Volume eyelash extensions in a beauty salon

Eye tremor and eyelid trembling during eyelash extensions, other problems and solutions (with photo examples 2022)

Eyelash extensions have long gone from exotic to a popular, familiar procedure. Experienced lash makers in the beauty salon guarantee safety using only proven tools and materials. And the use of various schemes and techniques, personal developments, make it possible to emphasize the individuality of the lady.

Volume eyelash extensions in a beauty salon

However, the extension session does not always go smoothly and smoothly. Each client perceives the procedure differently. Someone is calm enough that he manages to fall asleep.

Extension of

And for some, prolonged manipulations in the eye area are the strongest irritant, a source of stress.

Eyelash extension process in the salon

Health problems, individual reactions of the body can also interfere with the process. What situations do lash makers face?

eyelash extension

How to cope with such problems in order to be able to finish the work, giving the beautiful lady an expressive, bewitching look with lush eyelashes?

Beautiful natural eyelash extensions

Master lash makers share their experience and secrets.

The result of eyelash extension by an experienced master

Gorgeous eyelash extensions

Causes of tremor of the eyelids and eyes during eyelash extensions

Involuntary trembling of the eyelids is something that lash makers very often encounter. Not all ladies can easily endure the procedure, even if it is a quick session with partial correction. And in order to withstand a long, three-, four-hour volume build-up, you need to completely relax and trust the hands of the master.

Eye tick with eyelash extensions

In addition to banal nervousness, insecurity, there are various physiological factors that cause eyelid tremors during eyelash extensions:

  • drinking coffee, alcoholic beverages, active smoking for 2 days before the session;
  • stress at work, at home, increased excitability of the nervous system;
  • nervous tic, blinking.

Experienced craftsmen know how to deal with such problems, so the refusal of a service due to trembling eyelids is a sign of unprofessionalism. For its part, the client should tell the master in advance about a possible reaction or existing problems.

How to deal with eyelid and eye tremors during eyelash extensions

Most often, the essence of the problem lies in trust in the master: the girl cannot calmly endure the touch of tools and fingers, she is nervous.

And this, in turn, causes trembling of the eyelids, rapid movements of the eyeballs, involuntary twitching of the muscles of the face.

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelashes are the hardest and most resilient hair on the human body. In men, they are longer than in the fair sex, and in blondes they are shorter than in brunettes.

Comfortable atmosphere in the eyelash extension master's office

How to deal with it:

  • Create the most comfortable, cozy atmosphere in the room.
  • Make sure that the client is comfortable in a chair or on a couch, there are no disturbing external factors.
  • Help to calm down with the help of relaxing music, a warm blanket.
  • Do not talk, do not try to soothe with words or communication. Best of all, if the lady falls asleep – the trembling of the eyelids will pass naturally.
  • If the eyes react negatively to the bright light of the lamp, it must be turned off. Provide them with complete darkness with a patch for five minutes.
  • Make a light relaxing facial massage.
Calming music during eyelash extension session

If relaxing techniques do not help, you have to use more effective measures.

  • The eyelids are fixed in the desired position using a special microporous adhesive tape. It is glued along, slightly pulling.
Gluing trembling eyelids with eyelash extensions

  • Several upper eyelashes are glued with glue to the substrate, patch. (In no case should coins or other foreign metal objects be used! Money collects all the dirt on itself, and it is easy to infect the eyes with their help).
Eyelid lift for eyelash extensions in the corners of the eyes

Isolation of the lower eyelids and eyelashes during extension

In order for the eyelash extension session to go smoothly, it is necessary to warn the client about the correct preliminary preparation.

  • For 1-2 days it is necessary to exclude from the diet alcoholic drinks, strong black tea and coffee, try not to smoke.
Do not drink alcohol, coffee, smoke before eyelash extensions

  • If the client is very nervous, you can recommend drinking valerian at home or a calming collection.

What other problems do lash makers face in the process of eyelash extensions, besides eye tremors?

  • Lack of closure of the eyelids, which can cause a chemical burn of the retina due to adhesive fumes. There is only one way to fight – fixing the eyelid in the closed position with a strip of adhesive tape.
Loose eyelids with eyelash extensions

Gluing loose eyelids with eyelash extensions

  • Nervous tic of the facial muscles. You can only adapt to work with such a client.
  • The appearance of an allergic reaction to the glue. It is necessary to pre-check the new composition, do a test a day before building.
Chemical burn of the eyes due to loosely closed eyelids during eyelash extensions

Experience, attention to detail and goodwill are the basic principles of a good lashmaker. It is often enough to tell a girl that eyelid twitching does not interfere in the least, so that she calms down, and the session goes at the highest level.

Allergic reaction to eyelash extension glue

In what cases is it necessary to urgently remove eyelash extensions?

Despite all the precautions of the master, eyelash extensions can have negative consequences. Most often, complaints are received when choosing too lush volumes and long lengths: inconvenience, tingling, a feeling of heaviness on the eyelids. In addition, not every fashionista gets used to the limitations and features of caring for such eyelashes the first time.

Too heavy, uncomfortable eyelash extensions

But there are also more difficult situations, when a lady trusts an unqualified assistant, makes extensions at home.

In this case, there are frequent violations of safety regulations, building technology. If the slightest problem arises, there is only one recommendation: the immediate removal of eyelash extensions in a beauty studio. When you need to see a specialist urgently:

  • The appearance of an allergic reaction: swelling, irritation with itching, redness of the eyelids or iris. An allergy occurs to glue if a mandatory test for a new composition has not been carried out.
Allergic reaction to glue or materials after eyelash extensions

  • Mucosal infection with edema, increased tearing and itching, the appearance of purulent discharge. Reasons: non-compliance with the simplest rules of disinfection when building; infection on their own, with dirty hands or with viral diseases.
Inflammation of the eye after eyelash extensions

  • Rapid loss of natural eyelashes. The reasons can be completely different, from hormonal failure to the wrong choice of artificial fibers.

It is best to go through the removal procedure with an experienced lashmaker, so as not to worsen your health even more. In case of inflammation, suppuration, it is necessary to contact an ophthalmologist for treatment.

Eyelash extension removal procedure

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