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Eyebrow correction at home: different ways

Eyebrow correction on your own: step by step instructions

Eyebrows play a huge role in creating a beautiful image and a neat appearance. Even the most beautiful makeup can be ruined by an irregular shape or the presence of unplucked hairs, so let’s start learning a very important topic.

First, let’s dispel popular myths:

1. You can not pluck the hairs along the upper edge and on the bridge of the nose.
It is impossible to create a neat beautiful shape without paying attention to the dark fluff along the top edge and on the bridge of the nose. From this they will not grow more and thicker.

2. It is better not to pluck at all. All masters for naturalness and eyebrow-strings are no longer relevant, but even the most ideal eyebrows need the correct minimal editing.

3. Eyebrows do not need to be tinted. Recently, eyebrows have been given a lot of time. Today, there are a lot of products that allow you to give any shape or correct an existing one. If you forget about them, you will get an inexpressive or incorrect image.


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Correction and coloring of eyebrows on their own: ways

There is an opinion that if a woman does not have time for makeup, it is enough just to put her eyebrows in order. This is with regard to light correction, but we will delve into the topic and discuss all types and methods of creating beautiful eyebrows.

The basic golden rules say that every face shape has its own ideal shape.


Remember: do not forget to comb them every day (so they will become more obedient), use matte shadows a tone lighter or a special hard pencil for makeup, and use a special gel for fixation.

First, remember that the correct form is calculated according to this scheme. This photo scheme is universal for everyone, suitable for thick and sparse eyebrows, and most importantly, time-tested.


Secondly, before the procedure, disinfect the tweezers and skin. Comb with a brush and mark with a pencil or mentally the desired shape.

Thirdly, form a rectangle from the beginning of the eyebrow to the highest point, then a triangle.


How to make a beautiful shape with tweezers at home

How much does a professional eyebrow shaping cost? We all know that you need to pay a substantial amount for the work of a good master, which means it’s time to learn the tricks yourself, since in fact everything is banal and simple.

This method has always been considered very cheap, allowing you to achieve the most accurate result. Lightly stretch the skin and remove the hairs, moving along the growth line.

Tools and face must be clean.

Video lessons allow you to make a breakthrough in learning. We propose to study master class from Maria Profkrasa called “Ideal eyebrows at home for beginners.”

Eyebrow waxing

To begin with, it is important to remember that cold wax (only hot wax) is not used for waxing eyebrows, as the result will be irritation, redness and ragged hairs.

Next, degrease the skin and apply fine talc. We take a manicure stick and lower it into melted wax and use it as a small and very accurate spatula. We press the wax with your finger and wait for complete hardening. After we remove the wax against hair growth.


We offer you to see how eyebrow waxing is done in the salon, since this option is extremely difficult to perform on your own.

Eyebrow threading

With a simple thread, you can create perfect eyebrows quickly and easily. It is very important that the result lasts a very long time.

Oriental technique involves the use of an ordinary thread, which is always found in the house. Reviews of ladies who have tried this technique on themselves are always positive, which means you should pay attention to it.

How it all works: the thread is strongly stretched, its loop pounces on the hairs, which are pulled out with a sharp movement.

Coloring as a way to give the eyebrows the desired shape

Eyebrow tinting is considered one of the easiest ways to tidy them up. Very often, ladies resort to this technique after unsuccessful correction with tweezers or thread. With the help of paint, you can fill in the voids and get the desired shape. Although many avoid the use of paint and prefer henna.

Eyebrow shape correction with henna is called biotattoo.

The durability of biotattoo depends on care. Usually henna stays on the eyebrows for 2-4 weeks. At sea, the dye, of course, is washed off faster.

In general, eyebrow coloring with paint and henna is performed according to the same algorithm. At the beginning of the eyebrows and skin…

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