Every girl wants to change something in her appearance.

Different effects for eyelash extensions 2022: which one to choose (before and after photos)

Eyelash extensions have firmly entered our lives and are only gaining momentum every day. Its main task is to create an attractive image, minimizing eye makeup. In addition, the procedure allows you to correct what nature needs: increase the density, add length or change the bend of the eyelashes. There are a lot of effects that extension gives, and you need to choose the right one for yourself, based on the features of your appearance and the result that you plan to achieve.

Correction and visual change in the shape of the eyes is often used by modern women, because each of them wants to change and improve something in her appearance.

Every girl wants to change something in her appearance.

Eyelash extensions with different effects make it possible to completely transform your look, make it more open and naive or cunning, as well as puppet and natural. Which one to choose, it is up to the woman to decide, the modern beauty industry will bring any image to life.

Eyelash extensions enhance the look of a woman

Consider the most popular effects for eyelash extensions and what features of the appearance they can suit.

The main effects that can be achieved with eyelash extensions in 2022

Before proceeding with the procedure, the master will evaluate the type of appearance and can give advice on what is best for you. Not every effect will look equally beautiful on the eyes of a woman.

The effect of building should be selected to the appearance of a woman strictly individually.

For some, it is better to give a little openness, for others, the fox squint, which adores the opposite sex, is perfect. In any case, you can experiment with your appearance and try different options to find exactly your ideal look.

Some women are perfect rays

Others will look better volume build-up

Eyelash extensions with a natural effect – a classic of 2022

The most natural effect that suits any type of appearance. Classical eyelash extensions are carried out with the material as close as possible in length and bend to the hairs of a woman. In essence, this is the creation of a look that emphasizes natural beauty.

The more natural the effect, the more suitable it is for everyday life.

With this option, 1 artificial eyelash is attached to 1 natural eyelash. Thus, the density of the eyelashes does not change, but their length or bend can be changed. For extensions, eyelashes of different lengths are used, repeating the size of your own. With classic eye extensions, the eyes look very natural, but more expressive.

Natural effect will suit any woman's appearance

The extension technique is more often used single, when the hairs are glued onto their own or with a slight alternation, through one or two cilia. The natural effect is perfect for daily wear and will help reduce makeup time.

Classic eyelash extensions

This extension is ideal for those who decide on the procedure for the first time, because. does not make the eyelashes much heavier and makes it possible to get used to new sensations. In addition, you can choose for girls whose own eyelashes are thin or sparse, so as not to deform their own hairs.

Natural effect can be combined with volume eyelash extensions

And also for girls who do not want to change the shape of the eyes or facial features, creating only a small effect of wide eyes and a deep look.

Extended short eyelashes

Eyelash extension effect

Suitable for women with narrow eyes. The rounding effect seems to open the eyes, which creates a slightly naive and reverent image.

The rounding effect will look great with a narrow section of the eyes.

Regardless of the age of a woman, this method of transformation has a favorable effect on others, which is often used by business women.

The rounding effect is often used in women with an Asian type of appearance.

The creation technique consists in gluing longer eyelashes in the middle of the eyelid, and smaller ones along the edges.

Rounding is used to hide overhanging eyelids

A pronounced rounding effect can be achieved with the help of color, when a darker material is glued over the pupil, and a light material is glued at the bridge of the nose and in the corners of the eyes.

This effect is suitable for women at any age.

Rounding effect can be worn in everyday life and on holidays

What is the feature of the fox eyelash extension effect

The effect will look great on large and bulging eyes, as well as those close to the bridge of the nose. Eyelash extensions visually lengthen the cut and make the look brighter and more attractive.

Fox effect looks great on big eyes

If you have an almond shape, this is also an option to enhance the impression of expressiveness. The fox effect is achieved by building short hairs from the beginning of the century with a gradual increase in length.

Any effect is suitable for the almond-shaped section of the eyes

The gluing technique can be different – it is single or beam, as well as partial correction, which gives a more natural effect.

The fox effect can be voluminous or natural

Classic extension volume suitable for everyday wear

Eyelash extensions with squirrel effect

It is created in the same way as the fox, but with a large bend in the artificial hairs. This method of eyelash extension is more often used for special occasions and parties.

This look will not leave indifferent the opposite sex

The effect is achieved by tufting or single gluing of hairs with a gradual increase in length from ¾ of the eyelid, which gives brightness to the image.

The effect of cilia can be pronounced or corrective

Squirrel eyelashes are suitable for women with almost any size and eyelid cut, except for bulging and wide-set eyes, where they will look too unnatural.

The squirrel effect can be combined with rays - it looks very nice

The effect of

Who will suit the puppet effect of eyelash extensions

This effect is chosen to create long, full lashes or a special look. Perfect for a holiday or travel, when their owner is visited by a playful mood.

Puppet effect with makeup

The effect is perfect for eyes with a wide fit and a narrow eyelid slit. It is not recommended for women of the age to do such extensions for everyday wear, the look is too unusual, but if you are going to a party or celebration, then it will look beautiful.

Build-up puppet effect

A characteristic feature of this procedure is the use of hairs of the same length for the entire ciliary row. Most often, the volume of eyelashes is doubled, i.e. 2 artificial eyelashes are attached to 1 natural eyelash. Moreover, eyelashes begin to grow from the middle of the century, gradually moving to the edges. The bend is usually done more than it is on their eyelashes.

Fact about eyelashes

The prototype of modern mascara was the product of the American company Maybelline, released in 1917. The paint consisted of only two components – soot and petroleum jelly.

When choosing a puppet effect, you need to remember your features. It will look good on girls with almond-shaped eyes, but will not work for narrow, round or bulging ones. In girls with small eyes, this effect will visually reduce them even more.

Puppet effect is perfect for special occasions

Girls can afford this option not only on holidays, the puppet effect will perfectly emphasize the youth and brightness of the image.

Doll volume, and the length of the cilia looks good on the eyes of young girls

The application technique for creating a puppet look is achieved by the maximum bending of the hairs with a length of 8-14 mm throughout the eyelid.

With the doll eyelash effect, you can create a very bright look.

Sparse effect with eyelash extensions 2022

With this method of extension, artificial eyelashes are glued to real eyelashes with a certain gap, while the length and bend can be changed at the request of the client.

Build-up sparse effect

The volume of the eyelashes is preserved, but the eyelashes look brighter. The extension is suitable for girls with thick but short eyelashes or, if you wish, to change their bend to a smoother one.

Eyelash extensions sparse effect

What is wet eyelash extension

A fashionable effect, which is achieved by gluing unopened bundles to your hairs. To achieve this result, the master does

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