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Dark and light brown hair color shades

Beautiful chestnut hair color photo

The universal chestnut hair color, often found in the weaker sex, has again become very popular among girls who dyed their hair in such fashionable shades as blue, green, pastel blue, pink and using the balayage technique. Naturalness is back in fashion, which is why natural tones are so popular and many seek to achieve it at home.

Chestnut color is very diverse – it is chocolate, caramel and even dark blond, which suits many, especially those whose natural color of curls is close to red chestnut. Numerous photos with celebrities, whose style is tirelessly worked on by stylists, are excellent proof of the versatility and versatility of brown.

Beautiful chestnut hair color photo

This shade is considered suitable for all ages and different skin types. African-American, Slavic and even Chinese women boldly repaint and look very good. Maintaining a healthy glow and sheen is a very important aspect when painting one color over another. And for this, you can always use natural conditioners and professional products – balms, shampoos for colored curls.

Brown eyes are perfect for chestnut, but the same can be said for green and blue eyes. But before you dye your hair, it is better to study and choose a palette by reading reviews and considering the proposed photos.

What are the shades?

It is important to know what shades of chestnut exist before proceeding with the changes. Honey, walnut, light pearly, red chestnut and mahogany, frosty, crimson, graphite and dark chocolate – all these colors can be obtained independently without contacting a hairdresser, if you paint over the previous shade correctly. The choice should fall on the tone that is best combined with the eyes, skin, eyebrows. It is better not to experiment with a dark color for women after 40, it is better to lighten up, as it makes you look younger. If you still want to see brown in the reflection of the mirror, then choose coffee with milk or a light shade.

The most stylish chestnut hair color for today photo shades:


Beautiful chestnut hair color photo


Beautiful chestnut hair color photo

red chestnut

Beautiful chestnut hair color photo


Beautiful chestnut hair color photo


Beautiful chestnut hair color photo


Beautiful chestnut hair color photo

photo light brown hair color

Warm light chestnut, golden caramel, coffee with milk, cocoa, cappuccino, amber belongs to the light range and the owner of a Slavic appearance with bright eyes and matte smooth skin will do. If you like to experiment, then diversify a plain hair by highlighting a few tones darker than the base. Thus, you will not only add a little variety to the overall range, but also visually add volume to your hair, no matter what length you wear.

Photo after staining in a light chestnut color:

Beautiful chestnut hair color photo Beautiful chestnut hair color photo Beautiful chestnut hair color photo

dark shades

Dark chestnut hair color is very suitable for Slavic and southern women, unlike the northern peoples, who are characterized by whitish skin, freckles and reddishness from birth. Dark tones of brown, such as golden, cool black-brown, caramel, ash will contrast with light skin. Therefore, southern women can easily decide on such changes, but one should take into account the fact that maintaining this color is a very important point. The fact is that after you wash your hair, the chestnut color brightens and the hair stops shining, losing saturation. Do not spare money for the purchase of balms and conditioners.

Beautiful chestnut hair color photo Beautiful chestnut hair color photo Beautiful chestnut hair color photo

Fashionable copper brown hair color photo

Copper is good and unique in that it emphasizes green and gray eyes, and is very young, so it is suitable for women of any age. Each girl should not forget that over time it is better to lighten up in order to look younger, therefore, copper will be the way out of this current age situation.

Copper is contraindicated only for those whose skin is unhealthy, has rashes and spots that once again stand out on a face with such bright curls. Light and dark copper, light brown and golden, red, red and even copper blond – that’s the whole range for your choice. Photos with beauties who dared to transform will help you make your choice.

Photos of the best transformations:

Beautiful chestnut hair color photo Beautiful chestnut hair color photo Beautiful chestnut hair color photo

Dark red chestnut

Red chestnut hair color is considered a little risky and capricious and will not suit many (ladies who have problem skin should experiment with caution). Northern girls are very lucky, who are carriers of red from birth and with the help of paint can only enhance their native or give brightness or golden light in the sun.

Natural reddishness and curls are the pride of many British women. This year, freckles have become another fashion trend, and to match it, you do not have to be born with them. In tandem with a redhead, freckles painted in the salon will look great and make your look perky, cheerful, warm and summery. Golden, fiery – the most popular shades in this range.

Dark red chestnut – photo examples for inspiration:

Beautiful chestnut hair color photo Beautiful chestnut hair color photo

Beautiful chestnut hair color photo

How to dye your hair brown

In order to dye your own brown, you do not have to visit an expensive salon. It is enough to buy 2 packs of any paint if you have long curls, or 1 pack if you have short ones. It is best to paint on a dirty head, so that the fat that is secreted by the sweat glands on the head creates a thin film to protect the roots from ammonia, which is contained in any paint.

Modern paints such as Estelle, Loreal, Pallet, Garnier offer more gentle paint options with cream and without ammonia. Subsequent rinsing with balms and the use of nourishing masks will help you stop the loss and moisturize the tips.

How to get a beautiful chestnut with household paint

Photos with beautiful girls, whose curls are just perfect in any color scheme, once again prove the fact that this can be achieved by yourself if you follow simple rules. To begin with, trim the ends, because any curls split over time and their careless dry look can spoil the overall impression after dyeing.

Next, you should decide on the tone, which should be 3 tones darker or lighter than your own. The length of the hair will directly affect the number of packages purchased for painting, so that it fits tightly and thickly for greater saturation. And after that, do not be lazy to care for and moisturize dyed curls.

Painting process:

  1. Mix cream paint and oxidizer (household paints offer a ready-made kit, so you just have to decide on the shade). Mix everything thoroughly and apply with a flat brush to oily hair, distributing from the roots to the tips, moving from the forehead to the back of the head.
  2. After applying the entire coloring mixture, comb …

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