Expressive look from under voluminous eyelashes

Eyelash correction or new extension? What to choose in 2022 (with photo examples)

Any girl will not refuse long fluffy eyelashes. But nature endowed everyone with such beauty. With the development of the beauty industry, the lack of natural data can be corrected by the eyelash extension procedure. Just a couple of hours spent in the salon will give anyone who wants lush cilia of the chosen shape and length.

Expressive look from under voluminous eyelashes

Volumes of eyelash extensions 2022

In salons, masters specializing in eyelash extensions can offer clients beam, piece, eyelash, volume extension with 1.5D, 2D and 3D volume.

 Japanese extension technology using lightweight artificial threads

There are different schools offering extensions according to Japanese, Hollywood and European performance techniques. In fact, all extension methods can be conditionally divided into volume and piece.

 Eyelash extensions with twisted ends

Eyelash extension techniques 2022 and the need for correction

Classic extensions are used by women who prefer theatricality to naturalness. When selecting equipment and optimal materials, the appearance of the client, the features of the skin are taken into account. Eyelashes given by nature are subject to mandatory examination.

Eyelash extension classic

  • To the advantage of classic extensions the fact that they do not weigh down natural cilia, leaving a look of naturalness and elegance. With cilia supplemented with single artificial hairs, the expression of the eyes remains open, and the incision is visually enlarged, regardless of the time of day.
Open look of big eyes

  • Double extension procedure increases volume natural eyelashes doubly. The process does not involve individual artificial hairs, but immediately a pair fastened together.
 Hair extensions in bunches of several hairs

Unlike the classic extension, the double one has several overlay techniques:

  • with a smooth increase in length from the inner corner of the eye to its outer edge;
 Fox tail effect lashes

  • with the growth of hairs of the same length along the entire incision of the upper eyelid;
doll effect eyelash extensions

  • with the imposition of hairs of different lengths along the line of growth of natural eyelashes.
 Shining eyes with eyelashes

The imposition of bundles of two hairs visually increases the volume of eyelashes, allows you to adjust the length in any place of their growth.

Shiny eyes with eyelashes

Girls who have gone through the extension procedure will no longer have to resort to decorative cosmetics to make their eyelashes longer and fluffier.

Eyelashes with 2D effect

Fans of long eyelashes without much weight can be advised to apply one and a half volume of artificial hairs. It is akin to a classic extension, but with a thicker fixation of artificial hairs.

  View of eyelashes with 1.5 D extensions

The use of a small amount of material gives the look an openness, lengthens and thickens the cilia, at the same time does not weigh down the eyelids. As with the classic method of extension, each of the artificial hairs has its own individual eyelash for fixing.

The procedure for applying artificial hairs to natural ones

Therefore, the mount has sufficient stability, it rarely breaks or peels off. The appearance of such a build-up does not require correction for a month, or even more.

Eyelash look before and after extension

The triple volume of build-up is mainly resorted to in preparation for social events or various kinds of celebrations. Eyelashes with such volume simply attract the views of others. A girl with a transformed face and an expressive look cannot go unnoticed by the opposite sex.

Eyelash volume after 3D extension

The triple modeling technique involves the imposition on natural cilia of three hairs fastened together into one bundle of artificial materials. The procedure is lengthy and takes approximately three hours. But the result is worth the lost time.

Extension procedure

Those who want to look like beauties on the covers of glossy magazines can recommend the Hollywood eyelash extension technique. Its implementation is impossible without studying the client’s facial features, the incision and depth of the eye sockets, the natural color of the skin, and much more.

 Hollywood extension effect

The result obtained after the procedure will surprise anyone with its volume, length, expressiveness of the look. But for building up, following the example of Hollywood beauties, strong long own eyelashes are needed, since weak ones simply cannot withstand such a volume of artificial materials.

Fact about eyelashes

The prototype of modern mascara was the product of the American company Maybelline, released in 1917. The paint consisted of only two components – soot and petroleum jelly.

Eyelashes match the look of a cat

The effect of a cat’s eye is obtained by attaching artificial hairs in a certain sequence. Gluing small hairs along the length begins from the corners of the eyes close to the bridge of the nose.

Eyelash extensions with cat eye effect

As they approach the center of the eyelid, they gradually lengthen to an average value. Their length increases with the proximity of the outer edge of the orbit and ends with the imposition of the longest possible fibers of artificial material.

The formation of squirrel brushes during extension

The effect of squirrel extensions differs from others in its technique, the construction of which is similar to the appearance of squirrel ears with charming tassels at the tips. The similarity of squirrel brushes is formed when building up with the approach of the outer edge of the eyelid or in its center.

The scheme of smooth extension of squirrel eyelashes

Two expressions fit the standard squirrel effect:

  • view of a natural squirrel with smooth transitions in the extension length:
  • a kind of sharp squirrel with different lengths of cilia along the edge of the eyelid.
View before and after extension with the effect of a sharp squirrel

When creating the effect of a sharp squirrel, the attachment of the longest hairs falls on the central part of the eyelid. Shorter hairs are fixed along the edges. Moreover, at the outer edge they are longer than at the inner.

Lashes update

Why is eyelash correction necessary after the extension procedure?

But no matter what type of extension you prefer, after about a month your cilia will begin to lose their well-groomed appearance, becoming less and less tidy every day. The reason for this is the natural renewal of natural eyelashes.

Loss of eyelash extensions

The human body is constantly changing. And eyelashes are no exception. Their approximate life process is limited to 90 days. Falling out, they make room for new growth. Along with the old eyelashes, extensions fall out, attached to natural ones.

Eyelash restoration work

Having resorted to the correction of the ciliary row, you will not only improve the aesthetic appearance of your cilia, but also extend their life, significantly saving money on the full extension cycle. It is just necessary to agree in time with the master on the restoration of the eyelash row.

After restorative corrective work, your eyelash row will again acquire accuracy and flawless evenness.

View of eyelashes after restoration work

True, one must be prepared for a second visit to his master in a couple of weeks. Since up to 40% of the old extension will be lost along with the loss of a new portion of natural eyelashes.

Before building up damaged areas

This is the main reason for the refusal of restoration work in favor of a new extension. But there is another reason, hygienic.

Removing damaged hairs and replacing them with new ones

When correcting in the space between the eyelashes, there are a lot of dirty inclusions from the use of makeup products, decay products, dust. And wash all the dirt with eyelash extensions just …

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