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Eyebrow hair tattoo: pros and cons, photos, reviews

Hair method of eyebrow tattooing: all about the procedure, photos and reviews

The trend of the last few years is natural beauty. It is for this reason that an increasing number of women are turning to hair eyebrow tattooing, rather than permanent. Eyebrow tattooing with the hair method is similar to the permanent one in terms of application technique, since the same paints and tools are used. The bottom line is that individual hairs are painted with paint. This method of tattooing allows the eyebrows to look natural. The result depends on the beautician who performs the procedure. It is important to choose the right shade and technique.

Types of hair tattoo

Types of hair tattooThe method of hair tattooing appeared relatively recently and has already become very popular.
popular. Eyebrows look as natural as possible even upon close examination.

There are two types of hair tattooing:

  • The European method consists in applying small, short, equal in length and thickness, strokes from 0.5 to 1 cm. All strokes are directed upwards with curved tips to the bottom. Eyebrows acquire a curved shape and look neat and natural. Correction is recommended to be carried out every 2 months;
  • The Eastern method differs from the European one in that the strokes are not uniform in length. The beautician creates the impression of maximum naturalness by directing the hairs at different angles, but only upwards. Sometimes they can intertwine and go beyond the general pattern of the eyebrows. This technique is more complex and requires certain skills from the beautician. Correction is recommended once a year.

The quality and durability of the pigment depends on the country of origin of the paint.

There are several techniques by which hair tattoo is applied:

  • The manual method involves microblading. It is performed using a nozzle in which an ultra-thin blade is built. The hairs are applied in the form of micro-cuts, in which the pigment enters the skin. The method is considered traumatic. With this technique of execution, it is necessary to carefully choose the master, since instead of beautifully traced thin hairs, you can get the opposite result;
  • Hardware hair technique is less traumatic, since the pigment is introduced into the skin not with the help of linear cuts, but with many micro-punctures. The disadvantage of the technique is that the hairs are not as clear as with microblading;
  • Sometimes masters resort to a mixed technique, which consists in the fact that the master draws the hairs and shades them. The method is the most expensive of those listed, as it requires high qualifications and a lot of time.

The deeper the pigment is introduced, the longer its color lasts. Here it is important to correctly calculate the depth, otherwise, if you enter the pigment very deeply, you can get bright coarse eyebrows.

Who is recommended?

 For whom is eyebrow tattoo recommended?Eyebrow hair tattoo will help to correct many aesthetic defects. Also, given the current rhythm of women’s lives, it helps to save a huge amount of time when doing morning makeup. Cosmetologists recommend using this method in the following cases:

  • Thin and sparse eyebrows;
  • Eyebrow hairs grow unevenly;
  • Asymmetry in the length or curvature of the eyebrows;
  • Not satisfied with the shape, including the rise;
  • Scars in the area of ​​the eyebrows;
  • The presence of empty spaces in the area of ​​​​the eyebrows;
  • Correction of poor quality eyebrow work.

For owners of oily skin type, the hair method is not suitable. The effect will last much less and frequent correction will be necessary.

Pros and cons of eyebrow tattooing

Pros and cons of eyebrow tattooingThe procedure of hair eyebrow tattoo has both advantages and disadvantages. For the most part, women turn to this type of tattoo in order to correct cosmetic imperfections or, simply, to improve their appearance.

The benefits of the procedure include:

  • Save time when applying makeup;
  • Elimination of visible visual defects of the eyebrows;
  • You can emphasize individuality and look natural;
  • The result is stored for a long time;
  • You can model any shape you want.

There are also negative sides. These include:

  • Service cost;
  • The result depends directly on the professionalism of the master;
  • Local anesthesia is not always able to completely eliminate pain;
  • With frequent correction, fibrosis of the subcutaneous tissues may develop;
  • The browist may be unprofessional and expensive pigment removal will be required;
  • If the master does not properly process the tools, you can catch extremely dangerous diseases, one of the first is hepatitis;
  • The use of poor-quality pigment can lead to blurring of the lines or a change in their color.


Eyebrow tattoo contraindications

There are a number of contraindications to the hair tattoo procedure. Unfortunately, many women neglect them. Most of these contraindications can affect not only the final visual result, but also the state of health in general. Before the procedure, it is better to consult a beautician. This method should be abandoned in the following cases:

  • Dermatological diseases;
  • prenatal period;
  • Menstruation (lowered pain threshold);
  • Diabetes;
  • Problems of the hematopoietic system;
  • Herpes;
  • Viral, bacterial and fungal diseases;
  • Oncology;
  • Epilepsy and neurological diseases;
  • Individual intolerance to one of the components of the pigment.

Temporary side effects include redness, swelling, and swelling. There may be slight itching during the healing process of micro cuts or punctures.

Eyebrow tattoo preparation

Eyebrow tattoo preparationPreparation for the eyebrow tattoo procedure does not require effort from the client, he is only recommended the day before the procedure not to drink alcohol, spicy food and drugs that affect blood clotting.

The master must consult the client to find out the following before the procedure:

  • State of health, to exclude contraindications;
  • Determine skin type
  • Model eyebrows based on facial features;
  • Pick the right shade.

After that, the skin is treated with a disinfectant around the tattooing area. Next, the sketch is drawn with a pencil and anesthesia is applied.

To select the desired shade, the master can mix several colors. One color never works. It should be understood that there are certain rules in the selection of a suitable tone:

  • For brunettes, cool shades of dark brown are selected;
  • Warm chocolate colors are recommended for brown-haired women;
  • Owners of an ashy shade of hair will suit a gray-brown shade;
  • For blondes – light honey colors.

The course of the procedure

The course of the hair tattoo procedureThe tattoo procedure does not take much time. More is spent on preparation, consultation and selection of forms and materials. It is necessary to coordinate all the nuances and wishes of the client in order to achieve the desired result.

The process can be divided into several…

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