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Errors in images: Top 7 examples that spoil everything

Mistakes in standard images that many women do not even notice

There are many typical outfits that we choose every day, regardless of fashion and trends. And most of them are quite practical, if not for the standard mistakes that every second lady makes. We tell you what missteps spoil the outfit and how you can easily fix the situation.

Narrow top and narrow bottom

How To Wear Skinny Jeans With a Turtleneck
How To Wear Skinny Jeans With a Turtleneck: Unfashionable/Trendy

Women with a slender figure quite often try to focus on this by choosing a tight-fitting bottom in the form of a skinny or pencil skirt and a turtleneck.

Indeed, all elements of the image belong to the basic wardrobe and are not considered obsolete, but they should not be found within the same outfit. This creates an overly elongated silhouette, devoid of volume and airiness.

To correct the situation, you need to replace one part with free things, or add another layer. For example, wear a loose cardigan or shirt on a turtleneck.

Black ankle boots and nude tights

How to wear black ankle boots
How to wear black ankle boots

Every woman must have black ankle boots. And most of the owners of these shoes wear them incorrectly, or rather, not in the most successful way.

Did you know that ankle boots paired with light-colored tights visually shorten the legs? Solution: wear them with tights or stockings of the same shade. If we really need bodily ones, we put on shoes (classic pumps) that will not “cut” the leg from the ankle area.

Culottes and boots

What shoes to wear with culottes
What shoes to wear with culottes

Many women are fascinated by culottes but don’t know how to wear them in winter. As a result, one part is worn with ankle boots, and the second with sneakers. And stylists call both combinations a failure …

The surest way to look stylish in Bermuda shorts and not add a few extra pounds to yourself is to wear them with boots that go under the legs. It is desirable that there is a stable heel and a topical toe. This season it is very sharp or, conversely, square. An oval and a square with rounded edges are irrelevant.

T-shirt loose

How to wear a T-shirt and jeans
How to wear a T-shirt and jeans

Who doesn’t wear jeans and a T-shirt in the summer? And who knows how to combine these things correctly?

In fact, stylists recommend getting rid of the stereotype as soon as possible that a T-shirt should not only be loose, but also long to cover the buttocks.

You need to choose a T-shirt so that you can tuck it in, thereby creating the desired body proportions. At the same time, we choose jeans with a medium or high fit, and not on the hips. They should sit well, not tighten, not create discomfort.

The conflict of the length of the dress and outerwear

Coat and dress: select by length
Coat and dress: select by length

We all know that midi length skirts and dresses are hot right now. But how to wear them, especially in winter?

Many women either do not wear them at all in the cold season, or combine them with completely inappropriate jackets and coats. We propose to understand.

The main rule that must be followed by those who have a long dress or skirt is that outerwear matches the hem of the dress or is 15 cm shorter (no more). Another option is a jacket, a sheepskin coat, a coat that is very short, that is, to the waist or slightly covers the buttocks.

Two layers are too tight

How to wear tight
How to wear tight

Today, layered outfits are in trend. True, it is important to remember that they should differ in volume. For example, we do not put on a narrow cardigan on a turtleneck, as well as on a tight-fitting jumper shirt.

White bra under white clothes

What underwear to wear with a white blouse and shirt?
What underwear to wear with a white blouse and shirt?

It would seem that it is wrong to wear white underwear under the same blouse or dress. In fact, it is in this version that they are translucent and look vulgar. For a classic intelligent look, you need a nude or beige bra.

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