Дневной макияж для карих глаз

Day makeup for brown eyes: techniques, ideas, photos

Daytime makeup ideas for girls with brown eyes

Day makeup provides for a certain color scheme and application techniques. In addition, everyday make-up is at the same time gentle, neat and sensual. You can perform daytime makeup without having special skills in this area, it is enough to arm yourself with a palette of shadows and choose the right shade of lipstick for them.

Features of creating daytime makeup for brown eyes Natural make-up

Day makeup involves minimal use of cosmetics. It is also called “no-makeup makeup”. However, there are a number of different ways to apply a beautiful everyday make-up for girls with brown eyes. Make-up for every day has its limitations, regardless of the color of hair and eyes.

The basic rules of daytime makeup for girls with brown eyes:

  • Let’s not forget about facial care. A tonic, moisturizer or SPF cream will come in handy here;
  • Instead of the usual tonal foundation, we use BB cream;
  • Bronzer, rich blush, berebor with concealer – taboo;
  • It is necessary to abandon false eyelashes and bright colored mascara;
  • Before applying makeup, be sure to cover the face, neck and eyelids with BB cream;
  • It is not recommended to apply shimmer or glitter on the eyes, except in the arrows;
  • The color palettes of shadows and lipstick should match each other.

Among other things, it is extremely important to pay due attention to the design of the eyebrows. No wonder many experts say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and the eyebrows are their frame. Eyebrows should be suitable for the type of face shape and shade, preferably a couple of tones darker than the color of the hair.

Pale gray day makeup

When choosing the color scheme of shadows for daytime makeup, makeup artists recommend brown-eyed girls to give preference to discreet matte tones. For everyday make-up, shades are suitable:

  • Peach;
  • Champagne;
  • Light brown;
  • cinnamon;
  • Light pink;
  • Powdery;
  • Smoky rose;
  • Light gray;
  • Smoky.

Experts recommend avoiding makeup made entirely in bright colors. It is allowed to add only one or two nuances of the selected color, so as not to overdo it with the make-up. Basically, such elements are used in make-up for dates that take place during the day.

Nude lipstick on lips

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of lipstick. It should be a couple of tones lighter or darker than the shades chosen for eye makeup. At the same time, the color spectrum for lipstick is quite wide:

  • Nude shades: beige, brown, pink;
  • Pale tones;
  • brick tide;
  • Red undertone;
  • caramel color;
  • Peach;
  • Dusty pink shade.

Choosing a lipstick should be guided by the make-up of the eyes. So, if there are rich nuances in the makeup, then for the lips it is better to choose a matte texture in nude style. In the case when the look was highlighted with the help of simple and discreet shadows, it is recommended to highlight the lips with a darker lipstick with a deep shade.

Day makeup techniques for brown eyes

To create daytime makeup for brown eyes, there are a number of different techniques that help girls create a charming, memorable, but at the same time gentle look. The most popular make-up techniques for everyday life are:

  • Nude style – makeup, made in nude shades, as natural as possible;
  • Arrow version – nude, complemented by elegant classic black or glitter eyeliner arrows;
  • Smokey ice in shades of brown or soft gray.

To fix the resulting make-up, makeup artists advise using a special primer – a fixative spray that is applied over cosmetics and helps to fix it. Thanks to this simple tool, mascara and shadows will not crumble from the eyes, and the eyeliner will not spread.


Nude makeup for brown eyes

Nude makeup perfectly complements the image of girls with brown eyes. At the same time, nude does not have to be boring or simple. The difference between this technique and others in the color scheme. Nude shades suitable for owners of brown eyes:

  • Beige;
  • Bodily;
  • Light brown;
  • Peach;
  • White;
  • dusty pink;
  • Smoky coral.

Experts in the field of make-up say that the nude style, complemented by arrows or a small colorful accent, will be extremely relevant. It is also advised to use various makeup techniques with selected eyeshadow colors.

Colors are recommended as a bright nuance:

  • Golden;
  • Purple;
  • Pink;
  • Coral.

There are several ways to perform nude makeup. The simplest is to cover the entire eyelid with a single color and highlight the outer or inner corner of the eyes.

Stage 1. Choose the lightest shade from the palette and apply it on the eyelid, covering it entirely. Using a medium-sized brush, blend a little so that the surface of the shadows smoothly merges with the skin color.

Applying base color eyeshadow

Stage 2. We apply a more saturated deep shade with a medium soft brush on the crease of the eyelid. Blend from the outer corner of the eyes to the inner one to get a smooth color transition.

Adding dark shadows to the eyelid crease

Stage 3. From the same palette, select a darker shade that matches the color scheme with the previous one. Using a narrow brush, apply shadows to the outer corner of the eye, forming a small oval, and blend. With the same color, we draw a small line under the lower eyelid along the entire length.

Highlighting the corner of the eye with a dark tone

The eyeliner of the lower eyelid helps to deepen the look, make it more piercing and charming. Also, this technique can be used to reduce the eyes or emphasize their shape. At the last stage, paint over the eyelashes with black or brown mascara.

Another option for nude makeup for brown eyes includes rich coral accent and more suitable for business lunches or a date.

Stage 1. On the eyelid, apply a light beige color of the shadows. Then we add peach to the crease of the eyelid, blend and give a pointed shape so that the corner goes beyond the eye to the line of the eyebrows. The second shade should not completely overlap the first one, you should leave a small light line above the eyelashes.

Any unevenness left after applying the peach tone can be easily hidden with a concealer. It can also be used to draw a straight line under the shadows to achieve the perfect “leaf” shape.

Applying a two-tone base on the eyelid

Stage 2. With a more saturated shade with a red undertone, carefully paint over the outer corner of the eye, repeating the previous contour to get the shape of a “leaf”. Feather the edges a little for a smooth transition.

Highlighting the corner of the eye with a technique "sheet"

Stage 3. A light shade, for example white, pale yellow or beige, is applied to the inner corner of the eye. We do shading in such a way that the color smoothly turns into a light line above the eyelid. We add some shadows under the lower eyelid with a thin layer to give shine.

Adding a splash of color

On this nude make-up for brown eyes with a bright color accent using the “leaf” technique can be considered complete. It is desirable to supplement it with brown mascara and matte lipstick in pink tones or with a slight brown tint.

with arrows

Nude makeup with arrows

Day makeup for brown eyes…

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