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Exfoliating foot mask at home

Exfoliating mask socks for feet how to use

Legs, especially if they are female, are the subject of eternal discussion and weakness of men. Therefore, to monitor their beauty and health is one of the primary tasks of the beautiful half. We bring to your attention various variations of caring cosmetics for the feet: exfoliating with a peeling effect, mask-socks and other recipes that can be used at home.

Mask – exfoliating socks for legs: description of the composition and method of application

Today, the most popular purchased products that are produced in the form of socks in sizes from 36 to 41 (sometimes letter designations are used, the smallest size is SL). Consider the most effective of them more.


The best exfoliating foot masks

Let’s look at a few tools:

  • Skinlite foot mask-socksmanufacturer Korea, is popular not only among users, but also among leading cosmetologists, the line includes many variations, incl. thermoactive, alginate, etc. (photo before and after applying the mask);


  • Mask from L’etoile bon voyage agiotage – also Korean production, contains plant extracts (for example, jasmine) and universal set of acids, incl. glycolic;
  • exfoliating foot mask Chinese cosmeticsthe main components of a large set of acids: salicylic, lemon, boric, apple (carbon, mineral and other variations);
  • Floresanmanufacturer Russia, like Asian counterparts, is produced in the form of socks. It will help to remove scars on the heels, remove coarsened cells (tissues) will die off naturally, prevent the new formation of corns for a long period (before and after photos);


  • Noreva Exfoliac Made in France, highly effective care cosmetics without overdrying, designed for deep cleansing of the skin, suitable for dry, oily and combination skin, can be applied to the body, legs and face by wrapping (rejuvenating);
  • Home SPA salon foot mask-socks – one of these options “SPA Belle”, makes it possible not only to get rid of rough skin (painlessly removes roughness), but also to restore metabolic processes (anti-aging), heals cracks in the heels, etc .;
  • “Groomed Feet” exfoliating foot mask – removes keratinized tissues, growths, calluses and other troubles.

DIY exfoliating masks

We offer recipes that can be prepared and applied at home for various skin types and problems.

Exfoliating foot mask at home

  • Exfoliating foot mask at home10 aspirin tablets (without shell) dissolve in water and add a few drops of juice from lemon. Spread the mixture evenly over the soles of your feet, leaving for half an hour;
  • Exfoliating foot mask during pregnancy – the best option is apples and milk – grate the apples on a fine grater and add warm milk (thick consistency). Spread evenly over the soles of your feet and leave for an hour. In the version for the face, you can create a mask-film on the same basis with the addition of gelatin.


In both options, it is recommended to use plastic bags and socks for the duration of the cosmetics.

Exfoliating face mask at home

A few more variations of recipes at home with the addition of active mineral components and products:

  • exfoliating face mask (enzymatic) – you will need sour cream (for owners oily skin can be replaced with kefir) coke pulp and sugar in equal parts. Great for sensitive skin face (the effect will last for a long time, it can heal if done with dimexide (sold in a pharmacy));
  • exfoliating face mask for dry skinhoney, rice (grind in a coffee grinder or blender) and a few drops (5-10) vinegar (better to use apple). This rejuvenating and whitening procedure: gets rid of age spots, freckles, removes small moles etc.;
  • for oily skin – you need salt and soda in equal amounts, apply the composition with a wet sponge with intensive movements. The composition simultaneously relieves from acne, pimples and other troubles;
  • gommage for problematic and combination skinalmonds, rye crusts (1 table. L.) and green tea (1 tbsp, can be replaced with badyaga or yolk (from raw eggs)), the composition must be steamed in a water bath and after cooling, applied to the face;
  • mask – oatmeal gommage – need any nuts (grind in a blender to a state of powder – 1 tbsp), oatmeal (you can use hercules) 1 tbsp, citrus juice (lemon or orange a few drops, you can use any fruit or citrus juice). The composition is perfect for dry skin faces.

It is better to apply the funds with gloves. Recommended after any procedure foot cream, faces or body(moisturizing, nourishing, for oily or dry skin, etc.) depending on the area of ​​application.

Exfoliating foot mask: which one to choose?

We offer to deal with ready-made cosmetics from leading manufacturers. When choosing care products, we recommend paying special attention to the type of skin for which this product is recommended.

Exfoliating mask film grapes from Oriflame

As part of the funds from Oriflame contain crushed grape seedsthat stimulate the production of collagen. Regular use (no more than twice a week) makes it possible to completely get rid of keratinized tissues, black spots, even out complexion and soften the skin. Increased collagen production prevents aging processesthat helps for a long time save the effect from the use of this. Great fit for dry and normal skin. After application, it does not need to be washed off – just remove the film from the face and apply a nourishing cream to the skin.


Exfoliating Foot Mask – Lavender

Mask actively distributed through the trading network Avon has already managed to fall in love with many users, both among women and among men. It is produced at a joint Russian-Polish production. Made on the basis of clay and lavender extract. Fine removes rough tissue and relieves irritation and has a pleasant aroma. The effect is noticeable after several applications (it is better to use at least a month). Recommended for use by those with dry skin types.


L’etoile – agiotage foot mask

According to Korean manufacturers, it is used in its production innovative formula, which facilitates the process of pedicure at home. The packaging contains recommendations in several languages, incl. in Russian. After regular use, the feet become tender and soft. Exfoliation does not begin immediately, but after a few days (according to reviews…

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