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Easy professions in the field of beauty: Top 5

The simplest professions in a beauty salon

To work in beauty sphere Many would like to, but not every woman is ready to devote herself to long-term training.

For example, the initial courses of a hairdresser have an average duration of 6 months. But this is not enough to get a job in a prestigious beauty salon. You need to immediately go for a promotion, master not only basic hairstyles and haircuts, but also the most trendy color options. A good manicurist is also not the one who completed a three-day intensive and proceeded to gel nails. It’s not worth talking about a cosmetologist at all, because today, in order to get into this profession, you need to graduate not from courses, but from a medical university.

So do you really need to study for as long to get a job in a beauty salon as when choosing any other profession?

We decided to figure it out and singled out beauty professions that are considered the simplest, and training does not take more than 2-3 weeks.

Browist or eyebrow architect

Eyebrow architecture photo

The cult of eyebrows has not gone away, so it’s not too late to master such a profession as an eyebrow architect. Education does not take much time, because the average duration of courses is 3-7 days. During this time, the student has time to:

  • learn the main points that allow you to correctly build the shape of the eyebrows,
  • learn the necessary tools;
  • purchase a basic set of tools for work;
  • hone your skills on a couple of models.

The tasks of the browist include eyebrow correction with tweezers or thread, creating the correct shape with the help of paint and henna.

Eyebrow lamination

Also, many browists offer services for lamination eyebrows and botox. This is a kind of care that stimulates growth, makes the hairs softer and more manageable, which leads to easy styling and creating a splendor effect.

It makes no sense to be a master of lamination without the skills to create a beautiful shape of the eyebrows, because before improving the condition of the hairs, they need to be properly shaped.


eyelash extension

A rather interesting and not the most difficult profession in the field of beauty is a lashmaker. Such a specialist is engaged in eyelash extensions, that is, he attaches one hair to a special composition.

eyelash extension before and after photos

The work of a lash maker is not so much difficult as painstaking, requiring perseverance, because it will take at least an hour and a half to lay out the cilia.

Depilation master

People come to the beauty salon not only to get beautiful nails and hair. Another equally popular procedure is the removal of unwanted body hair. This is exactly what the master of depilation does.

Such a specialist can be universal and work in various materials, or highly specialized, that is, someone who removes unwanted hair by any particular method. These are the two main options – sugaring and waxing.



Sugaring is the removal of unwanted body hair using a special sugar paste. The plastic material is applied to the problem area, and then, according to a certain method, is removed along with unwanted hair.



Waxing is the removal of unwanted hair using wax. It is first melted in a special wax melter, then applied to the skin with a stick, allowed to harden and removed with a sharp movement.

Both directions have an identical base, so the craftsmen, as a rule, work with both sugar paste and wax, offering the client to choose the material himself.

hairdresser assistant

hairdresser assistant

Top specialists in hairdressing, specializing in complex coloring, quite often need assistants. As assistants to the maestro, they can take both a novice hairdresser and someone who knows absolutely nothing about working with hair.

The fact is that the assistant hairdresser does not do any difficult work. He is trusted to wash the client’s head, dry it with a hairdryer, serve a tablet with foil or mix dyes in the specified proportion.

Working as an assistant is a great way not only to earn money, but also to get valuable free knowledge, because the mentor will be a real professional, whose training probably costs a lot of money.

Treatment specialist

The availability of styling tools and the desire to change the color of the hair on their own often lead to a deterioration in the quality of the hair. The need for hair restoration provoked the growth in popularity of such a profession as a treatmenttologist.

A hairdresser is a hair specialist who deals with hair restoration. There are various ways to restore shine, elasticity, fullness to the hair. The master can be as universal and work with various preparations. there and highly specialized, who have chosen one specific direction.


Lamination of hair

The treatment specialist involved in hair lamination applies a special composition to them, combs them and withstands the right time. As a result, the strands become smoother and silkier. The voids are filled and the fluff disappears. Also, lamination contributes to the “soldering” of the edges, eliminating such problems as split ends.


Botox for hair

Another trendy hair treatment is Botox. The master applies a special composition to the entire length and withstands its recommended time. The result is noticeable immediately after shampooing. When dried, the strands remain smooth, do not curl or fluff, look healthy and radiant.


Keratin hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening involves not only applying a special composition to the hair, but also exposure to a hot straightener. In tandem, they provide the hair with perfect smoothness and silkiness. The result lasts from 4 to 8 weeks with proper care.

Training as a treatment specialist does not last long and includes three main stages: the theoretical part, the study of the product, and practice. This specialty has a number of advantages:

  • relevance and relevance;
  • fast learning;
  • availability (for work you need to purchase a small set of tools and materials).


Women and girls who want to find a job in the field of beauty, but do not have a large supply of time and money for training, can opt for the simplest options. An eyebrow architect, a lash maker, a treatment specialist earn decently and easily find clients, because their services are relevant right here and now.

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