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Dark blond hair color photo – how to dye your hair dark blond

Beautiful dark brown hair color

The main feature of the weak half of the population is the constant desire to change something in themselves in order to improve the appearance and eliminate natural shortcomings. First of all, this concerns the hair color, which every girl experimented with at least once.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, because the first thing a woman does in the morning is to look at her reflection in the mirror. The first factor is shortcomings, the second factor contributing to changes in appearance is the moral state. It is hardly possible to argue with the fact that radical changes in life are directly reflected in the appearance. The main thing in this matter is not to overdo it, but to sensibly assess your cons in order to improve your appearance with the help of specialists.

There are several ways to dye curls dark blond. Looking at the photos of such beauties, such as Natalie Portman, one can only guess with what paint she achieved the desired natural effect.

Dark blond hair color photo

Keeping up with the times and meeting the strict parameters set by the beauty industry is not always possible, and this requires a lot of material investments. All fashionistas know that this year, like the previous one, dictates naturalness in everything – from makeup to manicure.

To observe and comply with fashion is not just for those who are carriers of non-standard parameters. Therefore, first of all, you need to clearly know the type and shape of the face, the color of the eyes and skin. Numerous photos show that natural becomes the main color for every third girl, when cold ash or gray is not suitable for everyone. If the skin on your face is perfectly even and matte without a single pimple or pigment spot, then you can safely repaint in cold shades that are so fashionable this season.

Dark blond hair color suits whom?

The uniqueness of dark blond lies in the fact that it suits almost everyone, the only difference is in tone, the spectrum of which is very large and the most suitable one should be selected from it.

  1. If you are the owner of dark brown eyes, give preference to warm shades.

Beautiful dark brown hair color Beautiful dark brown hair color

2. Girls with green and blue eyes will look more effective with curls of cold shades.

Beautiful dark brown hair color Beautiful dark brown hair color

3. Gray eyes require a rich hair color, so feel free to choose shades with red and red undertones.

Beautiful dark brown hair color

Dark blond by nature is found in almost every second, therefore, it is best to choose a tone based on the initial natural color. The difficulty lies in the fact that this is more difficult to do than to paint in a radical black or red. But if you are determined to change the color scheme of your hair, then it is best to look at the photos and read reviews about such bleaching products as Estelle, Loreal, Pallet, which for many years have been offering the female half of the population a huge range of hair coloring and hair care products. .

If you have managed to choose the right remedy, then more than once or twice it is better not to discolor at home. Rather, you will need to go to a beauty salon, whose masters will not advise you bad. The first step to lightening is to spare no material resources at the first and most important stage.

Beautiful ash dark blond hair color

One of the most capricious and dangerous shades, and all because he goes far from everyone because of his coldness and dullness. There is nothing wrong with this color, but the result may not please everyone – your skin tone and eye color, combined with ashy, should harmonize beautifully.

Tanned skin, blue and juicy green eyes are perfect for ashy hair color.

Beautiful dark brown hair color Beautiful dark brown hair color

The difficulty is that having painted the curls in this shade, it is not easy to maintain it in the future, as it is quickly washed off. Also, overgrown roots can acquire a reddish tint over time, which greatly spoils the overall picture.

Photos with examples of how best to choose the right tone become a clear example for those who cannot decide on this complex and unusual color.

Dark blond golden hair color photo

In order to make the right choice, it is better to start with a photo palette of golden tones – wheat, honey, rose and pure gold, golden brown, beige, caramel, hazelnut, chestnut, chocolate and coffee. The choice is really huge. How not to get lost in it and choose the right warm shade?

Golden will look great on girls whose skin has been touched by the sun, that is, with a beautiful tan. Also, amber brown eyes will be in harmony with “blond gold”.

Beautiful dark brown hair color Beautiful dark brown hair color

To add golden notes, try rinsing your curls with regular brewed coffee, letting it cool and moistening your hair for 30 minutes. This tool will act just like a rinse aid, but not like a chemical paint. Ash is not included in this range due to the fact that it is cold, and all of the above tones are warm.

Ideas with highlighting

Dark blond hair color with highlights looks no less impressive than an even color. It will look especially good on a haircut ladder or cascade. Twisting the tips, clarified curls will only enliven your hairstyle and you will look original.

Slavic appearance, light skin, green eyes – the perfect basis for painting in ash blond, dark and light blond, in combination with highlighting individual strands.

Beautiful dark brown hair color Beautiful dark brown hair color

How to dye your hair dark brown

If you decide to repaint in a beautiful dark blond color, brands such as Loreal, Pallet, Garnier, Estelle, Cies have a ready-made palette of shades.

Therefore, if you are a fan of L’Oreal Paris, choose shades: 6.32 Walnut, 6.0 Oak, 6.35 Havana light amber, 6 Madrid.

Palette: LG5 dark caramel, BW7 pearl blond, C6 cold medium blond, N6 medium blond, N5 dark blond, W5 golden roast, G4 cocoa, G3 golden truffle.

Garnier: 6, 7.12, 6.0.

Estel: 7.3, 6.3, 8.71, 7.0, 6.0.

Coloring technique:

  1. Choose your favorite shade of household paint. Thoroughly mix the paint and oxidant in a non-iron container with a wooden or plastic stick.
  2. Start applying paint with a brush starting from the roots, gradually moving to the tips. Move from the forehead to the back of the head. After that, you can cover your hair with cling film and wait 30 minutes.
  3. Wash off the paint with warm running water with shampoo, you can use a balm.
  4. Wrap your hair well with a towel and let it soak up the moisture. After comb and let dry.

Important: after staining, the undertone is quickly washed off, which gives the color a zest, so it is worth periodically refreshing the shade with the help of a tinting balm. If you want to achieve a beautiful cold ash shade, use a purple tonic. For warm tones – red and yellow toning balm.

After such procedures, be sure to make nourishing masks so that the curls do not become dry and brittle over time.

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