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Evening makeup 2022: for brown, green and blue eyes at home step by step with photo examples

Evening make-up is done for a special occasion: a party, banquet, corporate event, lunch at a restaurant, etc. Evening make-up involves creating an individual image.

evening make-up

In this case, you must adhere to the basic rules:

  1. Harmony in everything: think over the whole image to the smallest detail.
  2. Take into account the nature of the event itself: in what conditions will the corporate party take place – on the street or indoors, what kind of lighting will there be, whether a photo session is planned, etc.
  3. Give preference to persistent cosmetics.
  4. Use the effect of “shine”, radiant skin from the inside.
  5. Do not use too much makeup in one look.

Differences between evening make-up and everyday make-up

The division of makeup into evening and daytime is very conditional. There is only one difference between them: daytime makeup, as a rule, is more restrained, strict. Bright lipsticks, “screaming” shadows are best left for an evening make-up.

Evening make-up for a corporate party

How ordinary makeup can become evening

There are several simple tricks that will help you transform ordinary makeup into an evening one in an instant:

  1. Make arrows with black eyeliner or pencil on the upper eyelids. Before you go to a corporate party, draw a black or colored eyeliner along the already drawn lines.
  2. Make make-up “for work” brighter, for example, focus on the lips. Apply a bright lipstick, then a highlighter with radiant shine. Randomly scatter the “glare” and apply a little of the same “glare” to the corners of the eyes.
  3. Do not wear mascara during the day at work. Make up the eyelids with shades of delicate shades (pink, mother-of-pearl, sand). And just before the party, apply mascara to the eyelashes, for example, blue or red.
With the help of a few simple secrets, daytime makeup turns into evening makeup.

Evening makeup can be done at home. It will take much more time than visiting the salon. But it’s still worth a try.

Homemade evening make-up

10 must-have evening makeup products in 2022

  • Primer is the No. 1 product in cosmetics that helps to even out the surface of the skin, makes invisible “black dots” and is perfect as a base for foundation.
The primer will hide all skin imperfections before applying makeup for the evening

  • Foundation – use only resistant and light texture.
Properly selected foundation will make evening makeup durable

  • Powder – restrains the appearance of oiliness on the skin and fixes makeup.
Powder will remove all oily sheen on the face

  • Palette – helps to change the contour of the face (for example, narrow the chin, tighten the face), highlighter – makes the skin radiant.
Highlighter will make your skin glow from within

  • Blush – used to give the face a harmonious volume.
Blush will add harmony to evening makeup

  • Concealer – ideally “hide” darkening under the eyes, slight redness and other skin defects.
Concealer will improve the skin around the eyes

  • Shadows – it is recommended to use several shades to give more expressiveness to the look.
Shadows - the main component of evening makeup

  • Ink – it is better to use saturated colors. This will make the makeup more expressive, eyelashes – longer and more voluminous.
Mascara will give the look expressiveness

  • Do not forget about eyebrow care products that give contour and expressiveness to the whole image.
  • Lipstick – use only persistent, saturated shades, with various matting effects.
Evening make-up done by yourself

How to do evening makeup 2022 at home: step by step instructions

  1. Cleanse the skin from dirt, remove oily deposits, wipe the skin with a tonic or apply a cream, then apply a primer.
  2. With a sponge, a special brush or a finger, cover the skin with a thin layer of foundation, blend well and make sure that the color of the face and neck does not differ from each other.
  3. Apply on the eyelids shadows of light delicate shades (pale pink, silver, yellow-pink).
  4. Apply shadows of the same color on the lower eyelids and lightly blend them.
  5. Shadows of the same shade, for example, purple, apply over the first layer, so that a gradient is obtained: from less saturated to more saturated.
  6. Collect the sprinkled shadows with a sponge. Re-apply toner in this area.
  7. Coat your lashes with rich color mascara.
  8. On the eyelids in the very center, make highlights from light shadows.
  9. Apply concealer to the skin under the eyes.
  10. In the area of ​​the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, apply a highlighter with a brush.
  11. Apply blush to match your base color.
  12. Apply a special gel on the eyebrows, not a very bright gloss on the lips.
Evening makeup is ready

The main thing to consider is what color the eyes of the girl for whom the image is being created are. The entire color scheme of the image depends on this.

Evening makeup for brown eyes

Any color suits brown-eyed girls. But still there are a few tricks that will make them more attractive.

  1. Purple and blue are the perfect colors for brown eyes.
  2. Carefully choose brown shades, if you use this color, then a tone is stronger or weaker than eye color.
  3. Dark gray, plum is the perfect color for dark brown eyes. Golden, lemon is suitable for light shades.
Evening makeup for a brown-eyed beauty

Makeup steps:

  1. Draw a thin black line over the upper lashes, then blend.
  2. Apply dark gray shadows to the upper eyelids, make highlights in the middle.
  3. Carefully draw black arrows, go over them with blue eyeliner from above, you can add sparkle.
  4. Shadows of a gray shade to impose on the lower eyelids. In the area under the eyebrows – matte beige shadows and shade. Apply mascara to eyelashes.
  5. Decorate lips with beige lipstick (with a glossy effect).
Brown shadows when creating evening makeup should be different from the color of the eyes

Evening makeup for green eyes

For this makeup, there are also certain rules that must be followed when creating an image:

  1. Prefer warm colors.
  2. The perfect combination: purple-green.
  3. Preference should be given to shades of mustard, golden, peach flowers.
  4. Green shadows should not be darker or lighter than the color of the eyes.
Evening makeup for a green-eyed girl

Makeup steps:

  1. Draw the eyelids with a black pencil.
  2. In the middle, apply green shadows, with a shimmer.
  3. Decorate the lower eyelids with green shadows. They need to be slightly shaded.
  4. Apply light green shadows to the corners of the eyes, draw gray highlights in the center.
  5. Apply mascara to eyelashes.
Green-eyed girls are very comfortable with warm shades when creating makeup.

Evening makeup for gray-eyed women step by step

In this case, there are also a few important rules:

  1. Warm colors are preferred.
  2. Bronze, copper, coffee shades are ideal.
  3. Dark gray gives the image a special mystery.
  4. Plum and burgundy are ideal for eyeliner.
  5. Do not use blue shades.
When creating evening makeup for gray eyes, copper shades are ideal.

Makeup steps:

  1. Apply light shadows on the upper eyelids and under the eyelashes.
  2. Draw a brown line along the eyelashes, add a shimmer, blend.
  3. Apply thick mascara to the eyelashes.
Evening makeup for gray-eyed girls

Evening makeup for blue eyes: stages of creation

It is necessary to choose warm colors.

  1. Do not use blue shadows of the same saturation as the color of the eyes.
  2. It is ideal to use a brown or gray eyeliner.
Evening makeup for blue eyes loves warm shades

Makeup steps:

  1. Apply concealer, primer or concealer to the eyelids.
  2. Make brown eyeliner.
  3. Apply liquid shades of yellow shades and blend.
  4. Apply brown eyeliner again.
  5. Inside the corners of the eyes, add light shadows with a shimmer.
  6. Paint eyelashes.
Evening makeup for blue-eyed

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