper red hair color photo

It is known that only 2% of the population are carriers of natural red curls, but today the trend is a warm ebb. That is why recently, more and more often, girls give preference to a copper-red tint, which beautifully emphasizes dark brown and light brown eyes.

Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color

hair color golden copper photo

From time immemorial, even in ancient Greece, golden curls were considered something divine, given from above, and have always remained the main trend of the beauties of those centuries. Today, too, many girls with matte skin and blue eyes prefer shining gold. Excellent shades of this range – copper blond, honey blond, judging by the reviews and photos, remains a fashionable trend at all times for admirers of the great Marilyn Monroe and other golden-haired beauties. Tint shampoos will help maintain shine and color that fades over time. And so that the hair does not dry out due to constant exposure to paint and remains healthy, use moisturizing masks that you can prepare yourself at home.

“Golden copper” shade – a very complex color, but it looks very beautiful on women of any age.

Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color

Hit of the season – copper blond

Copper blonde hair color has become popular and goes very well with the spring and summer seasons. In this shade, girls with peach skin, green-blue eyes and pale lips should be painted. Gray-eyed owners of a porcelain face with warm curls should also try this warm range.

Hair color copper blond photo:

Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color

Copper red hair color

For beauties with sandy skin, plump lips and blue eyes, copper red and titian are perfect. A bright shock of hair in combination with gentle tones on the face will make the image magical and fabulous. By the way, it is very easy to paint over both light and dark hair in this color, because it is very saturated. It is possible to maintain natural shine with the help of a shading shampoo and balm. After all, the biggest drawback of fiery red is the rapid loss of color in curls with the passage of time.

Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color Who suits copper hair color

How to dye your hair copper?

If your financial capabilities allow you to laminate after painting in copper, then do not postpone this procedure until tomorrow. Because it will help to keep the structure, due to the film applied to the head, which becomes the main protective coating.

Dark blond should first be lightened so that the result does not upset, but it turns out as in the photo. And light-haired, you can safely calculate the right amount of paint and dye your hair in the chosen tone. And be sure to think about the subsequent selection of lipstick, shadows and eyeliner, and especially blush. After all, a bright shock is already a compositional center to which all attention will be attached.

How to achieve beautiful copper hair color with henna

This natural product is made from the leaves of lavsonia and is used for cosmetic purposes for dyeing hair, eyebrows, and also for tattoos. The natural brownish tint of this plant can be mixed with basma, brewed coffee and do home rinsing and dyeing to give the hair a given tone. Since henna does not have a pronounced ability to color, the final result will be natural curls. And the shade will depend on how long you keep your hair in the product.

It is necessary to mix the right amount of henna (today they offer a large number of shades) with a small amount of warm water. The mixture should be mushy. Apply to the entire length of the curls and wrap in cling film for 1-2 hours. Rinse off with water and let dry on your own.

Home dyeing technique or household dye for copper hair color

In order to change the tone of the hair without leaving home, use tools such as Estelle, Pallet and Loreal paint, which are especially popular among those who like to experiment with color outside the beauty salon. Ammonia-free dyes will fix the color on the hair for a short time, so for a radical change, it is better to use persistent dyes that contain ammonia. It is he who penetrates tightly into the structure and lingers for a long time. The choice is yours – it all depends on how much you want to change.

Coloring technique:

  1. Lighten the curls with a powder and an oxidizing agent (6-9%) – mix a packet of powder with an oxidizing agent, mix thoroughly and apply over the entire length for 30 minutes.
  2. Rinse your hair with warm water and dry until the hair is almost dry.
  3. Apply copper-colored paint for 20 minutes. After washing thoroughly with shampoo, apply balm and dry well.

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