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Evening makeup: trends, ideas, photos

Fashionable evening makeup 2020

Whether it’s a holiday, corporate party or wedding, every girl wants to look perfect on it. To do this, you need to choose the right outfit, shoes and accessories. Particular attention should be paid to evening makeup. It should favorably emphasize the natural beauty, shine, attracting admiring male glances.

Evening makeup trends for 2020

Makeup trends

Makeup artists say that if the trend for naturalness remains in everyday makeup, then preference is given to evening makeup. brightness and brilliance.

When choosing makeup, you should remember the simple rules that are relevant and applicable to any image:

  • Natural eyebrows. It is worth forgetting about the wide, thick painted eyebrows that were so popular just a few seasons ago. All you need for a perfect look is an eyebrow brush and a fixing gel.
  • Red lipstick. To date, red lipstick has erased the boundaries between daytime and evening makeup. No matter where and with whom you are, a bright shade is always appropriate if you know how to combine it with the right eye makeup. Last year, lipstick with wine shades and a matte texture was preferred, in 2020 the popularity of gloss will increase again.
  • smokey eyes (“smoky ice”). For many seasons, stylists have been experimenting with smokey eye makeup options. Shades, methods and styles of shading are changing, but dark eye makeup remains a must-have in 2020.
  • Lots of glitter. The glitteromania of the outgoing season will not lose ground in 2020 either. Glitter will turn any makeup into an evening one, bringing shimmer and holiday to the look. They can be applied to the eyelids, lips, cheekbones and even hair, and the abundance of shades allows you to experiment with each color.
  • Multicolored shadows. The demand for bright shadows in eye makeup will increase strongly in the coming year. Mostly mono-colors will be used with a minimum number of transitions and shading on the moving eyelid. Any color from the palette that we used to be afraid to use in makeup will now be more appropriate than ever in evening and even everyday makeup.
  • Arrows. It would seem that what could be more commonplace than black arrows? However, stylists never cease to find one hundred and one new interpretations of this classic element of evening makeup. In 2020, the arrows on the eyelids tend towards the temple, they can be narrow and wide, short and long. Pencil arrows are drawn on both the upper and lower eyelids. You can create an interesting effect by drawing a line on the brow bone.

Evening eye makeup

evening make-up

In order to choose the right makeup as much as possible, you need to take into account the natural data of the face. A special role in the choice of shades of makeup plays eye color. Depending on the palette chosen, eye color can be accentuated or lost among dozens of layers of shadows. That is why evening makeup recommendations should be considered for each eye color separately.

For blue and grey-blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

The most attractive blue and gray eyes are emphasized warm, sunny colors. Bronze, copper, golden – a great solution for an evening look. Peach, orange and yellow colors will look original and mysterious. A festive effect can be achieved using various sparkles and glitters.

When choosing blue shades for evening makeup, you need to use exclusively dark shades that do not match the color of the eyes. Light eyes are suitable for ultramarine and cobalt shades, which make the look brighter and more attractive.

To make makeup more unusual and festive, instead of a black pencil, you can use blue, dark brown or gray.

Also, violet and lavender eye shadows are suitable for owners of gray-blue eyes.

For brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes

Evening events are designed to surprise, this is the time for bright images and stylish experiments. Owners of rich brown eyes, like no other, can afford a fashionable and unique evening make-up.

The classic version with black eyeliner perfect for girls with dark brown eyes. Black color will well emphasize the cut of the eyes, deepen the natural shade and make the look more mysterious. You should not limit yourself to black eyeliner in evening makeup. You can use eyeliners of purple and brown shades, which will effectively emphasize the color of the eyes.

When choosing shadows, you should pay attention to contrasting shades green. Emerald, olive, marsh – these are the colors that most favorably emphasize brown eyes.

Brown-eyed girls can afford to play with fashion this season red shadows. It is with brown eyes that red shadows are best combined. In order for the eyes not to look tearful or painful, concealer should be applied to the area around the eyes.

Brown-eyed girls should fear blue shadows. Light blue shades will add a sickly, cold look to the eyes. From the blue palette it is better to use the dark one, for example, ultramarine color. This color, like black, will enhance the natural depth of the eyes.

For green eyes

Makeup for green eyes

The choice of makeup for green-eyed beauties is quite large. Green eyes are well accentuated light shadows. Peach, brown, purple, bronze – these are the colors that are perfect for girls with green eyes.

Shades are especially suitable for green-eyed brightlypink colors. For a charming look, combinations of coral and dark brown, as well as lilac and coffee shades, are suitable.

It is worth being wary of very light shades of pink, blue, gray and white. Also, you should not choose silver and bright blue shadows. Because of them, the eyes will lose their expressiveness, but will take on a painful look.

When applying evening makeup on light green eyes, you need to choose shades much darker than the eyes. Pastel colors (peach, beige, light green) are suitable for the inner corner, dark colors are applied to the outer corner of the eye. Looks especially impressive and festive emerald color.

Dark green eyes suit bright shades. For evening make-up, purple, gold and marsh colors are suitable.

Evening makeup for hair color

evening make-up

When applying evening makeup, it is important to remember not only the color of the eyes, but also the color of the hair. Depending on the shade of the hair, they select the right shadows, blush, lipstick and even foundation. Evening makeup is especially different for blondes and brunettes.

For brunettes

Makeup for brunettes

Owners of dark hair color have a slight advantage over fair-haired girls, as their appearance without makeup looks more contrasting and expressive.

In evening make-up, brunettes can afford to pay attention to bright shades. Blue, purple, metallic – those colors that will decorate blondes on a gala evening.


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