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Everyday trends spring 2021: a review of new products

For spring: everyday trends for work and walks

Despite the fact that it’s real winter outside, stylists recommend already starting preparations for the spring season in order to be one of the first to try on the main trends of the season.

Simple trendy things that all fashionistas will have in the spring

Conventionally, fashionable novelties can be divided into catwalk and everyday. The first are catwalk and are not suitable for every woman. Often they are extravagant, frank, unusual. The second category is completely earthy things, from which it is easy to compose a casual look and go to work / date / party or to the cinema in it.

We decided to consider the second category of trends, because most of the female population is not ready for serious experiments with style. We are interested in which collar to choose a sweater with, or how to decide on the color of trousers: what to look for.

Trend 1: Turndown Collar

Spring 2021 trend - collars

So, let’s start with the main trend of 2021 – the turn-down collar. First, let’s define what this means.

Turndown collar – this is a product that is larger than a standard collar, in size, and also in shape – it does not stand, but lies.

Usually made of soft natural fabric or lace. A turn-down collar can decorate a pullover, blouse, dress. Many also buy it separately from things, then to wear it as an accessory.

The color of the product is predominantly white. This allows you to create a neat and delicate look, although a combination with leather trousers and a skirt is also the place to be. Stylists do not recommend wearing turn-down collars except with sportswear.

Trend 2: Deep square neckline

The most fashionable knitted sweater 2021

If earlier, in order to draw attention to the chest, it was necessary to choose pullovers with a V-neck, today the trend has changed. Knitted and cotton products with a deep square neckline are considered relevant.

By the way, such an accent is the best suited for owners of small breasts.

Trend 3: Fancy Neckline

Fashionable knitted sweaters spring 2021

The next trend is for those who find a deep square neckline boring or out of place. Stylists also offer to pay attention to sweaters with unusual cutouts. These can be slots hooked with pins, geometric shapes, complex weaves, etc. It is best to combine with a simple bottom.

Trend 4: Joggers

How to wear joggers on the street

The fashion for a sporty relaxed style remains with us in 2021, so we continue to wear knitwear and flannelettes. One of the hottest styles is joggers. We combine them with boots and sneakers. As outerwear, a loose shirt-coat, a denim Kurdish coat, a leather jacket, an aviator sheepskin coat, a coat, a Cheburashka fur coat, and a trench coat are suitable.

Trend 5: Knitted suit

How to wear knitwear in 2021

This spring, we wear cozy knitwear suits not only at home. Characteristic features of stylish models are loose flared or straight cut trousers, sweaters with a high collar and a V-neck, long sleeves, an elastic band at the waist.

The top of a knitted suit can be represented by an oversized cardigan, an elongated loose turtleneck, an ordinary sweater without any decorative elements. The simpler the better.

Trend 6: Leather Bottoms

What leather pants are in fashion 2021

In the spring, instead of the usual denim items, we switch to knitwear and eco-leather. From the second material, we choose stylish midi skirts with various cuts, loose-fitting trousers with tucks, patch pockets, a belt, an elastic band, etc. The main thing is that the product fits well and does not look frank, and for this it is important that there is free space between the body and the eco-leather thing (at least 1-2 cm).

Trend 7: Sheer top coat

Trends 2021 spring dresses photo

Any dress, top or blouse can be transformed into a trendy product if you add a transparent top layer to it.

Many stylists recommend purchasing a couple of versatile sheer capes that will help breathe new life into old tight-fitting things. Or choose from the store’s new 2-in-1 fashions, where the bottom layer is thick material and the top layer is sheer with or without embroidery.

Trend 8: Wide Dresses

The most fashionable dresses 2021 photo

We will definitely talk about the styles of fashionable dresses for the spring of 2021 separately, but for now we will highlight the top product. This is a mini, medium length or maxi dress with a loose fit, with fake flounces. In fact, the hem is made of several layers sewn together.

A similar cut gives the product lightness and airiness. And the dress perfectly disguises extra pounds and is combined with both rough shoes and classic ones.

Trend 9: Bra top

How to wear a bra top

The bra top replaced the standard-length knit version, which in turn replaced the silk product on the straps.

So, we wear a bra top with a free top: jacket, cardigan, shirt. The skirt or trousers must be with the highest possible fit. By the way, this set of clothes will help to create a waist, if there is none at all, or even more emphasize natural curves.

How do you like the new items: what are you ready to try on in the first place, and which trends are better to avoid?

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