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Eyebrow gel: how to use and what it is for

What is an eyebrow gel and why is it needed?

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Brow gel is a liquid styling product for…that’s right, eyebrows! It fixes the hairs and gives them volume, making the eyebrows neat and clear. As a rule, eyebrow gels are released in a bottle with an applicator or brush (almost like mascara). The brush allows you to evenly distribute the gel along each hair, which makes the eyebrows appear thicker. And the applicator is convenient to fill the space between the hairs and adjust the shape.

How to use Maybelline NY Tattoo Brow Gel

Applying Maybelline Eyebrow Gel

From theory to practice! Our beauty guide will help you figure out how to use Maybelline NY Tattoo Brow Gel!

To get started, choose a shade: dark blond, light brown, brown or dark brown.

STEP 1: Apply a small amount of gel and shape your eyebrows with the applicator. It is convenient for them to fill the space between the hairs (which means that shadows are not needed!).

IMPORTANT: The gel has a waterproof formula and very rich pigments, so you only need a little product.

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STEP 2: Blend the gel and comb the hairs with a brush for a natural effect.

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STEP 3: Enjoy the result up to 48 hours!

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What can be used instead of brow gel

As you know, there are no irreplaceable ones (at least in the make-up sphere). So let’s discuss what can be used instead of eyebrow gel.

  1. Eyebrow mascara
  2. Brow Fast Sculpt

    For example, Brow Fast Sculpt from Maybelline NY. As a rule, mascaras have more pigments in the composition, and the texture is thicker. Unlike gels, they are almost always tinted, so the colored gel can be replaced with colored mascara.

  3. Eyebrow pomade
  4. fixing eyebrows with gel or lipstick photo

    The lipstick has a denser creamy texture and a different release format (in a jar). How to style eyebrows with lipstick? Tattoo Brow Pomade comes with a convenient two-sided brush: beveled on one side, brush on the other. Adjust the shape with the first, and fix the result with a brush.

  5. Eyebrow tint
  6. tattow brow

    Tattow Brow is just from the tint family! Apply it on your brows and leave it on for 20 minutes (or longer if you want a more intense color). Carefully remove the film. That’s all!

  7. extreme options
  8. What else can replace the eyebrow gel? Colorless hygienic lipstick or hairspray! The latter can be applied by first spraying the product onto a brush.

Types of eyebrow gels

• Gels for styling eyebrows are:

• Transparent – ideal if you have thick and dark eyebrows without bald spots.

• Colored (shading) – if the eyebrows are light and/or sparse.

• In tint format – give the effect of permanent staining. Tattow Brow tint lasts up to 72 hours!

How to choose an eyebrow gel

Now you know exactly what brow gel is for! It remains to figure out how not to miss the choice.

By appointment

how to use eyebrow gel

If a multi-layered brow make-up is not for you, choose a good tint gel: the eyebrows will appear brighter and thicker, which means that a pencil and shadows may not be needed.

by shade

fixing eyebrows with brow gel

It is better for blondes to choose a gel for fixing eyebrows 1-2 tones darker than the hair color, and for dark-haired girls, on the contrary, it is lighter. Warm shades (for example, caramel) are suitable for red-haired girls and brown-haired women. Leave black for eyelashes!

By release form

what is brow gel for?

Applicator or brush? The first is useful if you have sparse asymmetrical eyebrows, and the second if the hairs need “discipline”. It is more convenient to fix and stretch hairs with a brush.


The caring components in the composition are a bold plus in the direction of choosing a fixing eyebrow gel. It can be:

  • Shea butter – softens and strengthens hairs.
  • Ginkgo biloba is an antioxidant that prevents skin aging.
  • Hyaluronic acid – moisturizes, retains moisture inside the cells.
  • Wax (bees, carnauba) – makes the hairs more manageable and elastic.
  • Gelatin – gives the hairs shine (lamination effect), contains a whole complex of vitamins and trace elements.
  • Panthenol – moisturizes, soothes the skin.
  • Kaolin – removes excess sebum, fixes hairs.

Life hacks from professional makeup artists

You can easily apply most of the life hacks from professional makeup artists at home!

  1. Lesson number one: brow gel takes about 60 seconds to set.
  2. The gel can be used not only for styling, but also for modeling eyebrows. Give your brows a dramatic kink or, on the contrary, soften the curve.
  3. Combing hairs, slightly pull them up. If you want, fluff your eyebrows near the bridge of your nose to give them the most natural look. This is what Cara Delevingne does!
  4. If you have sparse eyebrows, and you don’t have shadows and a pencil or liner on hand, try applying a tint gel, lightly touching the skin between the hairs with a brush. The use of the gel in this case will create the effect of traced hairs.
  5. If the eyebrows are very naughty, paint them with the gel of the strongest possible hold.
  6. The thickness of the hair also matters. If you naturally have lush eyebrows, go over them with a brush several times.

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