Вечерний макияж с использованием синих металлических теней

Evening makeup: step by step photo with description

How to do evening makeup at home?

Evening makeup is a bright, memorable look, suitable for going out to public events, celebrations, holidays or theme parties. The feature of evening makeup is always a fashion statement, but at the same time your position should not cause a feeling of absurdity. It is very easy to cross the line between outrageous and bad taste, and the world’s leading makeup artists warn against this.

Basic rules for evening makeup

Evening makeup options

The main difference between this make-up and casual-makeup for a daytime look is a more intensive study of facial features, the use of combined techniques and bright colors. Day makeup is more restrained than evening makeup, and this is where the fundamental differences end.

For evening make-up, you can use glitter, and beauty products with a shimmer, and metallic shadows, and colored mascara.

There are actually no restrictions, but moderation should still be observed, otherwise your image will turn from spectacular into outrageous. However, for some occasions, such an evening make-up is also appropriate.

Three options for evening makeup

If we talk about bright colors, evening makeup is an occasion to show imagination and creativity. Pearlescent and sparkling shades, non-standard textures are allowed here (for example, large crystal glitter on the lips, the effect of “mica coating” on the cheekbones or eyelids).

Acceptable color palette for an evening look:

  • Gold;
  • Silver;
  • Bronze;
  • All shades of red – scarlet, purple, burgundy, etc .;
  • Violet;
  • Emerald;
  • Orange;
  • Saturated blue (indigo);
  • Black (with a shimmer effect).
Glitter on lips
Glitter for lips – an original solution for an evening make-up

Make-up for evening outings should enhance the integrity of the image, and not go against it. When choosing an outfit, accessories and shoes for the celebration, also think about what kind of makeup you want to do for this event. All components of the image should be in harmony with each other, without shouting over each other. This is taken into account when choosing both style and color scheme. It is clear that glam rock suit makeup can be provocative and combine “cat” arrows with scarlet lipstick. However, it is unlikely that the same solution is suitable for a boho-chic look.

Blonde girl with evening make-up
In evening makeup, the emphasis is on the eyes or lips.

Main regulations evening make-up:

  • Always consider the room and time of day for which the gala evening is scheduled;
  • If the event has a special character, but takes place during the day in natural light, “mute” the brightness of the makeup by 2-3 tones;
  • Artificial lighting can add unexpected visual impact to textures and colors. Before going out, for a day, practice and do a trial make-up, and then “test” it in suitable lighting. You can even take a couple of photos and look at the image from the side;
  • If the party promises to be long, when preparing the skin of the face, use products to increase the durability of the make-up (primers, bases, etc.);
  • Be careful with the highlighter – its excess will look like white spots on the face and in the light of flashlights.

Popular technology for evening makeup listed below.


Makeup in the technique of "banana"

With this technique, eyelid makeup is performed using shadows of three shades – light, intermediate and contrasting dark. As a result, the outlines of the eyes acquire an oblong, slightly elongated shape, reminiscent of an exotic fruit.

“Smoky Ice”

Smokey ice technique

The smoky eyes technique is one of the most popular and favorite among professional stylists and ordinary users who are fond of makeup tutorials. This is a quick and effective way to favorably emphasize the look, giving it expressiveness.

Art makeup

Art makeup

There are no restrictions here, it all depends on your imagination. To create a creative image, you can use large rhinestones for lips, sequins and feathers applied to the cheekbones or eyelids, bright color combinations, unusual patterns … However, the rule of highlighting one part of the face, lips or eyes remains unchanged.

Ombre on the eyelids

Ombre on the eyelids

Multi-color make-up on the eyelids, which is also called the “butterfly effect”. Minus – it is not easy to recreate such a makeup at home with experience, besides, there is a chance to go too far with shades.


Shadows "metallic"

Makeup using “metallic” shimmer shadows continues to be popular, as it is very easy to create an evening look with this technique.

Arrows, “cat’s eye”

Arrows on eyelids

A thin line of eyeliner on the eyelids, a raised corner will add charm and emphasize the beauty of the eyes of its owner.


Technique "spraying" shadows

Pastel drawing with the help of tamping dry shadows over the eyelids looks festive, even if a nude image is created. If you combine several shades, the effect will be simply amazing.

Stages of applying evening makeup

Stages of applying make-up

Young ladies around the world prefer smoky eyes makeup for evening outings. To do it correctly, you need to follow some of the tips that we will now give. So, we create a memorable image for a solemn event, performing evening makeup step by step.

Step 1. Care procedures. Thoroughly cleanse the skin, preparing it for the application of decorative cosmetics.

Facial cleansing

Step 2 Apply makeup base – foundation, concealer (primer optional).

Applying foundation

Step 3 With the help of special correctors and highlighters, highlight the cheekbones and the oval line of the face, sculpting it by darkening and highlighting certain areas.

Facial contouring

Step 4 Let’s get to the make-up using the Smokey Ice technique. To get started, work the corrector and concealer under the eyes, removing dark bags. Then apply the base under the shadows on the lower and upper eyelids.

The first stage of creating smokey ice

Step 5 Apply light shadows to the area of ​​​​the moving eyelid.

Applying light shadows

Step 6 Take a palette of dark shadows of the same color, but with several shades. Darken the outer corner of the eye and gently blend the shadows into the crease of the upper eyelid. You can combine several shades, but do not get carried away, otherwise you will quietly move on to doing makeup using the banana technique.

Darkening of the corner of the eye

Step 7 If desired, you can slightly bring the lower eyelid with a pencil. Don’t forget to cover up any imperfections with a sponge.

Lower eyelid: sponge treatment

Step 8 Coat your lashes with a layer of mascara, paying attention to the area near the roots.

Mascara makeup

Step 9 For lip makeup, take a soft lipstick, otherwise, in combination with smoky eyes, the makeup will look too provocative.

Applying lipstick

Step 10 Dust your face with loose powder.


Step 11 Apply a little blush to the top of your cheekbones (apples).

Applying blush

Skin preparation

In order for the skin to become as supple as possible, before applying the foundation, it must be properly prepared. Cleansing is the right start and a necessary preparatory stage before doing evening makeup.

Preparing the skin for evening makeup

Only well-cleansed skin is capable of full hydration. You must be aware that if impurities remain on the face (naturally produced sebum, remnants of the old makeup), when …

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