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Evening dresses for a wedding: selection criteria, images, photos

Evening dresses for a wedding: fashionable images, photos

A wedding is one of the most important days in every girl’s life. Of course, none of the guests can outshine the main girl of the evening. However, a wedding is a solemn event for which each guest must prepare in advance.

How to choose an evening dress for a wedding?

How to choose an evening dress for a wedding: tips

When choosing a dress model, do not forget that during the wedding, all attention should be focused on the newlyweds, in particular on the bride’s dress. It is considered bad form to wear a bright outfit that will attract too much attention to yourself. For a wedding, there are some rules regarding evening dress, which are recommended for all girls to follow.

The choice of an evening dress for a wedding will depend on several factors:

  • Themes of the celebration;
  • seasons;
  • Ceremony locations;
  • Opportunities to change clothes.

Refrain from buying too revealing outfit, especially if you plan to hold the sacrament of the wedding.

If the wedding is planned in the banquet hall of a luxurious restaurant, a long floor-length dress will look elegant and appropriate. You can complement the image with a beautiful necklace around the neck and a ring with a large stone.

The style of the A-line dress with a moderate slit will look very elegant on the girl. This model belongs to the classic style and will only emphasize your femininity.

A-line dress style

Elegant long dress

A more democratic image can be chosen if the wedding is held in a country restaurant in nature. To look harmonious, try to choose an image depending on the theme of the wedding.

In the new season, the most popular are: boho style, loft, rustic, tiffany and Provence.

Airy chiffon dress

Floral print dress

Delicate image in an evening dress

For such a celebration, both airy cocktail dresses with polka dots, with a floral print, with light waves, and long asymmetrical styles of dresses with an open back are suitable.


Formal dress color

When drawing up an evening look for a wedding as a guest, a special role is assigned to the color scheme. You need to choose an outfit of such a shade that will not intersect with the image of the bride and groom. That is, almost any color will be appropriate at the ceremony, except for black and white. In order for an evening dress to look harmonious in a solemn setting, follow the basic recommendations when choosing the color palette of the outfit.

As previously noted, at a wedding event, it is best to abandon outfits in pure black and white. You can purchase a combined model of the dress, where there will be inserts of black and white fabric.

Black and white wedding dress

Dresses in neutral and pastel colors will look stylish and tasteful at the wedding. Young girls prefer to buy outfits in beige, sky, pale turquoise, as well as warm shades of pink and lilac.

sky blue dress

Turquoise dress patterns

Fashionable, and at the same time charming and stunning, outfits of silver color will look.

Elegant silver dresses

Other primary hues (red, blue, yellow) can also be used, just try to choose a slightly subdued outfit. When choosing such a color scheme, you should more carefully select accessories, do moderate makeup and a concise hairstyle.

Bridesmaid Dresses

wedding dress colors

At the wedding, small earrings made of white or yellow gold (depending on the color of the dress), a thin bracelet with stones and a small clutch will look elegant.


Evening dress for a wedding: selection criteria

When choosing a dress model for a wedding, you should consider the material from which it is sewn. This fact is influenced not only by the time of year in which the solemn event takes place, but also by the image in which you want to appear before the guests.

If you want to emphasize your femininity, buy chiffon outfit. To achieve a flowing effect, choose a dress made of silk, however, such an outfit is suitable only for girls with a slender and graceful figure.

Chiffon evening dress

Chiffon dress

Atlas is considered a noble material, so if you want to look as natural as possible, but at the same time stylish and fashionable, choose the style of a satin dress for yourself.

Satin outfits

Natural silk – Another type of fabric that has several special properties. Silk is especially popular during summer weddings. This is due to the fact that the material is light and breathable, which is extremely important for events in hot weather or in a stuffy restaurant.

Natural silk evening dress

Models of silk dresses

Brocade dresses have amazing texture. The main decoration of such outfits is the pattern. Brocade is one of the most festive outfits. However, this material is very heavy.

It is ideal for those girls who want to correct their figure with it. It is better for thin girls not to buy brocade dresses, they will look rude and will only spoil the gentle image of the lady.

White brocade dress

Velvet has a unique texture, which consists of many short villi. A velvet dress is not electrified, and is also suitable for both young girls and more mature ladies.

Velvet dress model


Actual styles of evening dresses

When choosing a dress for a wedding as a guest, you need to pay due attention to the style of the dress and its length. It is recommended to choose the outfit that will not only look spectacular on you, but also be practical and comfortable.

When buying a dress, do not forget that a wedding is a fun event, which, as a rule, has a lot of dancing and active competitions. Just follow some guidelines to help you choose the right outfit that will make you look beautiful and feel comfortable.

Delicate lace midi outfit

Evening dress with a slit on the thigh

Do not wear a dress with a long ultra-mini. Such an outfit will look defiant, they are not intended for a wedding celebration.

Floor-length cocktail dresses with different accents are considered an excellent option. They are suitable for those girls who want to look as feminine and elegant as possible. A similar effect can be achieved along with a long midi. Also relevant are styles like case, hourglass, apple, pear, fish.

Evening dresses with bare shoulders

Delicate evening dress in the floor

In the cold season, floor-length dresses with long sleeves are predominantly chosen. You can choose shorter styles of outfits, but think over your image in advance to look festive, but at the same time not to freeze.


Wedding dress depending on the season

The model and style of the dress for the wedding ceremony will largely depend on the season. In late autumn or winter, you should not wear outfits made of thin fabrics, even if it is warm in the restaurant hall. Most harmonious in the cold season will look dresses with sleeves, if not long, then at least to the elbow.

Atmospheric outfits will be made of velvet, fine wool and knitted. If you chose an outfit with bare shoulders or short sleeves, you can complement the image with a suitable jacket, bolero or stole.

Velvet wedding dress

Elegant wedding dress in winter

Regardless of the season of the event, the dress must be made from good quality fabric.

In summer, it is recommended to wear a dress made of guipure, silk or chiffon for a wedding. There are also less expensive fabrics (organza, synthetics), but at an official celebration, due to a low-quality dress, you …

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