Eyelashes before and after coloring

Detailed instructions for self-coloring eyelashes at home 2022 with photo examples

To forget about using mascara for a couple of weeks, you need to color them correctly. It is quite possible to cope with this task at home on your own. It is important to choose the right paint for the procedure, which will not harm natural hairs and will allow you to get a natural, not too catchy shade.

Eyelashes before and after coloring

Is it really possible to cope with dyeing eyelashes with paint at home in 2022

First of all, it should be noted: any dyes used can harm the eyes and the skin around them. That is why it is so important to use them correctly. Especially at home on your own.

Preparation for coloring eyelashes

If the master in the salon takes responsibility for the procedure, he uses professional paint and always asks the client to close his eyes, keep them in this position throughout the procedure. This is the easiest way to protect. The coloring matter, thanks to the precautions taken, will definitely not fall on the mucous membrane of the eye.

Eyelash tinting at home

Modern manufacturers, trusted by customers, supply only high-quality eyelash dyes to stores. These products have a safe composition. It is adapted to work with hairs around the eyes and delicate skin in this area. Therefore, the paints also include useful components for eyelash care. As a result, they additionally nourish, moisturize the hairs, make them stronger.

Eye patches for coloring

But this does not mean that the funds can be called absolutely safe. They always have a coloring base and an oxidizing agent that shows it. These are chemical components that can adversely affect the mucous membrane of the eye. For example, cause her irritation, discomfort, dryness. And in some cases, even a burn. The result depends on the state of health of the girl, on her individual reaction to the dye, the sensitivity of the mucosa.

Painted on eyelashes

In order not to worry about the state of your health, it is worth carrying out the procedure at home, with the support of an experienced master from the salon. Perhaps, for an additional fee, he will agree to come to the client.

Coloring eyelashes with black paint at home

If you plan to carry out staining completely on your own, then you should at least ask a friend, mother, neighbor for help. It would be great if she had experience with similar procedures.

Eyelashes already tinted

You should not try to complete all the steps completely on your own. Otherwise, it will be difficult to work with your eyes closed. And, therefore, there is a high probability of paint getting on the mucous membrane and the occurrence of a chemical burn of the latter.

Self-coloring eyelashes

Another plus of a professional’s work is the diagnosis of a woman’s appearance before the procedure. The master can accurately determine the color type of the client’s appearance, assess the condition of her natural cilia, their type, existing problems, and growth characteristics. Based on all the data obtained, it is possible to correctly determine the appropriate shade of the dye and the time that is best to keep the composition on the hairs.

Eyelash patches for coloring

It is even more difficult to cope with the task described above on your own. There is a risk of overdoing the paint on the eyelashes and getting a completely different shade of hairs. Even more dangerous is to hold out until the moment when they are very dry. Due to such a mistake, the hairs can become weak, slices, porous, lose their attractiveness.

Coloring eyelashes with a brush

Materials and tools 2022 for home dyeing eyelashes with paint

Before starting the procedure, you will need to prepare all the necessary materials and tools for it. When painting at home, it is especially important to lay them all out in front of you so that you do not need to be distracted in the process.

Eyebrow and eyelash coloring

Need to prepare:

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelash tinting has a very long history. 6000 years ago they already used an analogue of carcass made of soot, lead, honey and burnt almonds. Eye paint is mentioned in the Old Testament and the Talmud.

  • Special paint. This must be a professional coloring agent. An option designed to change the color of hair or eyebrows is categorically not suitable. It is necessary to take the paint with the mark “for eyelashes”.
  • Oxidizer. If possible, you should take it from the same brand as the paint.
  • Protective patches. These are dry pads or with a special moisturizing impregnation. They make the coloring process safer and more comfortable.
Eye patches for coloring from halves of a cotton swab

  • Thin brush. At the choice of a girl, she can get out of different materials. It is also convenient to use microbrushes.
Convenient brush for coloring eyelashes

Convenient brush for coloring

  • Dishes for mixing the coloring composition. Categorically not suitable plastic or iron. It is best to take the option of glass or porcelain.
  • Protective cream. They treat the skin around the eyes before starting the procedure. Today, many brands in special lines have compositions designed specifically to protect the eyelids during the staining process.
  • Hair degreaser and eye makeup remover. They should not contain oils.
  • Quality cotton swabs and sponges.
Eyebrow and eyelash tinting procedure

It will be possible to purchase all the necessary goods and tools both separately and immediately together. The second option is especially convenient.

Preparing for self-coloring

Today, customers can immediately find ready-made sets with all the necessary materials and accessories for eyelash coloring. Usually they are found in the assortment of premium segment manufacturers.

Eyelashes after recent dyeing

The procedure for dyeing eyelashes with paint in stages

If the staining of the house is carried out independently for the first time, then it is necessary to make sure that there is no allergy to the products used. For this, a special test is carried out. A small amount of the selected coloring agent is applied to the delicate skin on the wrist or elbow. The area to be treated must be clean and dry.

Next, you should keep the product on the skin for the recommended time for staining. And then – evaluate the reaction. Redness, itching, burning should not appear on the selected area. If there are no such reactions, you can proceed directly to the staining procedure.

Combing eyelashes after coloring

The process includes the following main steps:

  1. Preparation of the working area. First of all, the eyelash hairs and the skin around the eyes are thoroughly cleaned of all types of dirt and cosmetic residues. At the same stage, they are carefully processed with a degreaser. The lower eyelid is covered with small patches, and the upper eyelid is treated with a protective cream.
    Everything is ready for eyelash coloring

  2. In a suitable non-metallic container dye is mixed with an oxidizing agent. Their proportions should be specified on the product label. All the necessary recommendations are always given by the manufacturer himself. At this stage, the girl can lie down on the couch or sit comfortably on a chair. She should close her eyes tightly. All further actions must be performed by an assistant.
    Eyelashes after applying paint

  3. Second person fine brush applies a coloring composition to the eyelashes. This should be done as efficiently and accurately as possible, fully working through each hair.
    Coloring eyelashes with a brush

  4. The composition is left on the eyelashes for the time recommended by the manufacturer. It is always indicated on the packaging with the coloring agent. And it usually takes 12-14 minutes. Sometimes the recommended time…

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