Eyebrow coloring

Eyebrow gel: everything you need to know, TOP 5 of 2022 with photo examples

Eyebrows make the look more expressive, and the image is complete. There are no trifles in creating flawless makeup. Eyebrows are not a trifle at all, they can completely transform your face. Therefore, cosmetology today offers many products designed specifically for eyebrow care. One of them will be discussed.

Eyebrow coloring

Why you need eyebrow gel in 2022 and what it is used for

Eyebrow gel is a cosmetic product with which you can:

  • shape the eyebrows
  • fix makeup;
  • give the eyebrows a more saturated and at the same time natural color;
  • take care of your eyebrows.
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In terms of its functions, the gel can be compared with hairspray or styling mousse. With it, you can effortlessly give your eyebrows a neat and well-groomed look. The effect will be like from the lamination procedure.

Perfect eyebrows

Depending on the purpose, the gel is used for different purposes:

  • daily care;
  • laying superciliary arches;
  • shape modeling;
  • protection from adverse environmental factors;
  • giving the hair a beautiful shade and shine;
  • strengthening hairs and stimulating their growth;
  • visual volume to the eyebrows.
Gel for eyebrows

Eyebrow gel can be transparent and tinted.

Eyebrow gel BEFORE and AFTER application

What are eyebrow gels in 2022

Transparent gel, or modeling – this is a universal option, suitable for everyone. It fixes the hairs in the right direction and if you have dark and thick eyebrows, then this is quite enough for a complete and effective look.

arched eyebrows

It is produced in bottles with a brush, in appearance it looks like eyebrow mascara. Its function is to keep the vegetation above the eyes in the right direction.

  • Clear gel helps to cope with naughty hairs, cares for eyebrows, makes the image natural. It is used at the final stage of makeup, as the final point. It fixes the result of eyebrow correction.
  • tint gel able not only to envelop the hairs, but also to change their shade. It helps to create a bright image, fill in gaps, and can replace a pencil or powder. The shade can be as close to natural as possible, and then it will not be noticeable on the face, or you can make a bold challenge and give your eyebrows blue, green, red color with a gel – such gels are now on sale, even gel with sparkles for magical makeup.
Tinted brow gel

Color gel is great for creating a spectacular evening look. If it’s raining or hot outside, a waterproof gel will help keep your gorgeous makeup, they are marked waterproof.

Tinted brow gel

  • Eyebrow gel tint or marker – This is a tint gel with a more lasting result. The effect can last up to five weeks.
Fixing tint-gel for eyebrows

It is waterproof, it is not afraid of either heat or frost.

Eyebrow gel tint

Women with light or sparse eyebrows can replace coloring, the principle of work is the same. Requires careful application. Before use, determine the shape of the eyebrow. It’s good if you use a stencil. The contour of the eyebrow can also be marked with a white pencil, which is easy to remove after applying the gel.

Eyebrow tint application

  • Gel cream looks like lipstick and is sold in jars with a special brush. Allows you to achieve a bright and lasting effect. After applying the cream, the hairs should be combed immediately until the product has dried.
Eyebrow gel-cream

The composition of eyebrow gels

Well, now let’s talk about the composition of eyebrow gels. Of course, it may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the general one is:

  • Vegetable oils (rapeseed, shea butter) – they provide nutrition to the hairs, make them soft, strengthen the structure.
  • Beeswax, or carnauba – it just fixes the hairs and facilitates the application of the gel, gives the hairs elasticity.
  • Kaolin – gives the hairs volume, in addition, collects excess sebum, fixes the hairs.
  • Panthenol – moisturizes and nourishes, has antiseptic properties.
  • Gingko biloba leaves – an extract from them has an antioxidant effect, prevents tissue aging.

Vitamins, plant extracts can be added to gels.

beautiful eyebrows

How to choose eyebrow gel 2022

Above we saw that gels are different. How to find among them the one that is perfect for you? Let’s talk about the intricacies of choosing a gel now. The first thing you need to do is decide what you need the gel for. If you just emphasize the shape of thick and dark eyebrows given to you by nature, then it is best to choose a colorless fixing gel.

Choose tint gels if you have thin or light eyebrows. Keep in mind that although brow mascara and tint gel have a lot in common, the gel has a lighter texture. When choosing a color gel, be guided by the color of your hair.

Fact about eyebrows

On average, one human eyebrow contains up to 250 hairs. Very thick ones can consist of 1000 or more hairs. If there are health problems, the eyebrows begin to fall out.

Powder coating of eyebrows

Our recommendations will help you make the right choice:

  • If you are a brunette with black or dark brown hair, then an espresso tint gel will suit you. Do not forget that the eyebrows should be several tones lighter than the hair.
  • fair-haired caramel tone is suitable for women. Bright eyebrows will not work, use powdery shades.
  • Platinum Blondes choose funds marked “blonde”. These are moderately bright tones, slightly darker than hair color.
  • Ginger suitable chestnut, red-brown shades, warm caramel.
  • For gray hair granite-colored eyebrows will look best.
Colorless brow gel

In addition to the shade, when choosing a gel, you should pay attention to several more important parameters:

  • Manufacturing firm. Of course, what concerns your hair and your skin should be safe first of all. Therefore, we trust only trusted brands. It may not necessarily be from the luxury class, but necessarily reliable, which do not save on raw materials.
  • brush should be moderately dense. It depends on how the remedy lies on the hairs. The bristles should not be too soft or too hard.
  • Is there a stopper on the neck? and how it works. If it does not remove excess well, then you risk applying the product too thickly and getting the effect of glued hairs.
  • Color – We have already talked about this. Choose any tint gel according to your color type.
  • Format – of course, a bottle with a brush is the most convenient to use, but you can also try a tube if you are confident with makeup brushes.

The choice has been made. Now let’s see how you can use eyebrow gel at home.

How to use eyebrow gel

There are three main methods of application:

  1. Style your hair with a brush in the right direction. However, this is the final stage of eyebrow makeup. First, you should work out the eyebrows with a pencil, shadows, and only then fix the result.
  2. If you are using a tint gel, then first brush against the growth of the hair, and then in the direction of growth. Then the hairs will be dyed on both sides.
  3. Gel tint requires a special approachsince inaccurate application will be corrected …

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