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Do eyelashes turn gray: interesting facts about eyelashes and care rules in 2022 with photo examples

There are many interesting facts about human eyelashes. Knowing them will help a woman better understand how to properly care for herself. Decide on what is harmful to eyelashes, from what they deteriorate, fall out, break. The girl will be able to figure out why certain changes occur with the hairs. And in general, this is just interesting fascinating information. It can be useful for every person.

beautiful eyelashes

Why do you need eyelashes

At first glance, eyelashes seem like a completely insignificant detail of our body. Many people think that without them nothing would have changed.

In fact, eyelashes have received a very important function from nature. They are effective eye protection. This is such a natural natural barrier necessary for the health of the body. It does not allow dirt, dust, sand, any debris to get into the eyes. Protects this very “barrier” even from sweat and sunlight.

Long thick eyelashes

Gradually, everything in the body changes. Especially with age. Changes occur with all tissues and cells of the body. They also touch the hair in any area.

Beautiful long eyelashes

Why do eyelashes turn gray

In general, eyelashes grow throughout a person’s life. But over time, this process changes. With age, the hairs become thinner, brittle, fragile. Reduces the density of eyelashes. To keep them beautiful and lush longer, a woman will have to make a lot of effort, try.

Eyelashes with feathers

First of all, you need to carefully monitor your diet. It should be varied and balanced. Biotin and other B vitamins are especially important in it. Products with them should definitely be added to your diet. These are, for example, a variety of nuts, cauliflower, liver, legumes, soybeans. It is advisable to add additional sources of vitamins. This will help their ready-made vitamin complexes, high-quality dietary supplements.

Fancy glued eyelashes

Many people are interested in the question – do eyelashes turn gray? The information that they retain their bright saturated color throughout their lives is a common myth. In fact, eyelashes turn gray just like any other hair. They just keep the dark coloring pigment longer in time.

Beautiful eyelashes after extension

Interestingly, the process of changing the color of eyelashes sometimes depends on the state of health. Some diseases can lead to graying of eyelashes even at a young age.

Very long eyelashes after extension

Most girls dream of becoming owners of thick, long, beautiful eyelashes. And preferably – with a soft, but noticeable bend, making the look attractive, seductive. To do this, they buy a variety of expensive means. Sometimes even medicine.

Fluffy beautiful eyelashes

But at the same time, the condition of the eyelashes often only worsens. After all, care is chosen incorrectly.

How to properly care for eyelashes in 2022

You can list a lot of rules for eyelash care.

But some of the most important stand out among them:

  1. Choice of mascara. This tool should be of the highest quality and safest. Before buying mascara, you should open the tube and smell the product. It is desirable that in its consistency it resembles a cream and does not have a sharp unpleasant “chyme” smell. It is important to study the composition of the carcass. It can be with different components. It’s great if among them there is a protein, various oils and vitamins, keratin. It is always worth remembering that good mascara cannot be too cheap. And it is better not to save on such a cosmetic product.
  2. Removing makeup. Dermatologists categorically forbid going to bed with mascara and other cosmetics left on the eyelashes. All such tools must be removed. And then wash with clean water. Otherwise, you can harm both the eyelashes and the skin. It is equally important to choose high-quality safe makeup removers. Best of all – gentle milk with a natural composition.
  3. Limit the use of forceps. Too frequent use of them can lead to sad consequences. Of course, tweezers allow you to get a beautiful bend. But at the same time they break, damage the hairs. The less often they end up being used by a woman, the better.
Natural neat lashes

Why the condition of eyelashes can worsen

If a girl began to notice that the condition of her eyelashes was deteriorating, it is worth starting the fight against the problem by looking for its cause. It is completely useless to simply apply various oils and growth activators.

natural extension effect

Each hair includes a shaft and a root. The basis of the eyelash is the bulb. She hides in the skin. From this part, hairs grow. If problems begin in the body (for example, metabolism is disturbed), then this primarily affects the bulb.

Fact about eyelashes

The prototype of modern mascara was the product of the American company Maybelline, released in 1917. The paint consisted of only two components – soot and petroleum jelly.

It stops receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals. As a result, the eyelashes may begin to fall out. They often have other problems as well. For example, growth slows down, color changes, thickness changes.

Open look with long eyelashes

Other reasons can lead to similar results. One of the most common is taking certain medications. These are hormonal contraceptives, drugs to reduce body temperature and painkillers. Especially if they are used regularly.

Long tinted eyelashes

Eyelash growth can also slow down with hormonal disorders in the human body. Because of them, the hairs often even begin to fall out excessively. For this reason, girls often complain about the poor condition of eyelashes after childbirth or completed lactation.

Very beautiful eyelashes

Today, even a disease is known that occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance, in which eyelashes begin to grow too quickly. Girls even have to shorten them.

Eyelashes without extension

Interesting facts about eyelashes

The average length of the upper eyelashes is 9-10 mm. But there were also unique cases in the world. For example, one Indian managed to grow eyelashes without special means to a length of almost 5 cm. A man did this not at all for beauty, but to become a record holder.

Original eyelashes after extension

It is known that in people of any age, only the palms and feet remain uncovered with hair. All other parts of the body and face have vegetation. The hairs on them are just different in color, length, structure.

Natural long eyelashes

Eyelashes are also different. Their parameters primarily depend on the color of the hair. Natural brunettes can be called lucky. Their eyelashes are usually longer and thicker than those of blondes.

Eye makeup

The parameters of eyelashes are laid in a person even before birth – genetically. And it is impossible to influence this process in any way. To achieve the maximum length and density of your eyelashes, you will need to carefully care for them properly. If the result still does not satisfy the woman, you will have to resort to the extension procedure.

Bright eye makeup

Interestingly, the thickness and length of the eyelashes can depend on the race of the person. So, the representatives of the Mongoloid hairs are the thickest, strongest, toughest. But Europeans always have thinner and more fragile eyelashes.

Girl paints eyelashes with mascara

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