DIY manicure

DIY manicure

Every girl dreams of learning how to do a manicure with her own hands. Video tutorials and courses are quite capable of helping with this, but we learn most of the tricks ourselves.

The process of manicure

The scheme of a classic manicure is standard and has not changed for many years. But even here there are subtleties, thanks to which the manicure will be no worse than in the salon.


one. First, get the best quality tools. Yes, they are expensive, but tongs and scissors from Staleks or Singer do not break and do not become dull for years, while tongs without clan and tribe will have to be bought almost every month. So only shops, not even the Internet, but shops. You can check them there.

You can test their sharpening on a regular plastic bag-t-shirt. Well-sharpened tongs will cut them evenly along the entire length, without shredding or leaving jumpers. If this happened, then they will carefully cut off the thin skin on the fingers. It is also worth checking them for lightness and smoothness. They should not be too tight, as it will not work to disassemble and fix it. Also, they should not hang out. But on everything else you can save.

2. It is worth forgetting about iron files and pushers! They look like a torture device and behave similarly with our nails. It is better to purchase a cardboard nail file and wooden sticks.

3. The need to remove the cuticle may disappear over time. To do this, you need to constantly lubricate it with moisturizers and special oils. You can even not special ones, but ordinary ones, from a pharmacy: apricot kernel oil, almond oil … They act just as well, at the same time they have a beneficial effect on nails.

4. After washing your hands and doing small laundry, be sure to push back your cuticles. You can even use your own nails, but wrap them in a soft towel.

5. In many salons, special water balls are offered as an element of a spa manicure, in which hands are steamed. So, they are not needed, because they simply consist of soda and oils. Is the hint clear?

6. The file can be purchased universal, with several faces: this is both grinding and shaping.

7. If the cuticle and skin around the nails look rough after treatment, you can polish it with a buff and “seal” it with the same oil or liquid wax: the nails will look perfect, even if you are not so hot a manicure master. But it is better to polish the nails themselves about once a month: this way the varnish will go down easier, and the natural protective coating will not go anywhere.

We paint nails correctly

If problems rarely arise with the processing of the nail, then it is always problematic to make them up to yourself. We fix the situation.


8. Be sure to apply a protective base, even if there is no time at all. It will smooth the surface of the nail and prevent the nail polish pigments from getting into its tissues. So, there will be no yellow spots. If they appear, you can try to get rid of them using the simplest mask: keep salt and lemon juice on your nails for 20 minutes. But it is better to immediately choose a base that prevents yellowing of nails.

9. In order for the varnish not to peel off the tips of the nails, first, the base is applied only to the tips themselves, and when it dries, again to the entire nail as a whole.

10. To make any, even the most faded varnish look bright on the nails and expressively, white enamel can be applied as the first layer.

11. We all really dislike, when with one awkward movement of the brush it turns out to make up not only the nail, but also the cuticle and all the skin on the finger. But neatly applied varnish is not a myth, but an achievable goal. In order for everything to work out, you need to lubricate the cuticle and rollers with petroleum jelly or PVA glue before applying the varnish. In extreme cases, a greasy cream or hygienic lipstick. Even if the varnish goes beyond the nail, its excess will be very easy to remove with a cotton swab.

12. Lacquer is applied first to the middle of the nail in one motion, and then – on the sides.

We dry correctly

Even if you paint your nails correctly and evenly, drying the varnish is usually problematic: no wonder, because some varnishes dry completely in half a day … At the same time, as soon as we paint our nails, a cat will definitely climb into our hands and ask to stroke, an old friend, a child, will call he will ask you to draw a tree or tie your shoelaces, your head will itch.


13. The easiest way to dry your nails is it is to apply the varnish in the thinnest layer.

14. If there is no time at all, then you don’t need to wave and clasp your hands – Not only will it not help, but it will also prevent the varnish from lying down correctly. Immediately put your hands in the freezer, or you can just in cold water with ice. We just prepare it ahead of time.

15. Do not be afraid of an ordinary hair dryer. But only set it to the lowest temperature. Hot air will only dissolve carefully applied varnish. If there is no hair dryer, then a vacuum cleaner will do. But not normal, but for the keyboard. It is kept away from the nails.

16. But it’s better not to be smart, but just cover all the beauty with a fixative with fast drying effect. The best, by the way, is in the form of a spray: aerosols dry better.

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