Natural eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow makeup with shadows: application techniques 2022 with photo examples

To create a daily eye makeup was a joy, you need to choose a product that is right for you. If stylists advise you to start learning eyebrow makeup with a pencil, then eyebrow shadows are perfect for more confident users. Let’s see how to choose the right color of the product and help you learn a few simple makeup techniques.

Natural eyebrow makeup

What tools will be needed for coloring eyebrows with shadows in 2022

To perform makeup in the shadow technique, you will need several products and auxiliary tools. Directly the shadows themselves, a suitable shade, a beveled eyebrow brush, tweezers and a brush.

Eyebrow makeup

Useful and concealer or highlighter for marks, you can also use a pencil.

1. Shadows

Eye shadow is the second most popular eyebrow makeup tool. Their widespread use is due to the convenience of packaging and texture, which allows you to fill voids in almost one movement. Shadows can be divided into 3 types depending on the release form:

  • Powdery. They are applied using a special applicator, which helps to paint over the entire eyebrow without much difficulty. Good for sparse brows.
  • Solids are produced in the format of a palette, which includes several shades. Usually, one of them is light, which is used as a highlighter. Apply to the eyebrow with a brush, which can also be included in the kit.
  • Wax, which color the hairs well, but they are not used for full eyebrow makeup. Apply with a special eyebrow brush. The texture resembles a tint gel or brow mascara, but it will not work to style the hairs with their help.
Solid Eyebrow Shadows

2. Concealer

A tool that promotes an even skin tone. There are several types of correctors, but the most common ones are:

  • liquid, the consistency resembles a cream and helps to even out skin tone without correcting wrinkles;
  • dry, similar to powder or blush, in addition to maintaining skin tone, slightly smoothes wrinkles around the eyes;
  • pencil, designed to correct point imperfections.
Highlighter under the eyebrow

In this case, you will need a pencil to mark points on the skin when adjusting the shape of the eyebrow, they can also lighten the area under the eyebrow to highlight the contour and give expressiveness.

3. Pencil

In the shadow makeup technique, it can be used to draw the contour of the eyebrow, if the skill of the eyebrow brush leaves much to be desired. The shade of the pencil should exactly match the tone of the shadows.

The pencil is chosen from the classic ones, which need to be sharpened and picking up a color is not difficult, and automatic, self-sharpening, but a modest color palette. According to the texture, you can choose a powdery or wax version, which in this case will not affect the makeup, because. shading will be done with shadows.

Eyebrow marker

How to choose a shade of eyebrow shadow for hair color, relevant in 2022

There are several rules that stylists advise to follow when choosing a shade of eyebrow product:

  • Be sure to adjust the shape of the eyebrows, based on the type of face, even if sometimes the eyebrows are left without makeup, they will look well-groomed.
  • Buy a transparent brow gel and don’t neglect it, whether the brows are drawn or not.
  • Eyebrow products are tested directly on the place where it is planned to be applied, and not on any other.
Eyebrow coloring with shadows

Another trick from stylists that never fails is the 2 tone method, i.e. eyebrows cannot be more than 2 shades brighter or lighter than the natural color of the hair roots.

  • For brunettes you need to choose a color 2 tones softer than your own hair, if you make your eyebrows darker, the image will become vulgar. A dark brown color is ideal, for black hair and dark skin, you can take an anthracite shade.
Eyebrow color for brunettes

  • For brown-haired and fair-haired the rule works in both directions, you can choose colors both darker and lighter than curls. Classic brown is perfect for eyebrow makeup.
Eyebrow color for brown hair

Eyebrow color for blonde hair

  • Redheaded girls may abandon eyebrow makeup in favor of naturalness, tk. picking a color for copper hair is quite difficult. It can be advised to choose a classic brown shade or make staining under the supervision of a specialist.
Eyebrow color for redheads

  • For blondes eyebrows will look good to match the hair or a little darker to highlight the eyes. The colder the shade of the hair, the more gray pigment should be in the tone of the eyebrow product. Shades of graphite, taupe, coffee are a good choice for blondes.
Eyebrow color for blondes

In general, a neutral brown brow product is a good choice if you can’t match the color yourself. This advice can be used by all girls, except for blondes, the taupe tone is better for them.

Eyebrow makeup with a pencil

Naturally, when choosing an eyebrow makeup product, the first thing they pay attention to is the color of the hair roots, but the color of the eyes also plays an important role. For blue, gray, gray-green, cool shades with a predominance of graphite tone are best suited. For brown, green, brown-green eyes, it is better to use warm shades. And one more nuance: the wider the eyebrow, the softer the tone should be.

How to use eyeshadow for brows

Eyebrow shadows are also widely used for makeup because if you can’t match the color exactly to the shade of your hair, you can use several tones from the palette at once. In this way, you can get the most natural makeup.

Eyebrow palette

Eyeshadow palettes allow you to experiment with makeup by creating a gradient on the eyebrows. To do this, you need to paint the beginning of the eyebrow with a light shade, and the place of the break and the tip with a darker one. This technique can be applied when you learn simpler shadow makeup options.

We paint eyebrows with shadows: step by step instructions with photos

Any makeup begins with the design of the contour of the eyebrows. To do this, you need to determine the points of the beginning, break and tip of the eyebrow. Based on these points, you can draw an eyebrow in such a way as to smooth out flaws and emphasize the dignity of appearance. To determine these points you will need: a sufficiently long object and a concealer pencil.

Eyebrow modeling

Masters use this method when carrying out the “eyebrow architecture” procedure.

  • Start point is determined by drawing a line from the wing of the nose to the eyebrow through the inner corner of the eye. Here we put the first point with a concealer or just a pencil.
  • Middle of eyebrowwhere the break begins is marked by drawing a line from the nostril, focusing on the pupil. At the intersection of the line with the eyebrow, you can put 2 points.
  • Eyebrow ending is established by drawing a line from the wing of the nose to the eyebrow through the outer corner of the eye. In the place where the eyebrow and the line meet, mark the 3rd point. This is where the tip of the eyebrow ends.
  • The line that is between 1 and 3 points, shows the width of the eyebrow. Experts do not advise plucking hairs that are above this line.
Correct eyebrow shape

1. On a beveled flat brush, you need to dial some shadows and sketch the tip of the eyebrow with short lines.

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