Casual sandy brown makeup for gray eyes

Everyday Makeup for Gray Eyes: 7 Makeup Tips with Relevant Photo Ideas 2022

According to makeup professionals, the owners of gray eyes are very lucky: this color allows you to create makeup in any shades and tones, try the most daring color combinations without fear. There is only one limitation – the make-up must be suitable for a certain occasion and image, otherwise there is a risk of looking ridiculous.

In the article, we have collected relevant examples of everyday makeup for gray-eyed people, in which the palette is used to the maximum. You will also find tips for their implementation in this material.

Tip # 1 for gray eyes daytime makeup: choose the right eyeshadow color

Pink, lilac, blue will harmoniously look with gray, but it is not always appropriate to apply such bright shades on the eyelid. If you work in an office or place that has a “look code”, then make-up shouldn’t be flashy.

Casual sandy brown makeup for gray eyes

But what to do when you want to add an accent and highlight the eyes? Makeup artists in this case recommend a good shade of any non-standard shade, combining it with the usual brown or beige palette.

Makeup tip #2: Light up gray eyes with glitter

In order to emphasize the radiance of gray eyes, you need to find the right shimmer. Small sparkles are the best solution for a daytime make-up.

Makeup for every day for gray eyes using shimmer shadows

The creation of a sparkling accent occurs according to the following algorithm:

  1. The crease of the eyelid is filled with classic neutral shades in a matte finish: sand, coffee and all variations of beige;
  2. A natural color containing sparkles is applied to the moving eyelid;
  3. At the last stage, the shadows should be gently shaded, avoiding spots and clear transitions.

Makeup Tip #3: Change the Shade of Gray Eyes with Eyeshadow

Gray eyes are a vast area for experimentation. You can diversify your everyday look by slightly changing the shade of gray given by nature. To do this, refer to your iris: in most cases, specks or entire areas of green, blue and brown are found on the main background.

Day makeup for gray eyes in cool green shades

“Foreign” zones, interacting with the palette of shadows, and give out a completely different shade of the eyes.

Brown glitter haze in gray eye makeup

Plum, lilac, and lavender from the eyeshadow palette make gray look green, while copper, bronze, and caramel make blue.

Day makeup with a combination of soft pink and smoky blue for gray eyes

Also, the natural gray color can be lightened using a special makeup technique. The whole secret lies in the “haze”, which is created by the concentration of shades that differ in depth around the upper and lower eyelids.

Day makeup for gray eyes with a lilac-gray haze

If you choose a deep graphite or brown, the eyes will noticeably brighten and become more expressive. The degree of lightening depends on the saturation of the color of the shadows, there is a game in contrast.

Day makeup for gray eyes in lilac-graphite tones with a feathered dark brown arrow

For makeup for work or school, use calm beige tones, and leave more pigmented and dark ones for the evening.

Creating a rich gray haze in daytime makeup

Gray Eye Makeup Tip #4: Try Mixing Shadows at Different Temperatures

Shadows with a cold undertone are incredibly suitable for gray eyes, but by abusing them in everyday makeup, it is possible to create an image that is very difficult to perceive.

Casual makeup for gray eyes with a green accent in the outer corner and mucosa stained with light kajal

People who specialize in makeup often add warm dotted accents in the form of pink or green-yellow to bluish, lilac, taupe shades.

Makeup tip #5: Don’t limit yourself to just one type of eyeliner.

For drawing arrows, two cosmetic products are most often used – eyeliner and a soft bold pencil.

A gentle version of the brown arrow in the everyday makeup of gray eyes

Daytime makeup can be done in two ways, armed with a kayal (contour resistant pencil for “bringing” the eyes):

  • With a dark brown or black stylus, walk along the “inter-eyelashes” zone. This will give the look of languor and light charm;
  • Draw a small arrow from the corner of the eye with a pencil and blend it so that it creates a shadow above the ciliary line.
Everyday makeup for gray eyes with a clear duochrome arrow

Complete evening makeup with regular gel or liquid eyeliner by drawing thin bold arrows, making sure that they turn out the same.

Gray Eye Tip #6: Do your daytime makeup with blush.

With the help of a set or even a single refill of blush, it is quite easy to achieve nude makeup for every day. This is exactly the product that, in addition to the cheeks, works well on the eyelids and other areas of the face.

Day makeup for gray eyes with blush: a rusty shade is located on the cheekbones and in the inner part of the eyes

Gray eyes, as we already know, are almost picky about shades, so warm peach, berry, reddish and creamy pink blush will look very organic in makeup.

Daytime make-up with a feathered eyeliner and orange shadows for blue-gray eyes

To paint with blush, you do not need to have any outstanding abilities – this product usually has a weak pigmentation, which allows you to avoid “dirt” and streaks on the eyes.

For a romantic and delicate look, spread the blush of your favorite shade over the entire moving eyelid, and highlight the inner corner with a highlighter or white pencil. Apply the same color on the cheekbones, layering it if desired, or take a more juicy one.

Light daytime makeup for gray-brown eyes in bronze shades

If you have a blush with a shimmer or a blush that gives your skin a natural glow, pair them with regular mattes for an immediate and fresh look.

Gray Eye Tip #7: Don’t Forget Other Makeup Products

Makeup always consists of several stages, including preparatory in the form of moisturizing the skin.

Professionals adhere to the following procedure:

  • After applying a nourishing cream or serum, take a light tonal foundation (we are talking about everyday make-up) and even out the tone of the face with it.
  • Spread the concealer under the eyes, masking blueness and fatigue, and apply to redness or pigmented areas of the skin.
  • Before shaping the eyebrows with shadows or a pencil, carefully comb them. Adjust the shape and fill in the empty areas with a cosmetic product. For fixation, go through the hairs with eyebrow gel, laying them in the way you are used to (usually they are combed up).
Bright accent on the mucosa in the daytime makeup of gray eyes

  • With a soft pencil, darken the space between the eyelashes and blend the elegant arrow. Choose shadows in accordance with the situation, focusing on a thoughtful image. Eye makeup can overlap with accessories or clothing.
  • Blush and a soft highlighter will act as a gentle touch. Spread the first product over the cheekbones with a fluffy brush if the formula is dry, or lightly “drive in” it with your fingers if the blush is liquid. Apply highlighter to the area under the eyebrow, on the protrusion of the upper lip to add volume.
  • Finish off your daytime makeup with a subtle tint gloss or lip balm.

General recommendations for daytime makeup for gray eyes

Although gray-eyed people have some advantages that make it easier for them to choose the right makeup, even such natural data can be spoiled in no time.

To look attractive and increase your merits with the help of cosmetics, you should follow a number of rules voiced by experienced makeup artists:

  • Do not abuse pink or lilac shadows by applying them all over. They can give the face a painful look.
  • Take advantage of the magic…

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