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Do-it-yourself braids for long hair photo step by step

Weaving braids for long hair

Long hair is one of the natural jewelry that is available to many. Some mistakenly believe that such beauty is a thing of the past (such people prefer short or medium-length hair), but modern stylists have repeatedly proved and continue to prove the fallacy of such judgments. They invent more and more new variations and techniques of weaving braids. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of them in the catalog “Hairstyles for girls for long hair photo step by step.

Braids for long hair photo

Here are several options for a master class (step-by-step instructions, diagrams, pictures) of modern weaving from two strands with your own hands and at home:

• French braid – the original way of weaving starts from the crown. It is divided into two strands. It is necessary to cross them among themselves, left, laying on top of the right. Then, at each crossing, add a braid to each strand. You can thus braid to the end, or you can collect the remaining hair at the neck in a ponytail. A French braid, like a spikelet, can be woven not only in the center. But also diagonally, or in a circle;


braid from harnesses – just like the French braid, it originates from the top of the head. Also take two strands, but twist them clockwise, forming two bundles. Then twist them together, but already counterclockwise. On both sides, get strands and twist again into two bundles, which you twist together in the opposite direction. Thus, weave the braid to the end;


fish tail – today – this is a very popular type of braiding. It does not require special efforts or absolutely even hair (possible even with curls). Knocking out strands, on the contrary, add charm. Separate strands from both temples and cross them with each other. Then take the next strands, connecting them with the top ones and cross each other already in a mirror image. Weave in this way to the end. Secure with a rubber band at the end.


At the same time, the “Spikelet” remains to be considered the most popular, it is easy to perform, looks great and does not cause much trouble when shaping the hairstyle, moreover, this is the basic method for many variations for any occasion (holiday or every day).

The classic variation of the “Russian braid” does not go out of fashion, both in everyday and festive performance, it is especially beautiful if each cover is slightly dissolved, making it slightly flattened (openwork). Such braids will look spectacular in everyday use (for girls to school), girls for a prom or for women for a wedding. It can be one in the center, on the sides, or several small ones along the entire back of the head, collected in a bundle. There are a lot of ideas for weaving, you just have to choose the one that is convenient for you.


A light braid of the “Waterfall” type looks very elegant (simple with one light diagonal braid, or a complicated version with several also light cascading braids, with and without bangs). The rest of the hair can be left loose or collected in a bun. It also looks luxurious in a wedding version (another evening gala event) with and without additional flowers (other elements). You can do it yourself in 15 minutes (quick transformation), and you can easily appreciate the showiness and versatility of the hairstyle.


We add that the shape of the braid can be varied according to your taste, for example, you can make unusual shapes from an ordinary Russian, for example, braid a heart, a flower or even a crown. She can simply and elegantly frame the hair at the frontal part with and without curls, and many more variations in their pure form and with elastic bands, ribbons, bows, veils, etc. The number of options depends only on your imagination. And you can practice doing techniques and learn the art of weaving braids with barbie dolls (a great children’s activity for a little girl).

Bang Ideas for Beginners

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Beautiful weaving with ribbons

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Simple easy ideas for every day

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Evening hairstyles for a wedding

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Video braiding long hair

For those who like to see the practical implementation with their own eyes, we offer video tutorials of simple techniques for beginners (ambulance in an accessible language). This will allow you to learn the process of weaving fashionable shapes step by step, creating and doing them yourself. Let’s add just a few recommendations for choosing a model for different types of faces:

• oval – stylists call this type a “real standard”, the owner of this form can experiment and try on a variety of hairstyles, of any type and shape, and all of them will be what is called “to the face”, especially in combination with thick hair;

• square – transformational types of hairstyles should be considered. For this type, the “Little Dragon” weaving option is very successful, such a braid originates at the crown, gradually moving to the standard at the base of the head, this method will visually lengthen the shape, will give elegance to the image;

• rectangle – a fishtail braid is perfect for it, it will smooth out slight flaws and add femininity and elegance;

• triangle – with this shape, variations of the spikelet will look great, it will look perfect in combination with a slightly voluminous bang (additional styling is required).

But in more detail, look at our master class from professionals in their field with a description in the proposed video for free. We add that there are a lot of similar lessons on YouTube, but most of them are from amateurs.

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