Салонные процедуры для стимуляции роста волос

Effective cosmetic procedures for hair growth

What procedures for hair growth can be done in the salon

Beautiful hair = healthy hair. Only by taking care of the condition of the strands from the inside, you can achieve the desired result.

Many women believe that the right shampoo and conditioner can do wonders for their hair. Others trust hair care to folk recipes. Tons of castor oil are rubbed into the scalp, onion masks are made, haircuts are not cut for the waning moon, etc.

In fact, if the problem is serious, for example, hair falls out a lot or becomes noticeably less frequent, it is better not to experiment with home care, but to go to a professional, i.e. trichologist. The specialist will conduct an examination, send you for tests, study the problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment. By the way, in most cases, treatment is expensive and takes a long time, signing up for one of the professional cosmetic procedures that stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles.

We will talk further about what hair procedures will help to “wake up” sleeping follicles.


It is believed that there are two main methods of influencing the hair follicles: injection and hardware.

Various masks and other salon procedures to restore shine, silkiness and structure after unsuccessful coloring / poor home care / exposure to UV rays, etc. do not apply to methods of combating alopecia.

The injection method raises some concerns, but according to experts – cosmetologists and trichologists, it is the most modern and effective. The bottom line is to inject special vitamin cocktails and other mixtures into the scalp with the help of injections.


Mesotherapy for hair
Mesotherapy for hair

One of the most popular and sought-after hair treatments – mesotherapy. This is an intradermal injection of cocktails of preparations that contain the components necessary to stimulate the bulbs.

Mesotherapy is not a one-time injection. Treatment is carried out in a course consisting of 8-10 procedures. Breaks between visits to a specialist 6-8 days.

A positive result can be achieved only if injections are injected directly into the hair follicles, so it is important to choose a competent specialist who has been practicing mesotherapy to stimulate hair growth for a long time and has positive feedback.

Result after mesotherapy for hair: before and after (photo)
Result after mesotherapy for hair: before and after

In addition to stimulating dormant hair follicles with the help of mesotherapy, you can strengthen the roots, get rid of dandruff, and delay the appearance of gray hair (if it is early). Of the minuses, one can note the high cost and the lack of guarantees that the result will be positive, since each case is individual.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy for hair
Ozone therapy for hair

Ozone therapy is another injectable way to awaken the hair follicles. As a result of ozone therapy, the master in the salon introduces a special therapeutic mixture into the scalp. The purpose of the drug is to improve the oxygen supply to tissues.

Ozone therapy is used for various types of alopecia in women, including chronic and temporary. The latter can be triggered by hormonal changes, stressful situations, various diseases. Ozone therapy is also recommended as a preventive measure for seasonal hair loss.

Hardware Methods

It is possible to stimulate hair growth not only with the help of injections. There are various devices that can positively affect the structure / stimulate the bulbs / treat other skin problems.


Impact on hair follicles using the Darsonval apparatus
Impact on hair follicles using the Darsonval apparatus

Another popular way to influence the hair follicles is called darsonvalization.

Darsonvalization – this is the effect on the bulbs using a device (Darsonval apparatus) that transmits high-frequency current. By the way, if you purchase a device, you can use it at home, since there are no particular difficulties in carrying out the procedure.

Experts call darsonvalization not the most effective way to combat hair loss. It is also believed that active growth after using the device is not guaranteed. But there are also advantages, for example, the device perfectly copes with such problems as dandruff and increased production of sebum. By the way, the latter is a common problem among women. Therefore, if you have to wash your hair every day or every other day, you should pay attention to this option.


Head cryomassage with liquid nitrogen
Head cryomassage with liquid nitrogen

Another effective procedure for those whose hair falls out and becomes rare is cryomassage. It will not be possible to repeat it on your own, since not only a special apparatus is needed, but also certain skills in cosmetology.

Cryomassage is a procedure during which a specialist uses liquid nitrogen.

The beautician lowers a special applicator into liquid nitrogen, and then performs acupressure of the scalp. The procedure has a cooling effect and, according to customer reviews, is extremely pleasant. Of the minuses – fragility. It is noted that with improper follow-up hair care and common mistakesperhaps a repetition of the problem – hair loss.

Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent Therapy for Hair Growth
Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy is recommended for seasonal alopecia or after a previous illness. Microcurrent therapy does not always cope with the chronic type.

The bottom line is to act on the scalp with a special device that transmits a current of low frequency. As a result of the procedure, microcirculation improves and more nutrients enter the hair follicles.


The selection of a technique for the treatment of alopecia must be dealt with in conjunction with a specialist who will conduct an examination and prescribe the most effective option. After all, hair loss is often accompanied by other skin problems, such as dandruff, increased sebum secretion, seborrhea, etc.


Effective cosmetic procedures for hair growth
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