A woman will transform her look with eyelash extensions

Eyelash extension “mink”: features of the material and subsequent care after the procedure, photo examples 2022

The look is one of the main “weapons” of women who want to attract attention and look perfect in all situations. Eyelash extension solves this problem one hundred percent, because it is this procedure that creates natural beauty and makes the eyes expressive and memorable.

A woman will transform her look with eyelash extensions

Masters in salons offer a lot of materials that can make the look expressive – they differ in the length and thickness of the hairs, but the “mink” is considered the most popular, so it’s worth getting to know the features of the procedure closer.

With eyelash extensions, you can choose the length of the hairs and volume

What kind of material “mink” for eyelash extensions

Despite its name, the procedure is carried out from light synthetic hairs, but outwardly resembling natural fur. Mink is distinguished by its special density, matte effect and almost black color, therefore this material is recommended for girls and women with dark hair and eyebrows.

This is a very popular option for eyelash extensions.

Its features include:

  1. In the process of making mink hairs, a component is added to the composition of the substances, giving a matte effect.
  2. The term of wearing eyelashes from such material is longer than that of others. At the same time, the cilia from it are not afraid of temperature changes and water procedures. This means that the owner of beautiful extended eyelashes can bask on the beach, take a steam bath or swim in the pool.
Safety of water procedures for eyelash extensions

  1. The thickness of the hairs is greater than in other species. Girls with their own large eyelashes can afford such an extension.
Mink eyelash extension material

  1. After the procedure, the eyelashes look like thickly made up.
The effect of painted eyelashes in mink extensions

  1. The fibers are black. Experts advise to paint over your natural cilia before the procedure if they differ in color with the selected material.
Thick black material for mink extension

  1. For thin and weak eyelashes, this material is not recommended. The large weight of the hair extensions can harm your own eyelashes.

The mink eyelash extension procedure will take several hours.


The eyelash extension procedure is carried out in almost every salon, while you can choose not only a certain material to create density and length, but also volume.

There are four gradations of volume that can be applied when building

Depending on the number of hairs, you can make a “Hollywood look” or just slightly correct the shape of your eyes and give them expressiveness.

The Hollywood look is the thickest lash extensions

The material “mink” has a long wear effect, while it does not need special care. Eyelashes with dignity will withstand temperature changes, as for the winter period and visiting saunas, as well as a long stay in the water on vacation or in the pool.

Mink gives the lashes the desired length and natural look.

Mink has a relatively small weight and rarely causes allergic reactions, so it can be worn for quite a long period without a break, but a little rest for the eyes is still needed, so you should listen to the recommendations of the masters.

Mink is often recommended by craftsmen for its natural appearance.

To correct the look, the material is often combined with “sable” and “silk”, then a more expressive effect is obtained. At the same time, salons offer such a procedure as colored eyelash extensions, which can create a unique image.

Colored eyelashes make the look more expressive

When there is a combination of hairs of a natural color with other tones, the effect can be beyond any expectations, especially often this procedure is carried out for celebrations, holidays and parties.

When building colored eyelashes, you do not have to use tinted mascara

The benefits of mink eyelash extensions – the trend for naturalness in 2022

The main advantage of the material is considered to be a natural appearance, thanks to a special treatment, the hairs lose their artificial shine. The villi are elastic and glued to the eyelid with a rubber-based composition, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Mink does not have artificial luster, which makes the effect unnatural

At the same time, before carrying out the eyelash extension procedure, a sensitivity test is required. The master will glue a few hairs and wait for the reaction, if it does not follow, then you can safely create an expressive look.

Eyelash extension procedure is absolutely safe

Usually the procedure takes 1.5-3 hours, this difference in time depends on the volume you want to achieve.

The master will add volume to the eyelashes in just a couple of hours

Advantages of “mink” for eyelash extensions:

  • Hypoallergenic, material and rubber adhesive rarely cause irritation of the skin and mucous membranes.
  • The hairs are resistant to any negative factors and do not lose their elasticity in frost, heat and water.
With eyelash extensions

  • Depending on the gluing technique and the length of the villi, different effects can be achieved – this is volume, playfulness and openness of the look, visual lifting of the eyelids.
With eyelash extensions, you choose the effect you want

  • After the procedure, there is no need to use decorative cosmetics, the cilia look quite thick.
Eyelashes won't need mascara

  • The villi have an optimal thickness, which is recommended for girls and women for eyelash correction to make the look more expressive.
The difference after the procedure is obvious

When building up, two gluing techniques are used – this is a single and beam. The first option has a longer-term and natural effect.

Single gluing of hairs takes more time, but looks more natural

Beam application has drawbacks, with an incorrect procedure, glued hairs quickly fall off, which looks unaesthetic, you will have to re-apply to the master to glue the hairs or completely remove the extension.

Beam technique is more effective, but not long-term

What types of mink eyelash extensions do beauty salons offer in 2022?

Experts know that there are 2 main types of extensions – classic and voluminous.

Fact about eyelashes

One of the most popular and safe components of mascara is guanine. It is obtained from fish scales, and it gives the hairs a beautiful glossy sheen.

  • In the first form, 1 artificial eyelash is attached to your natural one.
Classic extension

  • Volume extension consists of artificial bundles of cilia, attached to one of your own.
Volume eyelash extension

What is the effect of extended mink eyelashes

The combination of density, length and curvature can give a different effect in eyelash extensions.

  • natural effect which women who come to the salon with the desire to slightly correct their appearance want to achieve;
View before and after the procedure of eyelash extensions from the

  • fox lookcreated by the length of the hairs, which decreases from the outer corner of the eye to the inner, while creating the effect of an arrow;
Fox effect mink lashes

  • sparse effect can be obtained from sticking with a given interval of hairs of different lengths;
Sparse mink lash effect

  • puppet effect makes a lover to attract attention noticeable due to expressiveness and some unnaturalness;
Puppet effect of mink eyelashes

  • Hollywood: for women who are closely following fashion, enjoying increased popularity;
Hollywood eyelash effect from

  • squirrel effect very similar to the fox, but at the same time having longer hairs with a sharp transition at the outer corner of the eye.
Squirrel effect eyelash extensions

What mink eyelash extension techniques are used by salon masters 2022

There are a lot of eyelash extension techniques in the arsenal of masters. The application of each is determined by the need to solve a specific problem.

Beauty salons use:

  1. Classic, 2D and 3D extension.

The difference between these techniques lies in the number of hairs glued onto natural ones:

  • classic – one natural one artificial;
  • 2D – for one own two artificial ones;
  • 3D – for one eyelash…

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