Beam eyelash extensions in a beauty salon

Eyelash extensions 2022: pros and cons of the procedure, myths and reality, 50+ photos

The eyelash extension procedure has long ceased to be an innovation. Increasingly, young ladies and mature ladies decide in favor of visiting a master lashmaker in a beauty salon. However, despite the proven technologies and the guaranteed safety of the service (subject to contacting a qualified master), disputes over it do not subside. Supporters of the procedure cite a lot of reasonable arguments in defense of eyelash extensions. Opponents of “fast”, artificial beauty also have their reasons. How to figure it out and make the right decision, so that later you do not regret the money and time spent? It is worth carefully studying all the arguments for and against.

Beam eyelash extensions in a beauty salon

Advantages of eyelash extensions in a beauty salon


Gorgeous natural eyelash extensions

Pros and cons of eyelash extensions

Many women are intimidated by facial procedures. Indeed, in case of incorrect or unsuccessful actions, it will not work to hide defects in appearance. However, if you fully understand the essence and technology of eyelash extensions, approach the choice of a master wisely, then any risks are excluded.

The effect of extended eyelashes: eyes before and after

The technique has been worked out over years of practice, and manufacturing companies offer modern, safe materials for eyelash extensions. In fact, the service is no more dangerous than lamination in the salon or coloring and curling your cilia at home, using special tools. What do you need to know when making a decision?

Colored eyelash extensions 2D

Benefits of eyelash extensions

  • Fast and long lasting effect. An eyelash extension session takes 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on the volume and complexity of the work. After that, you can safely enjoy gracefully curved, voluminous eyelashes and an expressive look for 3-8 weeks. The terms of wearing depend on the chosen extension scheme, compliance with the recommendations of the care specialist.
Quality eyelash extensions

  • Significant improvement in appearance. Beautiful eyelashes draw attention to the eyes, make them more open. By varying different schemes and combinations, you can achieve amazing results. Give color and shape to thin, colorless cilia, correct imperfections in the location and shape of the eyes. So, the “fox” and “squirrel” effects perfectly correct hanging eyelids, visually lift the lowered corners, completely changing the expression of the face. An experienced master lashmaker is able to create a real miracle using artificial material of different colors, shapes and sizes.
Natural effect of

  • Beautiful eyes and eyelashes without decorative cosmetics. Classic, color and volume extensions allow you to completely get rid of mascara, eyeliners and other make-up tools. Extended eyelashes are quite expressive and have a fixed elegant curve. Ladies save time that is usually spent on daily makeup, as well as money for buying the contents of a cosmetic bag. In addition, you can not think about the paint going into ugly lumps.
Eyelash extension procedure according to the scheme

  • Water treatment resistance and temperature fluctuations. Such cilia will not “cry” from rain or water, blurring the mascara and forming mourning shadows. They are amazing early in the morning and late in the evening, they do not need to be touched up again after swimming in the sea or pool. Glue securely fixes the artificial material, not paying attention to frost or extreme heat. He endures visits to the steam room or sauna.
Colored eyelash extensions

  • Absolute security. Masters in the beauty salon carefully disinfect work surfaces, tools and hands. All materials, glue pass multi-level tests, do not contain toxic substances. Eyelashes and eyelids are pre-cleaned to a sterile state. Subject to technology, eyelash extensions do not harm the health of the skin, cornea and hairs. Unlike tattooing, extensions do not cause injury and do not take time to heal.
Eyelash extensions in 2D technique

The procedure is completely painless. You can simply trust the experienced hands of the master, relax and even sleep.

Luxurious volume and fox effect of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extension with gathered bundles

Eyelash extensions with beam method

Beam eyelash extension according to the classical scheme

Eyelash extension

Classic eyelash extension scheme

Double eyelash extension

Beautiful eyelash extensions with a fox effect

Cons of eyelash extensions

  • The likelihood of allergic reactions, irritation. If the materials were not tested for allergens during the initial use, characteristic manifestations are possible – redness, itching, urticaria, swelling and increased tearing. The same reaction can be traced if the ladies try to carry out the procedure at home, use low-quality materials, inappropriate types of glue.
  • Incompatibility with contact lenses. Unfortunately, lens fluid acts destructively on the structure of glue with natural ingredients. Consequently, the hairs fall off faster, significantly reducing the period of their wearing.
Gentle water procedures with extended eyelashes

  • The need to follow certain rules. To preserve the created beauty, careful handling of eyelashes is required, minimizing any mechanical influences. That is, the eyes should not be rubbed or wiped with a towel, touching the pillow with eyelashes during sleep, wearing glasses or other devices that come into contact with the eyelashes.
You can not sleep facing the pillow with eyelash extensions

  • Restrictions on skin and eye care. Any fats negatively affect the extended eyelashes, dissolving the glue. That is why it is recommended to use creams, care and decorative cosmetics on a fat-free basis. Also, the treatment of eyelashes with vegetable oils, frequent touches of the hands are contraindicated. If the girl’s skin is of the “oily” type, special care is required, which reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
Make-up removal of eyelash extensions with special tools

After removing artificial cilia, many ladies think that her own have thinned and turned pale. This is a natural reaction: getting used to the increased volume, it is difficult to return to your natural parameters.

The need for eyelash extensions

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelash tinting has a very long history. 6000 years ago they already used an analogue of carcass made of soot, lead, honey and burnt almonds. Eye paint is mentioned in the Old Testament and the Talmud.

Myths about eyelash extensions and real facts 2022

  • Myth 1. You can grow eyelashes with your own hands, at home.

Fact: no video tutorials and instructions from the Internet can replace an experienced hand. Without understanding the subtleties, it is easy to harm the health of the eyes and eyelashes, to get a disgusting result.

Chic eyelash extensions with Kylie effect

  • Myth 2. The hairs fall out quickly, leaving gaps.

Fact: if everything is done correctly, and the girl strictly follows the instructions, the artificial material holds securely to the cilia and falls out only with them, during the natural cycle of hair growth.

Eyelash extensions Hollywood double

  • Myth 3. Artificial material greatly weights the eyelids.

Fact: if schemes are used that are as close to natural as possible, the weight and volume of the hairs are not felt. But to eyelashes in the volume of 3-5D, as well as increased length, you need to get used to it.

Photo selection of 2022 beautiful eyelashes after extension

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Classic eyelash extension

Curly lash extensions

Squirrel eyelash extensions in a sparse technique

 Hollywood eyelash extensions for special occasions

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