Dress shirt pattern – what to wear with a dress shirt photo

Shirt dress: photo of the novelty of 2018

The shirt dress that is relevant this year came to us from the men’s wardrobe. His style looks good on girls of any height and with any type of figure. With it, you can create various fashionable looks by wearing it with jeans or trousers.

This model is characterized by a non-cut cut, a non-marked waist and an elongated shoulder line. You can wear it to a date and to work, only if you do not have a too strict dress code.

What to wear with a shirt dress – photo

Women and girls with slender legs are advised to wear a shirt dress as a separate item, without complementing it with jeans, leggings or trousers. In the spring, you can wear flesh-colored tights. If this is too bold an image for you, then you can complement the image with skinny jeans or skinny jeans. Here you need to put more emphasis on accessories: chains with large pendants, bulky necklaces, necklaces, rings and earrings. Do not forget about clutches and take care of choosing the right shoes in advance.

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What shoes to wear with a shirt dress?

It can be worn with any shoes, be it sneakers, shoes, sneakers, slip-ons and so on. If it is midi or even longer, then high-heeled shoes or tractor-soled sandals are perfect. If you are looking for a casual style option, flat sandals or ballet flats are the most relevant choice. Also in the trend are shoes with massive high rectangular heels. And the photo below will help you choose a bow for your style, so that you no longer wonder: “What to wear it with?”

shoes-1 footwear-2 shoes-3 shoes-4

long shirt dress

Such a model can fittedand free. It is so versatile that it fits almost any occasion. If you want to do the same with your own hands, but already on the floor, then you should choose light materials such as chiffon, silk, satin and fine knitwear. To follow the latest fashion trends – choose models in a cage.

long-1 long-2 long-3


What to wear denim dress shirt? Here you need to take into account that different shoes and accessories are suitable for different lengths of the product. Often such models are sold with a belt in the kit, but if it is not, then you can choose it in the color of the shoe. The photo shows a few trendy images of this summer.denim-1denim-6

1. If it is on the floor, wear white flat sandals and take large sunglasses. By the way, you can easily sew such a thing with your own hands, the pattern of which can be found on the page.

denim-22. Rolled up sleeves, a bag and brown shoes are a very fashionable bow this summer.

denim-33. A long product with coarse brown fringed boots and a bag – a bag.
4. For cool weather, high black suede boots, a black shoulder bag with a chain and a hat are suitable.


For pregnant

Maternity shirt dress, in principle, are no different from the usual model, with the exception of a high waist that covers the stomach. It should be made from a natural material such as cotton, for example. The photo below shows images for pregnant women, in which the main thing is comfortable shoes. And with what to wear it – with what kind of accessories, already to your taste!

pregnancy-1 pregnancy-2 pregnancy-3 pregnancy-4 pregnancy-5 pregnancy-6 pregnancy-7

Black, white, lace and plaid

Dress shirt comes in different colors, but the most relevant this summer – black, white, pastel colors and prints. Button-down models are very popular, they create a very feminine silhouette, emphasizing the waist. You can sew it yourself by combining different colors and materials.

black-1 black-2

color-models-2 color-models-3

color-models color-models-1 color-models-4 color-models-6 color-models-7 colored-models-5

lace lace-1


How to make a dress from a shirt?

Make it with your own hands very simple and easy. To do this, be patient and choose the right pattern. We will provide a few bows below.

And how to make it from a male model? Here is our answer! It can be sewn from any fabric, the main thing is that you feel comfortable in it. Consider two sewing options: from a male model and from an ordinary piece of fabric using a pattern.

image-1 image-2

Do-it-yourself dress from a men’s shirt step by step

Option one: without a pattern from a male model. You will need an old men’s shirt, scissors, a measuring tape, a pencil, a sewing machine and fabric, or graph paper for a pattern.


• Since you have already decided on the type and style, you need to measure all your parameters on a men’s item.

sew• Attach the made pattern to the product and cut the fabric.
• Carefully trim pockets and sleeves from the product. And you can start cutting on the thing itself.

one• Mark about 5-7 cm below the collar – this distance will serve as a neckline for you.
• You can sew the resulting thing! Get rid of excess fabric and try on the thing for yourself.

2 3• You can sew a long ribbon across the middle of the product
• So you get a belt.
• Your product is ready! And what to wear it with, you already know!


Second option: without using a finished product. You will learn examples of patterns and how to make a shirt dress with your own hands from the following videos:


Children’s dress from a man’s shirt

Making a do-it-yourself shirt dress for a girl is even easier! Look at a few photos and read the instructions – it will not be difficult for you to sew it! It can be worn with sandals or sandals!

oneRemove the upper part of the collar of the finished product and cut the item as shown in the photo:

7old sleeves will serve as the basis for new ones – we cut out new ones from them. Bottom hem processed to make it neat and beautiful. We sew ready-made sleeves.
As in the photo above along the dotted lines collect corrugation. You can decorate the finished product as you wish! See how easy it is to make it yourself.

Models for full

for-complete-1 fat-2 fat-3 fat-4

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