Форма бровей по типу лица

Eyebrow shape: how to understand which one suits you and how to choose the right one

The correct shape of the eyebrows: the main types

Eyebrow architecture is a whole complex of actions aimed at creating perfect eyebrows. Where to begin? Definitely with choosing the right shape!

straight eyebrows

Thanks to idols and K-pop, straight eyebrows are one of the trends of recent years. True, they are not suitable for everyone. This shape looks best on girls with an oval face. Another important nuance: if by nature your eyebrows have a different shape, it will be difficult to “straighten” them at home.

arched eyebrows

A soft arch with a slight curve is considered the most natural form. No sharp corners or breaks! There are two main dangers: a too rounded arch will give the face a surprised expression, and a low “tail” of the eyebrow can make it sad.

arched eyebrows

Eyebrows with a kink

The most “fatal” eyebrows! They can give the face a bold and even arrogant expression. To prevent this from happening, do not overdo it with the degree of the corner and correctly determine the place of the break according to the diagram at the end of the article.

Eyebrows with a kink

Let’s reveal another important secret: eyebrows with a kink are not very popular now.


Curved eyebrows – the arithmetic mean between arched and kinked eyebrows. Fairly straight at the bridge of the nose, closer to the temples they are smoothly rounded.

Curved eyebrow shape

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows according to the type of face

How do you know which eyebrow shape suits you? First of all, take a closer look at the “clues” that nature has left. The natural shape of the eyebrows and the oval of the face can be a better guide than the dictatorship of trends.

In addition, by choosing the right eyebrow shape for the type of face, you can slightly adjust its features and proportions.

Oval face

In the stop list, definitely eyebrows with a kink! Straight or curved will look much better. Try not to round your brow too much, as this can make a thin face look even longer.

Eyebrow shape for an oval face

Rectangular face

In the case of eyebrows, the rule of contrast works perfectly: if the face is angular, they should have a rounded shape. Medium thickness and long ponytails will help to slightly expand the upper part of the face and divert attention from the heavy chin.

Round face

Round on round is not the best combination, but eyebrows with a slight kink and a sharp tail will add missing sharpness to the face.

Square face

As with a rectangular face, avoid straight lines. To visually stretch your face slightly, you can try rounded arched eyebrows of medium width. It is better to lower the “tail” down: this way the face will appear narrower.

The correct shape of the eyebrows for a square face

Heart-shaped face

In the proportions of a “triangular” face, the forehead always dominates, so it is better to refuse thick straight eyebrows (the upper part of the face will seem even wider). The ideal option is arched or curved eyebrows, it is possible with raised “tails”.

Diamond shaped face

Angled cheekbones and chin can be softened with rounded eyebrows of medium width. Too wide eyebrows make the look heavy.

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows for a diamond-shaped face

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows for different types of eyes

To choose “your” eyebrow shape, consider the distance between the eyes. This detail of appearance is also important. And it also lends itself to a little correction!

Close-set eyes

The eyes are considered close-set if the distance between them is less than their width. Long eyebrows will help visually “push apart” them: arched, wide enough, with a soft bend. Try slightly increasing the distance between them.

Eyebrows for close-set eyes

Wide-set eyes

Accordingly, wide-set eyes are called, the distance between which is greater than their width. To narrow it, you can slightly shift the eyebrows to the bridge of the nose.

Eyebrow shapes for different face types

The correct proportions of the shape and size of the eyebrows: step by step instructions

Following the rule of the “golden section”, determine where the eyebrows start, the top point (the place of the bend) and the tip.

  1. Place the pencil on the wing of the nose to make a straight vertical line. Mark the beginning of the eyebrow.
  2. Look straight ahead and turn the pencil so that it passes over the edge of the iris. Where the pencil intersects with the eyebrow, there should be a bend.
  3. Without lifting the tip of the pencil from the wing of the nose, slightly lower it so that it crosses the outer corner of the eye. The mission “to find the point where the eyebrow should end” is completed!

Repeat the procedure for the second eye. This will help not only to figure out how to choose the right shape for the eyebrows, but also make them symmetrical.

The best eyebrow makeup products from Maybelline NY

The right shape is not the only thing you need to create perfect eyebrows. It is important, firstly, to master the basic techniques – hatching (for drawing individual hairs) and shading (to create a natural “haze” that fills the bald spots) – and, secondly, to choose the necessary cosmetics.

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Permanent Tint Tattoo Brow

Permanent tint is an alternative to permanent makeup that lasts up to three days! It’s simple: apply paint on the eyebrows, leave for 20-120 minutes, and then remove the film and enjoy the result (the longer the tint remains on the eyebrows, the brighter the color). The delicate formula does not injure or pull out hairs. There are five shades in the palette.

Permanent Tint Tattoo Brow

Brow Drama mascara

A tinted brow mascara with a sculpting brush that allows you to capture and fix even the most unruly and short hairs. Thanks to the rich pigments of natural shades, the eyebrows will appear brighter and thicker! For maximum results, comb them first against, and then along the growth of hairs.

Brow Drama mascara

Brow Fast Sculpt Eyebrow Mascara

Try something new from Maybelline NY! The enveloping gel texture of the mascara allows you to style your eyebrows in seconds and give them intense color for the whole day. Three cool shades – blond, light brown, brown – will suit girls with any color type. The kit includes a “smart brush” with bristles of different lengths: short on one side and long on the other.

Brow Fast Sculpt Eyebrow Mascara

Brow Precise Sharping Pencil

A double-ended pencil is a must-have in a makeup bag for girls with sparse eyebrows. With it, you can easily achieve the effect of density. With crayons, draw the missing hairs with strokes, and then style the eyebrows and make a light shading with a brush. The Brow Precise Sharping Pencil has a natural wax formula and three natural color pigments.

Brow Precise Sharping Pencil

Eyebrow pencil Brow Ultra Slim

And again a double-sided pencil! Only this time with an ultra-thin 1.5mm lead that requires no sharpening. The pencil is easy to apply, does not streak or break, and the blending brush gently lays down the hairs.

Eyebrow pencil Brow Ultra Slim

Tattoo Brow Pomade

Sculpted and bright eyebrows? Easily! The waterproof matte formula of the lipstick colors and securely fixes the eyebrows for 24 hours. A double-ended brush will help create the right shape: the brush will lay down the hairs, and the beveled brush will allow you to draw the perfect sharp “tail”. Another bonus: economical consumption due to the jar format.

Tattoo Brow Pomade

Eyebrow pencil Brow Satin

A 2-in-1 universal brow product: on the one hand, a pencil for drawing hairs, and on the other, a filling powder that can be applied…

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