Dark blue pedicure with foam and magnetic polish

Dark pedicure: features, color combinations, 100 ideas for 2022 in the photo

Dark pedicure in rich, noble colors is relevant in the autumn-winter period. However, even in the summer there are situations when the restrained elegance of deep shades is in demand. Such colors are preferred in cases where the acid glow of bright tones is simply inappropriate.

Dark blue pedicure with foam and magnetic polish

When choosing a dark design, you should first familiarize yourself with the latest fashion trends and the best ideas. Or consult with your nail master. After all, a dark pedicure, when performed correctly, has a truly magical, bewitching effect.

Evening maroon pedicure

Beautiful pedicure with broken glass and gossamer

Dark pedicure with casting

Dark pedicure does not mean black!

Often beautiful ladies confuse dark pedicure and black. Yes, black is included in the dark palette. However, this is only a tiny fraction of the colors and shades that the modern nail industry offers.

At the service of fashionistas:

  • dark tones of red, green and blue;
  • noble brown, garnet and wine color;
  • graphite and smoky gray tones;
  • mysterious purple and lilac varnishes.

Thanks to this variety, choosing the right shade is not difficult. If a woman needs lacquer under an evening dress, democratic jeans or a steel-gray office suit, she will certainly find the right tone!

Black pedicure with silver sequins

Moreover, today a noble palette is widely used to create an image of a bride for a color wedding – in dark blue, burgundy, black and white, malachite tones.

Dark blue matte patterned pedicure

Solid dark blue pedicure

Gorgeous lilac pedicure with ombre and rhinestones

Rules and features of using dark pedicure in 2022

Intense dark shades require a thoughtful and careful approach. They are invariably in the center of attention, captivating with their depth, enveloping the hostess with a light veil of mystery and mystery.

Stylish pedicure with rhinestones under an evening dress

It is necessary to carefully select a palette of shades, choose the appropriate decor so that it emphasizes the created image, but is not vulgar. With dark tones it is very easy to make a mistake, turning the legs into something unintelligible.

Smoky gray pedicure for autumn

Therefore, at first it is worth listening to the advice of the masters.

  • Black monochrome looks defiant and even brutal. It will not suit an aged lady or gentle, airy persons.
  • Such colors perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of the legs and nails, visually highlight the nail plates and fingers. They can be safely used for any shape and length.
  • Cold, restrained tones are perfectly combined with any types and styles of clothes and shoes.
  • Dark coatings are an excellent background for a variety of decor, paintings, drawings. On it, even minimal shine or thin knitting look more voluminous, noticeable.
Space Glitter Pedicure

Today the most popular colors are:

  • deep green, olive, malachite;
  • brown-burgundy, wine, pomegranate and raspberry;
  • purple and aquamarine, blue-green overflows;
  • sea ​​wave, turquoise and deep space blue.

Such tones are very colorful in themselves, so restraint in decorative elements is necessary.

What colors are better to combine dark colors in a pedicure in 2022

Complementary colors give a dark pedicure more expressiveness, make it stylish and unusual. Saturated colors are gently “friendly” with almost all light and white tones, they are revealed when using transparent and neutral varnishes, as well as a small amount of gloss.

Fashionable striped pedicure with dark and bright varnishes

Fact about pedicure

The first professional pedicure school was opened in 1913. She produced masters of pedicure. Moreover, most of the graduates were men: out of the first 14 masters, there was only one woman.

You can safely combine dark tones with the following options:

  • colorless varnishes (negative space), transparent color coatings;
  • all shades of the white palette, from snow-white to milky and cream;
  • warm beige, light gray colors;
  • all the richness of pastel colors;
  • sky blue and light turquoise;
  • silver and gold glitter.
Classic black and white pedicure

Additional colors can be alternated on the nails, used as a background or paint for drawings, make stripes.

Matte gray and white pedicure

Wine pedicure with silver

Beautiful dark blue pedicure with lace

Gray pedicure with pink hearts

Matte dark red pedicure with gold

Golden moon pedicure

Black and red foil pedicure

Blue-blue pedicure with gold

Fashionable decor for dark pedicure 2022

The best way to turn a discreet, monochrome pedicure into a festive, dressy splendor is to use decorative embellishments and different types of finishes.

Fashionable brown pedicure with rhinestones

What decor is in fashion today?

  • Rhinestones, Swarovski crystals.
  • Sequins, kamifubuki.
  • Various types of foil.
  • Thematic and abstract drawings, geometry.
  • Textured coatings – magnetic varnishes, matting tops, acrylic topping, rubbing.
Pedicure with rubbing

As a rule, decorative elements are applied to the nails of the thumbs, as they provide room for creativity. However, there are options with decorating other fingers with small drawings, laying out with small rhinestones, sparkles.

Dark blue pedicure with kamifubuki

Pedicure in dark colors is universal. It is appropriate all year round and in any environment. The main thing is to choose the right color by combining it with decorative details. Many women of fashion master the implementation of such a design at home.

Malachite pedicure with rhinestones

If you have doubts about your skills – welcome to the beauty salon, to an experienced specialist.

Photo selection of stylish dark pedicure 2022

Stylish turquoise green cat eye pedicure

Fashionable pedicure with voluminous decor and gold foil

Pedicure with an exquisite pattern and holes

Dark blue gel polish with colored foil

Unusual dark turquoise pedicure with glitter

Noble dark green pedicure with rhinestones

Maroon cat-eye pedicure

Black pedicure with colored rhinestones

Crimson pedicure with rhinestones and vignettes

Brown foil pedicure

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