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Correction of permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyelids, lips: features

Permanent Makeup Correction: Nuances

Permanent makeup – this is not once and for life, as many women assume. Firstly, everyone needs an initial correction, because even with proper care of the eyebrows, arrows and lips, the color will not be bright and durable enough. Secondly, everything has an expiration date and tattooing is no exception. If you do not update it, it will gradually “leave”. We will talk about when and how to make a permanent correction later in the article.

Features of permanent makeup

Eyebrow permanent before and after photos
Eyebrow permanent, photo: before and after

Permanent make-up (tattoo) can be applied to the eyebrows, eyelids, inter-eyelash contour or lips. This is a procedure during which the master uses a special apparatus to inject pigment under the skin. The puncture depth is small – up to 1 mm. However, this is enough for the pigment to linger there and not be washed off under the influence of water or ultraviolet rays (from them, by the way, it fades).

Permanent makeup is not forever. The average period during which the shade is preserved is 1-1.5 years. Then it dims.

How long does it keep?

The following factors affect the wear time of permanent makeup:

  • Age. At a young age, the process of skin renewal is faster than after 30 or 50 years, so girls wear tattoos less than adult women.
  • Skin type. Women with combination and oily skin need more frequent correction than those with dry skin. It keeps the pigment longer.
  • The immune system. The stronger the body, the shorter the period of wear of the tattoo.
  • Puncture depth. If the master deeply drives in the pigment, the period of wear of the permanent will be longer, however, it is considered correct to introduce the dye no deeper than 1 mm, since this is not a tattoo.

How to save longer?

The period of wear of permanent makeup depends on many individual indicators of the body, as well as the expertise of the master and the materials used in their work. High-quality pigments retain shade better, do not turn into unwanted colors, such as gray, blue, red or green.

In order for the tattoo to last longer, you must:

  • Properly care for him in the first days after the procedure. What needs to be done is detailed in this article;
  • Avoid direct sunlight, use a sunscreen with a high SPF;
  • Minimize exfoliating procedures like peeling, scrubbing.

What is permanent makeup correction?

Drawing the shape of the eyebrows

Everyone needs correction of permanent make-up of eyebrows, eyelids or lips. This is a repeated procedure for introducing pigment under the skin. In fact, correction – this is the fixing of the primary procedure, strengthening, leveling and compacting the color. Correction of minor flaws and form, that is, obtaining the perfect result.

Why can’t everything work out the first time?

The process of skin regeneration proceeds differently for everyone, plus not all women strictly follow the instructions and recommendations of the master. Someone takes care of the tattoo incorrectly, others tear off the crusts ahead of time, and a bright spot forms in this place.

Correction allows you to correct the shortcomings and bring the tattoo to the ideal look, which was originally planned by the master and the client.

How long does it take to correct?

Types of permanent makeup application

We found out that correction is nothing more than a repeated permanent makeup procedure. It is carried out in the same technique, using identical tools and materials. The pigment is consumed in the same amount. The master does not work only with voids on the eyebrows or eyelids, he completely walks through the entire area.

There are several types of tattoo correction – this is primary, refresh or renewal, correction.


Eyebrow tattoo photo

Primary correction is recommended for all women who first contacted the master for a permanent makeup procedure. The area where the tattoo is made does not matter. Any area needs to be updated and finalized.

Primary correction of eyebrows, arrows or lips is carried out no earlier than after 4 weeks and no later than after 3 months (otherwise it is already a refresh). The ideal time for primary correction is 5-6 weeks after the first procedure.

Why can’t it be corrected sooner?

Some women after 7-10 days are ready to go to the master for revision, as they see minor flaws and want to fix them as soon as possible. However, this is a rash decision. A competent specialist should not agree to a correction earlier than after 4 weeks, since this is the period that the skin needs to recover. Prior to this, the wound is considered not yet healed and the re-introduction of the pigment is fraught with the formation of scars.

And if to another master?

Not all women are satisfied with the result, there are even those who are not ready to go to the same master for correction.

When deciding to perform the primary correction with another specialist, it is important to wait the prescribed 4 weeks. This time is necessary for the healing of the skin and the manifestation of the pigment, which gradually becomes brighter. After the crusts come off, the eyebrows look light, but after a couple of weeks the shade returns.

Refresh or color update

Eyebrow tattoo

Permanent makeup is not forever. Over time, the pigment is excreted from the body. The term depends on age, immune system, skin type and other factors. Girls 20-25 years old will need a refresh in a year and a half, older ladies after 2-3 years.

Refresh is a full-fledged permanent make-up procedure for color renewal. The master does not change the shape of the eyebrows or arrows.


permanent eyebrows photo

Permanent makeup is not always of high quality. There are smudges, irregular shape of eyebrows or arrows. Also, over time, permanent makeup can turn into an undesirable shade (this happens due to improper work of the master or low-quality pigments). All these are the reasons for contacting a specialist in order to correct the tattoo.

It is necessary to fix the tattoo or “interrupt” it if it has ceased to look attractive. Many masters recommend that you first remove the old pigment with a laser or a remover, and only then correct the color and shape.


Primary correction is necessary for everyone 4-6 weeks after the first procedure, the maximum period is 3 months. After that, it is no longer a correction that is needed, but a refresh – an update of the existing tattoo.

When you don’t like the shape of the eyebrows or arrows, you can’t do without correction. This stage is usually accompanied by the removal of the old pigment (using a laser or remover). Then the master draws a new correct shape using the desired shade.

Correction — this is fixing the primary procedure, sealing the color where necessary, correcting minor flaws.

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