The main thing is to create a first impression of the salon so that clients want to approach the master

Eyelash extension beauty space 2022: basic advertising rules and how to avoid mistakes, 50+ photos

Beauty salons that provide services often spend little time spreading information about themselves, which can reduce profitability to a minimum. Also, management makes mistakes that not only do not attract new customers, but also create anti-advertising. The masters can also be to blame for the lowering of the trust rating, so you should immediately eliminate all negative factors in your work in order to bring your salon to a new level.

The main thing is to create a first impression of the salon so that clients want to approach the master

If the client sees constantly busy masters, she will definitely sign up for services

Common 2022 Beauty Salon Advertising Mistakes You Can Avoid

  • The main advertising of salons beauty is considered a recommendation when women share their feelings and show their friends the successful work of eyelash extensions.
A woman will make an advertisement herself if eyelash extensions are done with high quality

It is this information that attracts new customers to the organization, because most of the results of visiting the master are visible “on the face”.

The more professional the masters will do their work, the more new clients will be in the salon

  • Positive reviews on the salon website – this is a great advertisement, but it does not always work to attract new customers. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, so not everyone believes that it is true and true.
Monitoring reviews on the site and immediately responding to negative ones will create a good reputation about the salon

Ask your clients to leave feedback on the work of the masters, the more of them, the better

In addition to insufficient information, there are several mistakes that the salon management makes and they need to be excluded from their work.

Definition of the target audience for further promotion and advertising of the beauty salon

  • If the salon provides a wide range of services, then advertising should be given for each of them. If you do colored eyelash extensions, then your clients will most likely be female students who can be given a discount for a friend – this is one audience.
Colored eyelash extensions are popular with young girls

  • VIP services can allow rich clients and, as a rule, they are not interested in additional bonuses, but they are able to create a good reputation in certain circles.
VIP services must be advertised separately - this applies to a different category of clients

  • Don’t Forget Middle-Income Womenwhich bring little money to the salon, but use the services of masters on a regular basis.
The main income of the eyelash extension salon is brought by clients with an average income

  • For all categories of clients, a separate advertising company – for some at a discount, for the second with high-level service, for the third, a discount card or bonus system is suitable.
Each client needs to find their own approach.

It will be great if the salon will be visited by women with different incomes

Where can I place advertising information to promote a beauty salon in 2022

  • If you want to occupy a certain niche in the marketfor example, services for VIP clients, then advertising in stores with cheap cosmetics will not be effective, such women simply do not go there.
Create a unique advertisement, then it will be remembered

  • But such outlets are often visited by young girls.who are interested in a discount on services if they come to the salon with a friend.
The more effective and colorful the advertisement is, the more attractive it will be for clients.

  • middle class women they are more likely to pay attention to information in large shopping centers, especially if your salon is nearby.
On advertising posters and booklets, you need to give as much useful information as possible.

Development of unique offers for the promotion and advertising of a beauty salon

  • Creating an advertisement for your salon, do not duplicate the description of the services that other organizations have. Develop something unique for your information platform that no one else has.
Come up with an offer for clients that will be difficult to refuse

For example, if the masters do volume eyelash extensions, then offer a correction to your clients, but at a lower price.

  • If the salon will offer related services at a low price – it will be remembered

The next time a woman will turn to your salon, because the last service will be remembered, which will be significantly lower in cost than competitors. This is how you build a permanent client base.

If the salon offers related services at a low price, it will be remembered

Any woman wants to save money, but not at the expense of quality, so the craftsmen must work at the highest level.

Positioning and service of a beauty salon for promotion 2022

When choosing a specific niche for the provision of services, it is necessary that the expectations of women who come to your salon come true.

Fact about eyelashes

Simple mascara visually lengthens the cilia. The secret is simple – the tips of the hairs 1-2 mm long are almost transparent. It is worth painting them along the entire length, and you get a chic additional volume.

The interior should be comfortable

  • Position yourself only as a VIP proposals – then a suitable atmosphere must be created. Rich women pay attention to the appearance of the masters, their well-groomedness and, of course, extended eyelashes, it is desirable that they be performed with a different effect for each worker – this will be appreciated.
If services are provided in a suitable environment, this will be appreciated by clients.

  • Do not forget when working with VIP customers about serving drinks. There are several options to choose from: tea of ​​different varieties, coffee, wine or champagne. Pleasant music should play in the salon, which creates a relaxing atmosphere – this will make a positive advertisement.
Regardless of wealth, you need to pay maximum attention to every woman

How to carry out continuous promotion of a beauty salon

The salon has been operating for several years and brings a stable income – this is wonderful, but perhaps not for long.

  • Advertising companies must work on an ongoing basis, in addition, it is necessary to monitor the beauty services market and constantly improve.
Give maximum information and contacts for communication, then the woman will surely call

  • Do not regret part of the profit to train masters in new eyelash extension technologies. Fashion does not stand still and constantly creates needs among clients that you must satisfy faster than your competitors.
The professionalism of the salon masters must be constantly improved

  • It will be great if new services constantly reflected in the information space. It is also worth creating a separate page about the achievements of the masters, awards, prizes with examples of their work.
Constantly update information on the site, post new photos, videos, post articles on the care of eyelash extensions

Creation of a beauty platform 2022 for a beauty salon for advertising and educational purposes for women of different ages

If a client sees something interesting for herself, then she will definitely come to your salon.

  • No need to show on the site only models with perfect facial features and the appearance of an angel.
Any client strives for the ideal, and it is not necessary to show her women only with a model appearance

Show several options for the transformation of women after the procedure

Photos before and after the procedure always gives a positive effect.

  • Most women come to the salonto improve something, understand their problem and show the results of the work of the masters with different clients before and after the procedure. Such information is perceived more positively than the abundance of beautiful photos with world-class models.
Any woman should feel like a VIP client

The more real photos and reviews on the salon website, the better.

  • Improve your salon and constantly offer something new and unusual, then you can conquer any niche in the market, regardless of what services you specialize in for VIP clients or students with a small income.
The salon website should have a separate page with the works of masters

The more different faces will be shown on the site, the more trust it will inspire

If you constantly work for advertising, then sooner or later it will begin to give returns, which will affect the stability of the salon.

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