Coral pedicure with stripes

Coral pedicure 2022: 100 photos of the best design ideas

Red and pink have already become classics in the world of manicure and pedicure, but now coral has become on a par with them. This trendy shade combines all the advantages of these two tones: from red, he took the nobility and aristocracy, and from pink – tenderness and softness. In addition, there are notes of orange in it, making coral look cheerful and attractive. The result is a very stylish versatile color that goes with any look and looks great on nails.

Coral pedicure with stripes

Coral looks especially interesting on dark skin: it emphasizes the femininity and sophistication of the legs due to the simplicity of its shade. The color is self-sufficient, so the pedicure looks complete even with a plain coating without decorative elements.

However, there are many ways to diversify the coral cover, and in this article we will analyze the most successful options.

Features of coral pedicure

Coral has a lot of tones, which opens up scope for imagination. The most popular are tender, where the presence of red is minimal. However, if you want to make the pedicure brighter and more expressive, then you can use more saturated shades of coral.

Coral pedicure with a heart pattern

Coral fell in love with millions of fashionistas due to its energy. It has passion, joy and luxury of red, but all this is softened by a pinkish undertone. Some shades are very similar to pink and have lightness, tenderness and relaxation.

It’s this versatility that has made coral a real hit: it’s a feminine, stylish color that doesn’t look too “childish” like pink.

Bright coral pedicure

Thanks to the orange range, coral looks juicy and positive. Citrus notes refresh the shade and give it some enthusiasm. Coral gives off warmth and comfort, but at the same time it saturates with energy, gives cheerfulness and good mood.

This color is chosen by people who want to get as many positive emotions out of life as possible. A shade of coral will brighten up any everyday life and give a positive attitude.

Delicate coral pedicure

The advantages of coral color include its versatility. It is a warm shade, so it is suitable for any skin, whether it is pale or tanned, and for any age.

Also, girls who have irregularities in the nail plate will like the coral coating: the color refracts light in a special way, which makes all imperfections less noticeable.

Coral pedicure on tanned legs

Solid coral pedicure, relevant in 2022

The simplest option, but it always looks fresh, because the coral shade is very expressive and interesting. If you want to add zest, you can decorate the coating with a rub – so the pedicure will become brighter and more original.

Solid coral pedicure

Rubbing can create a variety of effects: glare, overflow, give a certain shade. Especially unusual looks holographic and pearl.

Coral French pedicure – 2022 classic

French pedicure is always in fashion, so you don’t have to worry about the relevance of such a design. Bright coral is perfect for the summer season – the design will turn out to be cheerful and cheerful, but in winter you can give preference to pastel delicate shades.

Coral french pedicure

The reverse jacket looks no less impressive. It differs from the classic version in the location of the contrast zone: here it is located near the nail hole.

Decor for coral pedicure

There are a lot of ways to decorate a pedicure. It all depends on your imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment and create an original design, the main thing is to observe the measure and not overdo it. The most commonly used decorative elements are:

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  • Sliders. They are stickers-films with various patterns and drawings. This is one of the most popular options for decorating pedicures and manicures, because sliders make it easy and quick to create a beautiful design.
Coral pedicure with stickers

  • Rhinestones. Another no less popular way to create a design. Rhinestones make the pedicure more luxurious and focus on it. This design is appropriate for both everyday and business style.
Pedicure coral with rhinestones

  • Kamifubuki. Colored sequins of different sizes that resemble confetti. A pedicure decorated with kamifubuki always looks solemn and is perfect for a festive look.
Coral pedicure with kamifubuki

  • Foil. This type of decor makes the coating holographic. It turns out an unusual effect of glare.
Coral pedicure with silver

All these types of decor look great on both matte and glossy nails. If you do not overdo it with decorations, the pedicure will turn out to be stylish and original.

Lunar coral pedicure

This design involves highlighting the lunula – a semicircle at the base of the nail. Usually it is painted with a contrasting shade or decorated with rhinestones.

Lunar coral pedicure

You can focus on the thumb, highlighting the hole only on it, and leave the rest of the nails plain.

Matte coral pedicure 2022 – for fans of minimalism

A pedicure with such a coating looks like velvet. It is not as catchy as glossy, so it will suit lovers of simple and concise design.

Matte coral pedicure

Matte varnish will successfully emphasize the richness of the coral color, and if you want to diversify the pedicure, you can add a few glossy nails.

Coral pedicure ombre

A type of nail design where a smooth transition from one shade to another is created. To make the gradient look advantageous, you need to choose the right second tone. Contrast with coral will help create white and blue colors, and you can add tenderness by adding yellow or orange.

Coral pedicure ombre

What colors can be combined with coral pedicure in 2022

Coral is most successfully combined with black, white and silver. The first two colors are universal, so they will look appropriate in any design. Silvery gives the pedicure festivity and makes it look more expensive, more solid.

Coral pedicure with white

Of course, a combination of coral with similar shades will be a win-win: red, pink, orange, beige and peach. They can be used to create a moon pedicure, jacket or ombre.

Coral pedicure with a pattern

Coral pedicure is very spectacular and memorable. This is an almost universal color that is suitable for both business style and everyday relaxed looks.

Pedicure and manicure in coral color

Fashion photo ideas coral pedicure 2022

Summer coral pedicure

Bright coral pedicure with rhinestones

Coral pedicure with orange and white

Pedicure in coral tones

Coral pedicure and manicure with design

Light coral pedicure

Lunar pedicure in coral color with rhinestones

Coral Glitter Pedicure Design

Coral pedicure with cherries

Solid coral glossy pedicure

Coral pedicure with palm tree pattern

Delicate coral pedicure with silver sequins

Summer bright coral pedicure

Orange pink gradient pedicure

Coral blue pedicure

Matte orange pedicure

Fashionable coral glossy pedicure

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