Eyebrows are an important part of a woman's face.

Eyebrow makeup with markers 2022 (with photo examples)

The brow ridges above the eye socket with hair are practically the most important component of the face of any person. It is to them that the gaze of a person looking at the face of another first of all rushes. They do not leave the owner after removing makeup. Without eyebrows, there is no facial expression, no personality. Their shape, width, length tells about the character of a woman, the harmony of the individual with nature.

 Eyebrows are an important part of a woman's face.

The superciliary arches are entrusted with a great responsibility; it is not for nothing that the expression relating eyebrows to new lips has come into use. If there were times when little attention was paid to eyebrows, now everything has changed and almost every woman who looks after herself resorts to eyebrow architecture.

 Wide straight eyebrows

The modern fashion industry focuses on the fact that the shape of the eyebrows should contain the individuality of each woman and the characteristic features of her character. With the help of eyebrows, the symmetry of the face is corrected, the harmony of all its features. But starting to manipulate the eyebrows, all you can do is change their color and shape.

Eyebrow shape with a kink

Correction and preparation of eyebrows for painting with a marker

  • Women with a wide forehead it is better to correct the eyebrows in their lower part by removing unwanted hairs with tweezers, wax, natural threads, laser.
 Eyebrow shape correction with thread

In the upper part of the eyebrows, it is better not to touch them, remove only those that go beyond the designated boundaries. Such a correction due to the expansion of the upper eyelid will give the eyes a greater openness.

 Eyebrow correction with tweezers

  • Women with a low forehead it is better to correct the upper part of the superciliary arches by removing a row of hairline from them. This will expand the width of the forehead and keep the balance of facial features, leaving the distance from the upper eyelid to the lower border of the eyebrows untouched.
 Correction of the shape by applying wax to the lower part of the eyebrows

For eyebrow manipulation, every woman should get good tweezers. He should pull out the hairs, and not break them off, leaving ugly stumps, which will then be difficult to remove.

Eyebrow correction with laser

When starting to remove excess hairs, you must try to grab them as close to the roots as possible and pull in accordance with the direction of their growth, and not in the opposite direction.

Remains of stumps after incorrect plucking with tweezers

In addition to tweezers, every woman should have a special brush for combing her eyebrows in her cosmetic bag. It is designed not only for styling eyebrows in the right direction in the morning and evening hours. It helps to remove dead skin cells, improve blood circulation, thereby promoting the germination of new hairs.

 Eyebrow combing during styling

Marker and other means for coloring and contouring eyebrows in 2022

As for the means that give the eyebrow hairs a certain color, there are several of them. Before choosing the right option for yourself, you need to know the texture of your skin. The easiest option that preserves the color of the hairs for a long time is the coloring of the eyebrows with paint.

  Preparation of eyebrows for coloring begins with their drawing

  • Painted with durable paint eyebrows will not lose their color when visiting baths, saunas, pools. But the use of coloring agents has some limitations. This is pregnancy, breastfeeding, eye diseases, allergies, excessive sensitivity of the skin to paint components.
 Eyebrow coloring

  • With symptoms of various diseases factory paint can be replaced with henna, which contains only natural dyes obtained from the processing of dried lavsonia leaves. Eyebrow coloring with henna has practically no contraindications, while it has a strengthening effect on the hair follicles. Eyebrows dyed with henna become natural, healthy and look beautiful.
Eyebrows before and after henna

  • For those who don’t like messing around with paint, you can advise to give color to the eyebrows with shadows. A decorative tool is also used to give the eyebrows a certain shape. The soft texture of the shadows fills the contour of the eyebrows evenly, promotes the formation of a shadow, emphasizes their shape.
Eyebrows with powder effect shadows

  • Some girls prefer to color and outline the contours of the eyebrows with pencils. But even here you need to know the properties of your skin. Sharpening pencils are best applied to oily skin. Mechanical, as softer – to dry and normal.
 Eyebrow tinting with a mechanical pencil

Eyebrow coloring starts from the head. When choosing a pencil for coloring, it should be borne in mind that lines drawn with too soft pencils look messy due to their smearing. Too hard pencils will scratch the skin, refusing to draw. So the choice of pencil plays a very important role in drawing and coloring the eyebrows.

  Eyebrow tinting steps

  • During the summer timewhen the face sweats along with other parts of the body, it is preferable to use lipstick to color the eyebrows. Pigmented waterproof agent, filling the space between the hairs of the eyebrows, not only makes them visually thicker, fixes their shape, but also prevents them from spreading on the hottest days.
 Drawing and coloring eyebrows with lipstick

  • Markers have approximately the same properties., released specifically for coloring eyebrows. They don’t run when swimming, don’t smudge from sweat while sunbathing, and are great for make-up, giving the brows a natural look. The appearance and density of the eyebrows resembles lamination with a bright intense shade.
Eyebrows with marker

The eyebrow marker can be attributed to the same eyeliner, but unlike it, it does not have intense pigmentation and clearly defined dense lines. After drawing with a marker on the eyebrows, a trace remains similar to a transparent watercolor painting.

 Eyebrow application with coloring pigments

When compared with eyebrows dyed with shadows or a pencil, makeup with a marker looks more expressive, since the skin is also dyed along with the hairy part of the eyebrows.

Fact about eyebrows

At the beginning of the 20th century, the fashion for thin eyebrow threads returned again. The beauties completely plucked their own eyebrows in order to draw smoothly curved, flying lines in their place with a pencil.

Simultaneous coloring of hairs with integuments under them

With the help of a marker, you can not only tint the eyebrow hairs, but correct their shape, give them visual density. After dyeing the eyebrows with a marker, the eyebrows will look like after the Botox cosmetic procedure, the purpose of which is to restore the hair structure due to the penetration of useful microelements into them.

The advantage of eyebrow markers over other cosmetics

  • Eyebrow highlighter formula has a stable formula. It holds equally well on dry and oily skin, does not spread in hot weather, and does not smear when touching the eyebrows with your hands.
  • Liquid Form Marker when applied to the eyebrows, it dries quickly, without causing inconvenience. This allows you to go all day without eyebrow correction and worries about your appearance. Unlike pencils that require constant sharpening, markers do not need sharpening, which saves a lot of time when applying makeup.
  • No marker required to applicators, without which it is difficult to do without when working with shadows or a pencil. In addition, having a thinner short tip compared to eyeliner, the marker draws thin, neat lines similar to…

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