Brunette with dark lipstick on her eyebrows

Eyebrow lipstick selection 2022 with photo examples

Eyebrow lipstick has appeared on the cosmetic markets quite recently, however, it has already gained great popularity among fashionistas who care for their eyebrows. It was especially appreciated by users of pencils and shadows.

 Brunette with dark lipstick on her eyebrows

Unlike them, lipstick is easier to apply on the eyebrows, does not need to be fixed, gives the eyebrows expressiveness and a natural look. The lasting consistency of lipstick has a dozen shades, so choosing the best one for your eyebrows is not difficult.

 Choosing a shade of lipstick for eyebrows

The creamy texture of lipstick, saturated with pigments of a certain color, is better than other well-known products for makeup. With its help, you can not only saturate the eyebrows with color without resorting to coloring with paint, but also correct their shape, give the appearance of maximum grooming.

 Eyebrows with applied lipstick

Lipstick can also be used as one of the decorative cosmetics in eye makeup to correct their shape, emphasize color, visually enlarge the section of the eyes, draw attention to them. Eyebrow lipstick can simultaneously replace shadows, pencils and eyeliners.

Eyebrows before and after applying lipstick

The advantage of lipstick over other decorative cosmetics for eyebrows

The creamy texture of the lipstick gives the eyebrows a natural color, volume, very resistant, does not smudge or spread over the skin, unlike pencils. Due to the low consumption and light texture, a stick of lipstick lasts for a long time.

 Eyebrow highlighting with lipstick

The ability of the lipstick to not leave greasy stains allows it to be used as an eye shadow, eye rivalry, bronzer to emphasize cheekbones and more expressiveness of facial features. Some makeup artists even suggest using lipstick if necessary as a disguise for regrown hair roots, temporarily replacing the color with them.

The use of lipstick in the architecture of the eyebrows by an experienced specialist can give expressiveness to the look, correct the oval of the face, make it more expressive. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the external color type of the face and the shape of the provey correspond to each other. With the help of lipstick, you can fix the eyebrow hairs in the right direction, give them a smooth line and a natural shade. It is not able to make a pencil with its drawing of clear and hard lines.

Eyebrow shaping rules

When starting to correct eyebrows with lipstick, you need to know some rules for matching the configuration of the eyebrows with the type of face. Conventionally, the eyebrow is divided into several parts:

  • headadjacent closest to the upper part of the nose, adjacent to the frontal lobe of the face;
  • middleas a rule, the widest part, called the body;
  • tailthe most narrowed part, located closer to the temporal lobe of the face.
   Conditional division of eyebrows into parts

1. On the horizontal line of the eyebrows indicate straight lines parallel to the floor. Such eyebrows are usually found in people with an elongated face shape and a triangular chin. The shape is also suitable for girls with a sharp chin shape. The horizontal line of the eyebrows visually expands the upper part of the face while softening the sharpness of the lower part.

Straight brow shape without kinks

2. Rising eyebrows characteristic elevation of the head. Their shape is able to visually lengthen the shape of the face, giving it an expression of surprise and some theatricality.

Rising eyebrow shape

3. The look of falling eyebrows indicate high elevation of the beginning of the eyebrows and lowering of the outer edges. This shape of the eyebrows gives the face an eternally sad, if not sad expression, making it look older than its years.

 Falling eyebrow shape

4. Arched eyebrows considered the most correct. It rejuvenates, suits all types of faces. With an oval shape of the eyebrows, all their parts are balanced in length and width.

 Girl with arched eyebrows

5. With rounded eyebrows you can visually soften the outlines of any face, making it less sharp and rough.

 Rounded eyebrow shape

6. Playfulness and anti-aging effect the face can be given with broken eyebrows. This form in the salon is most often offered to beauties with a round oval face.

 Blond woman with broken eyebrows near the end

7. There are other forms of eyebrows: short and with elongated ends, wide and thin. Unfortunately, they do not always match the shape and oval of the face, and therefore require correction.

Elongated eyebrow shape

How to use eyebrow pomade

A series of oils and waxes included in the lipstick allow you to create the perfect eyebrow line without resorting to gels. Other light-reflecting ingredients and coloring pigments can bring the color of the hairs closer to natural shades. With a light translucent texture, the pigmented product is ideal for shaping eyebrows with stencils.

Girl with eyebrows before and after applying lipstick

Having lipstick for eyebrows on hand, there is no need to apply lamination – a procedure aimed at giving eyebrows density and a well-groomed appearance. Enveloping the hairs of the eyebrows, lipstick gives them volume, compaction and visual density due to the color filling of voids.

Fact about eyebrows

The beauty of the eyebrows people have paid attention since ancient times. Already 5500 years ago, in ancient Egypt, there was a fashion for thickly summed up, blackened eyebrows. And both in men and women.

 Filling voids with lipstick

  • Before proceeding to apply lipstick, pluck out unwanted hairs with tweezers, comb the eyebrows using a special round brush.
  • Then take a brush with a beveled end, which usually brings the contours of the eyes, draw a portion of lipstick on it and lead along the eyebrows, starting from the outer edge.
  • As the brush approaches with paint to the inner edge of the eyebrows, try not to press on it.
 Applying lipstick with a brush

  • The color intensity should be on the outer edge, gradually weakening at the base.
  • After finishing applying lipstick is shaded with a special brush.
  • For more definition eyebrows with a brush with pigment are carried out along the upper and lower contours.
 Eyebrow contouring with lipstick

This application of lipstick will give the eyebrows a natural look, unlike graphite pencil drawing, which has long ceased to be fashionable. In cases where the necessary form has not been sufficiently fixed with lipstick, you can use one of the transparent gels.

Soft correction of the shape of the eyebrows with lipstick

We select the shade of lipstick for eyebrows to match the color of the hair, so that it is relevant and fashionable in 2022

It is not necessary to clearly select the color of lipstick for eyebrows to match the hair of the head. The choice usually takes into account the desired effect. Nevertheless, some rules for selecting a shade still exist. If blondes can stop at light, caramel and even chocolate shades, then brunettes cannot do without dark tones. Let’s consider each color separately.

  • blonde shades

Natural blonde colors are warm tones and have a yellowish tint. They can often be found in Eastern European girls. For a golden blonde, sand and beige shades of eyebrow lipstick are suitable. They will beautifully emphasize the color of the eyes and the light tone of the hair. But blondes should not get carried away with the brown color of lipstick, as it will give the whole image an unnatural look.

 Blond woman with sandy eyebrows

If you compare light brown blond with natural light brown, then it is a little lighter.

 Blonde blonde hair

The gray shade of blond is sometimes confused with ash, although these are two completely different tones. The blond is richer and deeper than the ash color.

Gray blonde hair

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