Express manicure perfect nails in a few minutes

Express manicure – perfect nails in a few minutes

Every woman, regardless of age, wants to have neat and attractive hands that look as young as possible. But time for quality care is often sorely lacking. And then British experts came to the aid of women, who proposed an interesting idea, which was successfully implemented, including in Russia. The novelty is called express manicure.

Its essence lies in the fact that in special points located in crowded places, the fair sex can quickly put their nails in order. Most of all, the service was to the taste of constantly busy business ladies, as well as young women.

Features of mobile express manicure stations

Most often, express manicure points are located in shopping malls. The calculation is simple: in the process of shopping, a girl will not be able to pass by such an object and deny herself the pleasure of pampering her hands. In addition, such mobile stations can be found in other places where a large number of people are constantly located. These are cinemas, airports, etc.

Express manicure

You may get the impression that this service will not fully replace a trip to a beauty salon. Nevertheless, at express manicure points, the client will be done everything the same as in full-fledged similar establishments. These are such types of manicure as European, classic, spa, as well as other procedures. Depending on what the client chooses, the whole process will last from 10 to 30 minutes. This service does not require an appointment, here everything can be obtained when it is convenient for the client. At the same time, such a procedure costs less than in conventional beauty salons, because this is an opportunity to save not only time, but also money.

As for the target audience, that is, for whom all this was organized, it is mainly the category of women who have little free time. First of all, these are business women, as well as young women from 18 to 25 years old who are constantly in a hurry somewhere, and, of course, mothers who are always busy with household chores. Such persons simply have no time to visit beauty salons, and they often do not have the time or energy to do their own manicure at home. Thanks to them, such express manicure items have become extremely popular. Accordingly, these mobile stations can be increasingly found in shopping malls and other facilities.

An alternative to express manicure at home

To get neat and beautiful nails, it is not at all necessary to contact the master, any woman herself can master the basics of nail art. Now on sale are sets of various brands, which include all the necessary materials and tools that allow you to make a manicure without much difficulty. The following is a step-by-step description of what procedures should be performed regularly in order to have beautiful and neat nails:

    1. If varnish is applied to the nails, it must be removed with a special liquid.


    1. Apply a nail scrub to the cuticle. It must be gently rubbed in a circular motion into the skin around the nails and into the nails themselves.


    1. After applying the scrub, hands should be washed with warm water. The remains of the product can be removed with a special brush. Then dry your hands thoroughly with a towel.


    1. With the help of a pusher stick, it is necessary to carefully push back the cuticle, as is done with a European manicure.


    1. Next, the hands should be moistened with any suitable means, for example, restoring milk.


    1. A moistened white pencil should be drawn from the inside of the nail. This will give it a neater look.


    1. Nails need to be shiny. To do this, they need to be polished with a grinder.


    1. As a final touch, you can apply a special bleaching agent to the nail, which will remove all the bumps and flaws, and the nails will become glossy.


    1. These simple steps will help you always have beautiful and well-groomed nails. Optionally, you can apply colored varnish on them. Thus, without leaving home, you can make a quick and attractive manicure.


Express manicure has become a great find for modern business women who have no time to waste time visiting beauty salons. Now they only need to approach the mobile station at a convenient time, where an experienced master will quickly perform all the required procedures. And you can do a good manicure on your own at home, for which you need a set of special tools and materials. Any of these methods will help give your hands a neat and well-groomed look, add beauty and health to them.

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