The master fixes the eyelash one by one

Eyelash extensions 2022: how long does the procedure take, 50+ photos

Eyelash extensions are a great way to save your time in the morning and forget about daily eye makeup for a long time. But, despite this, not all women decide on the procedure. One of the main reasons for not building up is its duration. To become the owner of perfect eyelashes, you will have to spend several hours in a chair or on a special couch. The exact time depends on the procedure chosen.

The master fixes the eyelash one by one

It’s worth saying right away: any eyelash extension is a lengthy procedure. If some master in the ad offers to handle it in 30-40 minutes, you should not trust him. It is impossible to get lush spectacular eyelashes in such a short time. Especially if the master works efficiently and responsibly. There are exact time frames for each individual type of extension.

Eyelash extensions

The procedure includes several important steps at once. And it is very important to go through each of them, without excluding anything. Only then can you be sure of a high-quality attractive result. These 6 stages are relevant for every modern type of extension.

Master extension process

Work and tools of a lashmaker

Time steps for eyelash extension procedure 2022

  1. Preparation with the selection of all necessary parameters.
  2. Create a sketch.
  3. Makeup removal.
  4. Degreasing.
  5. The growth process itself.
  6. Evaluation of the result.
Accurate extension process

  • Many masters skip the first stage, forgetting about its special importance. They simply ask clients what kind of eyelashes they would like to receive. In fact, it is very important that an experienced craftsman participate in the selection of all the necessary parameters. The result and how satisfied a woman will be with him directly depends on this.
Dry patch extensions

A professional should study the features of the client’s appearance and take them into account when choosing eyelash extensions. Each parameter is important here: the shape of the eyes, the color of the skin and hair, the symmetry of the face, the condition of one’s own eyelashes. The master must definitely find out the peculiarities of the woman’s health and the presence of allergic reactions in her, intolerance to the materials used in the process of building up.

And only after such a detailed assessment – to discuss what result the client expects. Based on all the data received, a professional can easily choose the ideal extension option.

Attached eyelashes in bunches

  • The second stage with the creation of a sketch helps to visualize the result. Here it is important to be attentive to the client herself. Don’t be shy to ask questions. If a woman does not like something in the sketch, it is better to report it right away.
The easiest extension tools

  • The third step is necessary, even if the girl came to the procedure without makeup. The master before eyelash extension must remove from them not only the remnants of care and decorative cosmetics, but also any other contamination. This includes dust and dirt. In the process, special professional make-up removers are used, which do an excellent job.
Eyelash extension salon

After cleansing, the eyelashes are also degreased. This is another important step that can greatly affect the result. It depends on him how well the glue will take and how long it will last.

Eyelash Extension Couches

  • Next comes the growth process itself. Here the master attaches artificial eyelashes between natural bundles or one hair at a time.
Eyelash extension room

  • When the growth process is completed, a professional gently combs the eyelashes with a brush and evaluates the result. Here it is important to act equally actively for both. The master evaluates the quality of work, and the client evaluates the appearance of new cilia. The girl must honestly say that she likes the result, so that in the future there would be no reason to return with claims.
Growth time depends on many parameters

What is the duration of the eyelash extension procedure?

The exact time of the procedure depends on all the parameters discussed above. But most of all, the type of extension affects the final figure.

Comfortable couches for eyelash extensions

How does the procedure time depend on the type of eyelash extension

It can vary significantly depending on the chosen volume of eyelashes, the method of their attachment. As a result, the time will vary from about 1 to 3.5 hours.

Combing eyelashes after extensions

  • Simple classic options it is considered to increase volumes from 1 to 2D. Between them there is also an intermediate 1.5. In general, they are similar to each other. The result is as natural as possible. From the outside, you may not even notice that the build-up has been completed.
Eyelash extensions completed

Depending on the amount of extension chosen by the client, the procedure is carried out in 1 or 2 hairs. Such a number of artificial hairs is attached to each natural. Sometimes masters supplement the entire lash line at once with additional hairs – this is a longer process. It is much faster to cope with building up only in the corners of the eyes.

Lashes are neatly attached

This is the shortest version of the procedure.

Fact about eyelashes

The first false eyelashes appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1927. But, they were not very convenient, they often peeled off due to the imperfection of the adhesives.

Beautiful eyelash extensions

  • Today the leader in popularity among clients is beam extension. This is an option in which artificial eyelashes are attached between natural bundles at once. Then the process goes much faster.
The process of gluing lashes

But such an accelerated method also has serious disadvantages. First, the result looks less natural. And, secondly, if the eyelashes fall out, then immediately with a whole bunch. There remains a noticeable empty space. The fastest possible correction is required.

Eyelash extensions completed

  • eyelash extension – Longer and more painstaking work. But it allows you to achieve the perfect result and wear eyelashes longer.
Eyelashes are attached one by one

Lengthens the process and very voluminous extension. These are options from 3D to 7D. Usually they are taken only by experienced professional craftsmen. First, the specialist will need to carefully and correctly form bundles of hairs, and then glue them as naturally as possible.

One eye with eyelash extensions, the other without

The dependence of the extension time on the number of the client’s own eyelashes

Few people know, but the thickness of a woman’s own eyelashes also greatly affects the time of extension. The higher this indicator, the longer the period will need to be spent in the master’s chair.

Accurate extension

On average, each woman has 150 to 250 eyelashes growing on her upper eyelid. If the eyelashes are very thick, then the extension process can be as much as 1.5 times longer to make the result attractive and natural.

Extension throughout the eyelid

Does the time of the eyelash extension procedure depend on the experience of the master

A lot depends on the skill, professionalism of the master. The longer it works, the better its result. Depends on the skills of the specialist and the time that the girl will have to spend in the chair. It will take the longest time for a novice lashmaker. There are also possible errors in the process.

Master completed eyelash extensions

Gradually, the master, gaining experience, fills his hand. It becomes easier for him to cope with his task. As a result, the time required by a specialist for high-quality beautiful extensions is also reduced.

Attached artificial eyelash

The procedure will take approximately:

  • volume only in the corners – from 40 to 60 minutes;
  • classic version – 90-120 minutes;
  • volume x 1.5 – 90-120 min;
  • volume x 2 – 120-150 min;
  • volume x 3 – 150-180 min;
  • volume…

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