Cleansing of eyelashes and skin from make-up before the extension procedure

Eyelash cleansing before extensions: how to wash off the remover, what is better to use in 2022 (with photo examples)

More and more women of all ages are choosing to replace their daily makeup ritual with a comfortable and long-lasting eyelash extension procedure. For some 1.5-3 hours, an experienced master in a beauty salon will give the cilia the desired degree of bend, volume and color. The eyes are literally transformed, since no mascara is capable of so dramatically changing the hairs given by nature. Especially if they are short and rare.

Cleansing of eyelashes and skin from make-up before the extension procedure

How long such eyelashes will delight depends on the qualifications of the lash maker and the exact observance of technology. The quality of eyelash extensions largely depends on the preparatory stage.

Removing impurities from eyelashes before extensions

Before gluing artificial fibers, the surface of natural eyelashes is subjected to thorough cleaning. Why this is done and what means are best to use, read our article.

Eyelash extension in a beauty salon

Volume eyelash extensions in a beauty salon

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Why clean eyelashes before extensions

There is an opinion that for a good extension result, it is enough to wash off the cosmetics. And natural eyelashes, which have not undergone any procedures, are already clean.

However, this is a common misconception.

Cleaning eyelashes with foam before extensions

In addition to the remnants of decorative and care cosmetics, cleansers, the following accumulate on the hairs:

  • fatty secret secreted by the skin of the eyelids and superciliary arches;
  • dust, soot, pollen microparticles and other substances always present in the atmosphere;
  • pieces of dead skin.

If you ignore the step of repeatedly cleaning and degreasing the surface of the hairs, the eyelash extension glue will not be able to provide a strong and long-term adhesion.

Natural lashes ready for extensions

Hence the immutable rule of good lash makers: even if the client came without makeup, and claims that he had just washed himself thoroughly, all the required procedures are still carried out.

The whole process, together with drying after degreasing, takes no more than 3-5 minutes. But a great result is guaranteed.

How to wash off the remains of the remover from the eyelashes

To remove extended eyelashes, special formulations are used – removers. Experts recommend undergoing this procedure exclusively in the salon, with a good master.

The professional determines the type of adhesive that the fibers are attached to and selects the most suitable agent. However, many ladies prefer to remove eyelashes on their own, at home.

Treatment of eyelash extensions with a remover

And not all women of fashion know that the remover remains on the eyelashes after removal, and it also needs to be removed before a new extension.

Many automatically use micellar water – a familiar and safe means for removing makeup, cleansing the skin. Someone prefers foam or gel for washing, calming down on this.

But not everything is so simple. The composition of these funds necessarily includes glycerin. And he, being a trihydric alcohol and forming a stable film on the surface of the hairs, significantly weakens the adhesion of the glue to the surface of the eyelashes.

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelids grow unevenly. In the upper they are located in 4-6 rows, in the amount of 100-250 pieces. In the lower – 2-4 rows, from 50 to 150 hairs. At the same time, the upper ones are noticeably longer.

Remover for extended eyelashes

The result is obvious – artificial beauty peels off very quickly. Therefore, the question arises: how to properly clean the eyelashes from the remover?

Eyelash extension removal procedure

Experienced lashmakers do this:

  • immediately after removing eyelashes with remover its remains are carefully collected with tweezers, a dry cotton swab. Or use a small amount of micellar water.
    There should not be any traces of the remover, as the mixture of glue and remover hardens into white crystals upon contact with water. Such a plaque on the eyelashes after the removal procedure clearly shows that they approached the cleaning carelessly;
  • then rinse thoroughly cilia and skin around with a cleansing foam, a special shampoo. This will help wash away any remaining softener and micellar water.
Cleaned own eyelashes after extension

Only after thorough cleaning proceed to the following procedures: building, Botox or any other.

What is better to use for makeup removal and cleansing eyelashes before extensions in 2022

After the eyelash extension procedure, ladies rarely paint them. Most often they use eye shadow and mascara for the lower cilia, eyeliner, if not tattooed. If the fashionista has not yet visited a beauty salon, or decided to give her eyelashes a rest, then eye makeup is a common, everyday ritual for those who take care of themselves.

Make-up removal of the skin of the eyelids before building

Therefore, before the extension session, it is important to properly clean the eye area from foreign substances.

For this use:

  • micellar water;
Cleansing eyelashes and skin with micellar water

  • foams or gels for washing;
Make-up removal and cleaning of eyelashes with facial wash

  • serums, milk and specialized make-up removers;
Cleaning eyelashes with a special shampoo

  • biphasic lotions for waterproof mascara;
  • light scrubs or peeling with a toothbrush;
  • ordinary soap, if the skin perceives it well.

Almost all of the above products contain natural oils, fragrances that settle on the surface of the hairs.

Therefore, experts recommend immediately using a specialized foam for cleansing eyelashes before building, or wash with it after removing makeup.

How is the procedure for cleansing eyelashes before extension in a beauty salon in 2022

First of all, the master conducts a visual inspection. It determines the condition of the eyelashes, whether they have undergone extension, lamination or other procedures.

Selects cleaning steps and optimal products, taking into account the tendency to allergies and skin type.

  • Eyelash extensions, lamination or Botox are removed with special means.
  • Decorative cosmetics are removed with foam or make-up remover.
Eyelash make-up removal

  • If the eyelashes are clean, particles of street dust are swept away from them with a dry brush, only after that they start water procedures.
  • The hair is washed with a shampoo or foam that does not contain oils, fragrances and has a neutral pH level.
Eyelash treatment before extension

  • A degreaser is applied to the surface to completely remove the fatty secret.
    It must be remembered: the degreaser is not the primary means for cleaning or removing make-up. It is used only on already cleaned eyelashes. In addition, this stage is mandatory if a woman wants to get a long-term result.
Degreasing eyelashes before the extension procedure

  • To improve the adhesion of the glue to the surface of the eyelashes, a primer is applied to them. Only after that they start building up.
Pure natural eyelashes

If the lady wants to give her eyelashes a rest, the last two steps can be safely skipped. Nutritious and regenerating oils, growth stimulants, healing masks are applied to cleansed cilia.

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