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Creative eye makeup: easy, simple and bright make-up ideas

What are the features of creative makeup?

Girl with creative makeup

The main thing in creative makeup is freedom of expression. He allows any experiments! And anything can become a source of inspiration: from couture shows to Disney cartoons.

You will need the most diverse palette of shades, but you can’t do without cosmetics marked “waterproof” (especially if you are planning graphic elements or face art, that is, drawings on the face).

Creative makeup is not necessarily makeup, but you can use feathers, fresh flowers, stickers and rhinestones. However, among the beauty trends of this year, there are also many solutions that fit perfectly into a creative make-up:

• Neon on the eyes and lips.
• Bright draping in Japanese technique (in the area of ​​the eyes with the transition to the cheeks).
• Unusual arrows.
• Graphic arts.
• Glitters and sequins.
• Unusual color combinations.
• Colored eyelashes and eyebrows.

Who is it suitable for?

Girl with unusual arrows

Is creative makeup just for parties and holidays? Generally speaking, yes. However, unusual ideas from couture shows can inspire you for your own experiments – light creative makeup. This is how colored mascara and red arrows ceased to be a provocation and became part of the everyday make-up for many modern girls. This is not only for photo shoots, but also for every day.

What cosmetics do you need to create a light creative make-up?

You may be surprised, but for a creative make-up, you will need almost the same decorative cosmetics as for any other. Of course, the shades will be brighter and more diverse! But otherwise, the secret is not in the cosmetics itself, but in the original methods of application.

By the way, this is another feature of creative makeup: makeup artists often use products for other purposes. Lipstick is applied to the eyelids, shadows are applied to the lips, and a scattering of sparkles can appear anywhere at all.


You will need several beauty assistants at once:

• Primer – to even out the texture of the skin.
• Foundation – to even out the tone. Products with a light texture (like Fit Me, Dream Satin Fluid or Affinitone) will help to avoid the mask effect.
• Concealer and concealer – to hide imperfections. Great for bruises under the eyes Instant Eraser!

Shadows and pencils

Girl with shadows in her hand

Vibrant colors and long-lasting formula = expressive look for you. The Expression Kajal has some cool shades and is great for graphics and shading!

Shadows Color Tattoo 24 hours, created using the technology of tattoo pigments, can become both the base for eye make-up and the basis of a bright image. And in the Lemonade Craze palette there are juicy summer shades.


Girl paints arrows

Must have for a creative pop art make-up! And not only. Choose a liner with the thinnest tip and long-lasting formula – like Hyper Precise. It can be either a felt-tip pen or a liquid gel eyeliner.


Girl paints her lips

Super stay will give Superstay Ink Crayon and Superstay Matte Ink. Don’t be afraid of bold colors and different textures! Suitable and matte, and glossy, and even shimmer lipstick.

Eyebrow styling products

Girl paints her eyebrows

The angled brush of Tattoo Brow pomade is perfect for shaping and thickening, while Brow Drama mascara helps set the brow hairs in place.

Means for fixation

Girl holding makeup fixing spray

Powder is enough to fix a light creative make-up, and for special cases there is a Lasting Fix fixing spray.


You will need sequins, rhinestones, glitters, false eyelashes, stencils, stickers and even plasters – they are often used for soft girl makeup.

How to make a simple creative make-up: step by step for beginners

Maybelline NY official makeup artist Yura Stolyarov and blogger Avemi Lissa @aveme_lissa will show you how to do a simple creative makeup with a twist!

So, you will need:

  • Affinitone foundation, shade 09.
  • Fit Me concealer, shade 05.
  • Instant Eraser Concealer, shade 03.
  • Eyebrow pencil Brow Ultra Slim, shade Dark Blonde.
  • Brow Drama mascara, Dark Blonde shade.
  • Mascara Lash Sensational.
  • Gel eyeliner Lasting Drama.
  • Superstay Matte Ink lipstick, shade 145.
  • Face Studio Setting Powder, shade 009.
  • Cheek Heat Gel Blush, shade 15.

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