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Demanded professions on Instagram: how you can make money

Popular insta professions: for those who are bored in the office

The pandemic has made significant adjustments to the usual life of citizens. If earlier many were of the opinion that higher education is the only ticket to a brighter future, after quarantine, it became clear that a diploma no longer gives any guarantees. After all, many with a “stable” profession were laid off and lost their earnings. This has increased the demand for and confidence in working on the Internet.

Today there are many interesting professions on the Internet, which are conditionally divided into photo, text etc. And there are a number of activities for those who are interested in the Instagram platform, because it provides an almost unlimited range for creativity. Constant updates and innovations make us improve, study trends in order to be “in the know”. We’ll talk further about how you can make money on Instagram, and who can do it.

Who can work on Instagram?

Working on the phone

Instagram is a platform for posting photos and videos. There are both personal accounts and commercial ones. The former can belong to any of us, as well as bloggers, influencers, public figures, including: politicians, artists, athletes, TV presenters, etc.

Bloggers – these are individuals who, through their own Instagram account, tell people their point of view on certain events, moments, incidents. They dedicate the audience to personal moments of life, share their experience and accumulated knowledge.

Influencers can be both bloggers and public people. This title is awarded to those who bring new ideas and trends to the masses, encourage them to act or think in a certain way. Influencers tend to work in beauty and modeling industry.

All these people can make money on Instagram through advertising integration: various brands write to them with an offer to advertise a product. They do it, for which they receive a fee. The more famous the person and the more subscribers the blogger has, the higher the amount for advertising.

So, can only bloggers and page owners with a large number of followers make money on Instagram?

In fact, everyone can earn money on Instagram: mothers on maternity leave, office workers, hairdressers, stylists, makeup artists, aspiring bloggers, journalists, auto mechanics, etc.

Today there are many insta-professions that anyone can easily master. You don’t even have to give up your main job. It is enough to set aside a few hours a day on Instagram and earn money there.

How can you earn?


Today, Instagram makes money not only on advertising. There are a number of professions that allow you to receive stable pay for the work done. After all, not everyone can become a blogger and sell ads on their page.

Popular insta professions are related to:

  • creating photo and video content for public figures, bloggers, celebrities, shops, brands;
  • with writing texts for the milestones of all of the above;
  • with the creation of a publication plan and;
  • with shooting stories;
  • with feedback: answering questions from potential customers, providing up-to-date information about the company’s products and services.

Popular insta professions: Top 7

Now let’s look at exactly what professions are on Instagram and the features of each business, because before you start working, you need to undergo appropriate training.

By the way, the training of any insta profession takes place, like all the main work, online. There are many schools that offer specialized courses in order to acquire a modern and simple profession.

The main advantage of working on the Instagram network is the lack of location. You can work from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet. In most cases, even a computer is not needed, since all tasks can be implemented using a smartphone.



Let’s start with the most popular and profitable profession on Instagram – it’s a blogger. Such a person maintains a page in a certain style and theme.

Today in 2021, expert blogs are in trend, that is, pages that are devoted to a specific issue. Even the number of subscribers does not matter as much as it used to, as micro and nano blogs are gaining popularity. The first ones are those who have from 1000 subscribers, and nano – up to this figure.

In fact, each of us who has a personal page on Instagram is a nano blogger. It remains to stop publishing photos for the sake of photos and ignore the captions to them. You need to start a useful blog. Talk about what you are good at. For instance:

  • The hairdresser can provide verified information about hair cosmetics, hair care features, coloring secrets;
  • The cosmetologist is able to talk about home skin care, about preparing for certain procedures;
  • The auto mechanic will be useful to the audience if it once again reminds you when to change the oil, what winter tires to take, etc.

A person who does not present himself as an expert in any field can blog about cooking, children, animals. The main thing is to decide on the topic and be useful, because today people are open to everything new and eager to gain knowledge. What seems elementary to you, for someone will be a real discovery!

The blogger will earn on advertising integration. Over time, the authors of quality pages are approached by various companies that offer to advertise their products. For example, someone who teaches how to make beautiful hairstyles can be approached by stores selling hair cosmetics. To the authors of children’s blogs – toy and book stores. You can also write to that other brand yourself with a proposal to advertise something by barter: you get the product, you give a good review about it.

Of course, in order to start receiving advertising offers, the blog needs to be developed, namely: to write texts correctly, to expose high-quality photo and video content. To do this, you need to master the professions, which we will discuss below.

Content maker

Food blogger

A content maker is a person who is responsible for the visual image of a blog. His responsibilities include:

  • creation of photo and video materials or processing of raw format sent by the customer;
  • generating ideas for stories, creating and publishing them;
  • creating a content plan;
  • profile header design;
  • design of actual stories or eternal ones, as they are called.

Essential Skills for a Content Creator…

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