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Everyone is crazy about them, but only a few know how to wear dresses with flowers correctly

Everyone is crazy about them, but only a few know how to wear dresses with flowers correctly

Floral dresses are all the rage right now. It seems that it is this print that can make a queen out of even the most ordinary simpleton, because it looks amazing on a mannequin. But what a disappointment comes when, wearing this very dress with flowers, you realize that the miracle did not happen and the reflection is still the same.

Dress with flowers and sweater

There are a few stylistic secrets that will help you create a really expensive royal look with a floral print dress.

Minimum accessories

Floral dress and denim jacket

Many girls are sure that a dress in a romantic style requires the same jewelry, and complement the image with beads, bracelets, earrings. All this is also with flowers, bright, plastic. Another handbag is usually from the same series – very “nice”.

In fact, a dress with flowers does not require additional decorations. You don’t need to wear any of the above. Metallic layered jewelry around the neck is all you need. The bag, by the way, should be unobtrusive – a small envelope-shaped clutch, an ordinary fanny pack without a bright print.

No need to constantly twist curls

beautiful romantic look

Another misconception of those who have acquired a romantic dress with flowers is that this is a festive option, so you can’t do without a hairstyle. That’s right, a hairstyle is needed, but the simplest, and not “wooden” with a ton of varnish. Make beach curls, straighten your hair, collect the usual loose tail. It’s enough.

Heels are not required

Summer light dress with sneakers

Of course, many women are used to the fact that the dress involves the presence of shoes with heels. But today the fashion is completely different. The trend is a combination of incongruous at first glance styles. A romantic dress with sneakers or sneakers is stylish, but with heeled sandals it is ordinary.

You don’t need a cute blouse

Light dress with denim jacket

The maximum number of mistakes are made by women who decide to complement the dress with flowers with outerwear. It seems to many that something even cuter, short, with mother-of-pearl buttons must be put on over such beauty.

In fact, the perfect addition to a dress with a floral print is an oversized jacket made of contrasting dense fabric (denim, eco-leather), an elongated jacket in a masculine style, a loose shortened cardigan of coarse knit with huge buttons.

The belt is not needed, but the belt is “yes”

Dress with sneakers

Another way to style a floral dress is to replace the belt that comes with the same fabric with a regular leather belt. Playing with contrasts will emphasize the waist and make the image more sophisticated. By the way, the belt should be wide from 3 cm.

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