Как сделать дневной макияж?

Day makeup: types, techniques, rules

How to do daytime makeup?

Day makeup is a neutral make-up for a daily look, involving minimal use of decorative cosmetics. It is used to create a natural light image, suitable for the everyday rhythm of life, while the task of makeup is to emphasize the advantages and remove the flaws in appearance.

Basic rules of daily makeup

Red-haired girl with natural make-up

Light day makeup refreshes the beauty and emphasizes the natural charm of its owner. To create a natural, memorable image, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of a daily make-up. If you ignore the basic points, the image will not turn out to be neutral, and this goes against the grain. principles of daily make-up:

  • Makeup without makeup, nude, neutral – all these epithets describe the main condition of daytime makeup, namely, naturalness;
  • The range used is dominated by neutral shades (matte, beige, ivory). Applied options – sand, gold, bronze, creamy, pearl, salmon, ivory;
  • The skin on which daytime makeup is applied is thoroughly cleaned and treated with care cosmetics (milk, tonic, lotion);
  • We apply and shade, we shade and apply – this is a fundamental rule;
  • The emphasis is on the look or shape of the lips, but this does not mean that they should be highlighted with a bright spot. It’s just that the other part of the face is drawn 1 – 2 tones calmer;
  • Follow the measure in everything – for daytime makeup, a minimum of cosmetic decorative products is required;
  • Always apply neutral makeup in bright daylight – by a window. If this is not possible, you will need a cosmetic mirror with a daylight mode (white light);
  • Remember one more basic rule – light shades increase and expand facial features, while dark ones narrow.

Daytime makeup is the complete opposite of outrageous and fatal image, which is created for evening outings. In order not to confuse the purpose and purpose of the makeup being performed, study the advice of makeup artists on techniques for creating it.

Techniques and nuances

Girl with a palette of foundation creams of various colors on her face

To create a daily make-up, you need to take into account many nuances, including: the type of cosmetics, how to do makeup, the color type of the skin, hair and eyes, and other factors. There are quite a few techniques for working out daytime makeup, they differ both in the methods of execution and in the final image. It is logical that make-up at home in nude performance differs from make-up in casual styleapplied to the office. You can combine techniques and choose one or another image for individual occasions:

  • nude look – make-up in “naked” colors, the main motive is the most natural performance, preference for beige and pastel shades;
  • Classical – the main version of daytime makeup, involving minimal use of cosmetics, which does not focus on certain features;
  • Light – the perfect look for the home. Such makeup is applied extremely quickly, only highlighter and mascara are used;
  • Office – it is allowed to use liquid lip gloss instead of matte lipstick, shadows are also applied;
  • Elegant – this technique uses contouring, it is recommended to bring the eyelids with a thin line. In some cases, a contour is drawn on the lips. This type of neutral makeup is ideal for daytime weddings or outdoor photo shoots;
  • lifting (lifting) – the best option for daytime makeup for women of a more mature age. It is allowed to use the base foundation and matte shadows, which mask individual imperfections of the skin of the face.

We select daytime makeup for hair color

Professional makeup artists advise applying daytime eye makeup in accordance with your existing color type. The easiest option to follow their advice is to apply makeup, focusing on hair color.

Blondes by nature they are lighter and more airy. In order not to destroy this natural beauty, daytime makeup must be done very delicately:

  • As a basis, a tonal concealer No. 1 is taken. The cream is applied not only to the skin of the face, but also to the lips;
  • Light matte loose powder is applied to the face with a wide soft brush;
  • Contours are emphasized with a brush with beveled bristles. For the contour, warm shades of shadows are taken;
  • Blush choose pink or peach;
  • Shade of shadows – pale pink or pale lilac;
  • It is allowed to make a line with gel eyeliner;
  • For eyelashes, use brown mascara;
  • We put pink or peach gloss on the lips.

Blonde woman with daytime make-up

brunettes men like it: their natural brightness cannot be overshadowed. It is not easy to make a neutral makeup with this hair color, but we will try:

  • Apply a matte foundation on the face, bypassing the eyelid area;
  • Use powder a tone lighter than foundation;
  • Moving eyelids are stained with shades of beige, the outer corner – with dark brown shades;
  • Do not use eyeliner for this type of makeup;
  • Paint over the eyelashes with one layer of black mascara;
  • The color of blush and lipstick is dark pink, bronze.

Brunette woman with natural make-up

For girls with brown and red hair daytime makeup options that are the same in execution and technique are suitable. Such makeup will accentuate their image, emphasizing elegance:

  • For the base, a tonal concealer of a warm golden hue is taken;
  • Blend the powder with a large fluffy brush. Its color is bronze, blush take a tone darker;
  • The shade of shadows for brown-haired women is olive, copper, bronze, but they are placed in a minimal amount;
  • Eyeliner is drawn neatly along the line, arrows are not made;
  • Lips make up matte lipstick in bronze or brick shade.

Brown hair with natural day makeup

Daytime eye makeup

If you are confused by the many options offered for creating daytime makeup, we recommend that you select decorative makeup in accordance with the color of your eyes. Stylists offer make-up styles for going out on weekdays, which are able to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and at the same time look as fresh and natural as possible.

The most common eye color on the planet is brown. Makeup for owners of a dark iris should be simple and delicate, as their appearance is naturally bright. The daily version of applying decorative cosmetics step by step looks like this:

  • Eyelids stand out with shades that have a beige or light brown tint. Shadows should be matte;
  • Shadows of a dark shade (gray, deep emerald green, khaki) are applied to the corners. The line is drawn along the upper edge, but does not reach the eyebrow;
  • Arrows and eyeliner are not used, otherwise the makeup will cease to be daytime. But if you can’t imagine your makeup without these decorative tools, take a dark brown eyeliner;
  • One layer of brown mascara is applied to the eyelashes;
  • The cheekbones are accentuated with bronze or terracotta blush…

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