Красивая прическа на девочке

Easy and beautiful hairstyles for girls to school in 5 minutes

20 hairstyles for school in 5 minutes

Picking up a girl for school is sometimes a difficult task. In the mornings, there is an acute lack of time not only for the child, but also for the parents. It is not difficult to make a light hairstyle for different lengths of hair, because in order to collect strands in a plain tail or braid, special skills are not required. Laying curls will take only 5 minutes, which will save time in the morning.

Beautiful hairstyles with ponytails

Девочка с хвостиками

Any mother can make a ponytail for a child to school or kindergarten. If the girl is older, she can do her hair on her own. There are various hair styling variations in this style. In most cases, you may only need one or more rubber bands, bobby pins, hairpins, and a comb. Simple ponytails diversify the usual image of any schoolgirl.

“Tail inside out” more suitable for girls with long or medium hair. Special skills and tools are not needed here. Of the accessories, you will need an elastic band and a special loop that will facilitate the work. If the last tool is not available, do not be upset. Hairstyle is easy to do without this device.

The hair is well combed and collected in a relatively low ponytail. The elastic band should be tightened slightly – this will be required to perform further steps. With hands or a loop, we thread the end of the tail into a makeshift hole between the head and the base of the hairstyle. At this stage, you can already tighten the elastic band more tightly, and the stray hair should be smoothed. With such a simple hairstyle, you can send your child to school or kindergarten.

Хвост наизнанку: пошагово

Tail “Double Knot” it is no less simple and easy to do. As in the previous version, the hairstyle is performed in a maximum of 5 minutes. Simple hair styling can be done for both a small and an older girl. From the tools you will need an elastic band, a comb and styling foam.

Ideally comb the hair, distribute the foam over the strands. This is done to better fix the hairstyle. Curls hang over one shoulder and are divided into 2 equal parts. We tie two strands with a knot, then we do the action again. The ends are fixed with an invisible elastic band and the design is fixed with invisible ones. Loose-hanging hair can be left smooth or fluffy with a bouffant.

The hairstyle looks beautiful and unusual. Any girl will be delighted with such styling of curls.

Хвост двойной узел: поэтапно

An easy and simple hairstyle for kindergarten in 5 minutes is tail “Droplet”. This hairstyle looks best on long hair. To create a tail, you will need invisible elastic bands and invisible ones.

First of all, you should comb the girl’s hair. Then the curls are collected in a low tail. The elastic band is masked by a small strand wound in several layers on top. Its end is attached to the head with invisibility. Then, along the entire length of the tail with uniform indents, other elastic bands are tied. You may need +/- 4 additional elastic bands depending on the length of your hair. The hairstyle looks simple and is suitable for going not only to kindergarten, but also to school.

Tail "droplet": in stages

Hairstyle “Lamb” is a type of simple tail. This style is suitable for hair with a length below the shoulders. Despite the ease of execution, the hairstyle looks beautiful and unusual. From the tools you should prepare gum and stealth.

Hairstyle creation scheme:

  • A straight parting is made on the head and the hair is collected in 2 low ponytails;
  • On each tail, almost at the ends, another elastic band is placed;
  • Small strands should be left on the sides, which will be used later;
  • We fold the tails in half and fasten the elastic bands together;
  • We wrap the resulting bundles with freely hanging side strands and fix the hairstyle with invisible hairpins or hairpins.

Баранки: поэтапно

Ponytail hairstyles look beautiful on any girl. This hair styling will not take much time in the morning and will save time on fees.

Hairstyles to school in 5 minutes with pigtails

Девочка с косичками

Pigtail hairstyle is a traditional component of any schoolgirl. It can be either an ordinary braid or an intricate one. Styling allows you to remove hair from the face as much as possible. To create a simple braided hairstyle, you will need minimal braiding skills. In most cases no prior training is required.

Suitable for active and cheerful girls hairstyle “Sloppy braid”. Hair styling will not take much time, and the image of a little schoolgirl will change beyond recognition. The hairstyle is versatile and suitable for older girls too. Hair should be long or shoulder length.

The weaving method is very simple:

  • Hair is combed and untangled from knots;
  • Curls are collected in a high tail;
  • Freely hanging hair is divided into 3 equal parts and a pigtail is created from each strand;
  • Three braids are intertwined with each other in the usual one braid. The end is fixed with an elastic band;
  • With the help of hands, we pull out a little hair from the general design to give volume to the hairstyle.

The hairstyle is done quickly and does not require anything from the tools except rubber bands.

Небрежная косичка: поэтапно

Creating the next type of braid will also not take much time. Hairstyle “Pigtail in a braid” voluminous and is made of 4 strands. Weaving is easy and fast. In the absence of experience, a little training may be required.

Hair is collected in a side low ponytail and thrown over one shoulder. A thin braid is woven from a small strand, and the rest of the hair is divided into 3 parts. An ordinary braid is woven. At each stage, the central strand is wrapped in a pre-made pigtail. The end of the hair is fixed with an elastic band. To add extra zest to the hairstyle, you can fix a beautiful hairpin with a flower at the base.

Such an unusual hairstyle with a scythe is suitable only for a long-haired schoolgirl.

"Pigtail in a braid": in stages

hairstyle with oblique “Waterfall” can be done not only for little girls, but also for adult girls, for example, high school students. Hair styling in this way looks romantic and elegant. To work, you will need an invisible elastic band, invisible or hairpins. If you have time in the morning, you can curl loose strands with a curling iron into beautiful curls.

Hair should be started from the side. The side strand is divided into 3 parts. Braid weaving begins in the usual way. Gradually, hair from the top of the head is added to the braid, which is left free. You should move horizontally from one temple to the opposite. Hair that hangs freely is curled with a curling iron.

Hairstyle with a scythe “Waterfall” looks not only beautiful, but also elegant. For a little schoolgirl or teenage girl, it fits perfectly.

Spit "Waterfall": in stages

Braid “Fishtail” will be very easy to do. This hairstyle is different from the usual braids that everyone is used to doing. Simple and original weaving on the hair will complement the image of any schoolgirl.

Principle of operation:

  • The hair is combed and collected in a high ponytail with an elastic band;
  • The curls are divided into 2…

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