Что такое двойное окрашивание

Double coloration: an original trend that is becoming popular

Divide vertically: fashionable non-standard hair coloring

This year, many designers and fashion designers have included two-tone products in their collections. The essence of the trend is vertical division, for example, the right side of the jacket is white and the left side is black. Also, some brands began to produce shoes of different colors. And such dudes as the singer Niletto have taken a step further and wear sneakers from different pairs.

Coloring in two colors
Beautiful hair

Hair stylists decided to keep up with fashion designers, especially since some celebrities themselves expressed a desire to try something original on themselves, and began to do double coloring. We tell you what the essence of the idea is and how it can be repeated.

Double color options

Dua Lipa dyed her hair
Dua Lipa with unusual coloring

Having decided to make the most trendy coloring of the season, you should think about which technique to choose. Today there are two main options that differ in the way the hair is separated.

  • Method 1: divide the hair vertically. This technique will allow you to dye your hair in two colors, like the heroine of the Disney studio – Cruella. The bangs area for greater contrast can also be divided into two parts and dyed.
  • Method 2: we divide the hair with a horizontal parting. To do this, the master separates the crown area and paints it, as a rule, in a lighter color than the main one (and vice versa is possible).

Suitable colors for double staining

Girl with bright short hair
Girl with bright hair

Double staining, of course, is best done with contrasting shades. So the effect will be more noticeable, because this is the idea.

You should not combine natural hair color with dyed hair, as the natural area will look dull and faded compared to the colored one. It is best to ask the master to completely lighten the hair, and then dye both parts in juicy and fashionable shades – purple, pink, light green, emerald, blue. Without pre-lightening, blond hair can be made bright, but dark hair will receive only a slight shade.

Who will suit?

Cool idea for hair coloring
Unusual idea for hair coloring

Double coloring is a bold and daring decision, so the younger generation decides on it first of all. The length of the hair does not matter, as long, medium, and short hair can be dyed in different colors. In the latter case, this can be done even at home, since no special skills are needed. But long strands are best left to professionals so that the work is done without stains.

How do you like the idea, are you ready for such an experiment, or maybe let the children make the image for the summer a little brighter? By the way, there are a few more ideas for original coloring that celebrities have chosen.

Photo: Instagram: @rubyrose, @kinkikapperseindhoven, @dualipa, @coloredslick

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