Parameters of the ideal eyebrow shape

eyebrow shaping what is it

Not only the skin, nail plates and hair need care, but also the shape of the eyebrows. After all, the brow ridges are not so much a protection of the eyes from the rays of the upper light, but a means of communication. Their wide range of facial movements is capable of expressing different emotions.

Parameters of the ideal eyebrow shape

Eyebrows are constantly in motion, intensifying facial expressions during surprise, fright, discontent, and other emotions inherent in a person.

Facial expression of a frightened man

Eyebrows close to the bridge of the nose speak of a distrustful, skeptical nature of a person. It is not for nothing that the wrinkle formed when the eyebrows approach each other was called angry. It is especially clearly outlined with the simultaneous approach and lowering of the superciliary arches.

Naive expression with straight eyebrows

The expression of approaching eyebrows can also indicate that a person is thinking about a problem that has arisen. Interest in the interlocutor, his deeds and deeds is expressed by slightly raised eyebrows.

Superciliary arches can give the face any expression. And the wrong shape of the eyebrows can spoil the look of the whole face.

thoughtful facial expression

How to correct the shape of the eyebrows earlier in history

The shape of the eyebrows was paid attention to by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Lengthened, dyed, changed the shape of the eyebrows in Egypt, both women and men. In Greece, only unmarried women tinted their eyebrows. Men’s ladies attributed painting to indecent actions.

The Greeks had a natural beauty in fashion, emphasizing the intellect of a woman. Women of ancient Rome, where the removal of hair from the whole body was considered a sign of purity, used goat hair as eyebrows, which were fixed on the face with tree resin. In China, the fashion for the width and length of the eyebrows changed along with the change of dynasties.

Painted eyebrows instead of shaved ones

The Japanese women applied the eyebrow pattern with paint in place of the previously shaved ones. In the Middle Ages, the church forbade women to dye their eyebrows and hair, considering it a sign of sin. The shape of the eyebrows also changed with the change of eras. At the beginning of the 20th century, women began to give preference to thin, even eyebrows. They were painted in place of shaved natural ones. An example is the sex symbol of that time, the German actress Marlene Dietrich.

Girl with straight eyebrows

In the 30s, the shape of the eyebrows changed to curved, while remaining thin. The forties were marked again by natural beauty on the eyebrows. Women were supposed to have a natural form as the guardians of the family. In the nineties of the last century, the fashion for thin eyebrows was again established, which has now lost its relevance.

Eyebrow shape and width

It is not the brightness of lipstick that gives expressiveness to the image, but the right color, width and shape of the eyebrows. Facial expressions can be changed by making the correct eyebrow correction, close to natural beautiful forms. Hairs that do not fit into the selected shape are removed with tweezers, natural threads, wax, laser.

Fact about eyebrows

Since 2010, the trend has been for wide, aquiline eyebrows with thick hair. They can be straight or curved, slightly careless or with the original “wave” styling.

There are several types of eyebrows:

  • To direct include eyebrows outlined in a straight, even line, without angles and bends. Usually rational people have such eyebrows, accustomed to weigh everything before taking action. They are opponents of spontaneous decisions, think logically, act purposefully, have leadership inclinations of character, reliable and responsible. People with straight eyebrows can be relied upon.
Girl with straight eyebrows

  • To arcuate include eyebrows without transitions, with smooth lines along the inner line. The shape gives the appearance of femininity, softens the outlines of the face with sharp cheekbones.
Arched eyebrows

  • Rising brows from the bridge of the nose, as it were, rush upward, rising, then form a kink along the outer edge and go down.
Rising brows

  • Falling eyebrow shape the omission of the outer edges is more characteristic than the inner ones. They resemble ascending ones in shape, only with a larger break and a longer outer edge. It is believed that stubborn and determined people who go to their goal overcoming any obstacles have this form.
Girl with falling eyebrow shape

  • To the features of the curved shape refers to the fact that they begin to bend already on the line of ascent from the bridge of the nose.
Girl's face with curved eyebrows

Eyebrow shape and character

  • Close-set eyebrows, as if hanging over the eyes, speak of the decisive and courageous character of a person. He is not characterized by impulsiveness and frivolity. All his actions are thought out and weighed, he always knows what he wants.
Eyebrows close to the eyes

  • high eyebrows usually have cheerful people with a peaceful, open, cheerful character. They go through life easily, disappointed, falling and rising again to do rash acts, succumbing to momentary impulse.
Face with raised eyebrows

  • Eyebrow Density speaks of a person with a powerful temperament, firm in his intentions and actions. Self-confident and authoritative, people are not afraid to take actions that others fear.
Puerto Rican model with bushy eyebrows

  • Thin eyebrows. Psychologists believe that people with thin eyebrows are easily suggestible and manipulated, have a given nature of timidity, caution, restraint.
Face with natural thin eyebrows

  • short eyebrows they talk about the sensitivity of their owner, his sensitive and vulnerable character, subtle perception of the world around him. They do not like to draw attention to themselves, preferring to stay on the sidelines, do not seek to get close to strangers, share their experiences with others.
Face with short eyebrows

Eyebrow correction in accordance with the type of face, relevant for 2022

Each person has his own oval face, reflecting natural beauty. And the task of the master is to emphasize it, to make it more expressive. An important role in the appearance is played by the correctly selected eyebrow architecture.

  • For a round oval face with a rounded chin and forehead, the same width and length, eyebrows of an ascending shape or with other noticeable curves are more suitable. They are able to visually stretch the oval of the face, making it more attractive.
round face type

  • oval face characterized by slight elongation with clearly defined cheekbones and narrowing towards the forehead and chin. This type of face is more suitable for a straight line of eyebrows or a slight bend without sharp refractions.
Oval face type

  • Square faces characterized by protruding forward straight chins and wide foreheads. Eyebrows with smooth outlines and kinks without sharp transitions are able to soften the lines of the face.
 Square face type of Angelina Jolie

  • With a heart-shaped face the lower part of the face with the chin is narrower than the forehead. To smooth out the difference in the width of the upper and lower parts of the face, medium eyebrows with smooth curves are suitable.
Girl with a heart-shaped face

  • Elongated face type with highlighted cheekbones will help create harmony, smooth out the difference between width and length thick eyebrows with a more average width with a slight bend.
 Elongated oval face

  • Persons with a faceted shaperesembling a diamond, will help smooth out the sharpness of the chin, the width of the forehead and the prominent cheekbones of the eyebrows with medium width and sharp bends.
Diamond shaped face

What types of eyebrow correction are used in 2022

Each type of eyebrow correction has its positive and negative sides.

Face before and after eyebrow correction

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