Holiday lash extensions

Eyelash extensions for the holiday in 2022 (with current photo examples)

Eyelash extensions are an indispensable procedure for girls who want to look bright and attractive even without applying makeup. And a series of various meetings, parties, gatherings is the very time when you need to look your best, but there is sorely not enough time.

This is where the eyelash extension procedure comes in, allowing you to have a captivating look and lush eyelashes with a minimum amount of effort.

If you’ve been wanting to get eyelash extensions for a long time, but haven’t made up your mind, pre-holiday preparations are a great time to appreciate all the advantages of this procedure.

Holiday lash extensions

The nuances of pre-holiday eyelash extensions

If in any other period special preparation for building up is not required, then for the pre-holiday procedure it is worth answering 2 main questions:

  • When to sign up for the procedure?

Like any other service in the beauty industry, eyelash extensions are in huge demand before the holidays. Often the masters open the appointment for a month and a half, so you can choose a convenient date and sign up in advance to avoid time pressure or not get into the procedure at all.

eyelash extensions

  • What date to choose for building?

To be fully equipped for the holiday, you need to get to the eyelash extension master 2-3 days before the party. By this time, redness and swelling from the eyelids, which accompany any manipulations with the eyes, usually disappear.

Extended eyelashes

The service life of artificial hairs is 3-4 weeks, so all the holidays the eyelashes will look great.

Eyelash extension technique

If the extension procedure will be carried out for the first time, it is better to choose a date at the beginning of the month in order to get used to the new sensations and learn how to take care of the extended eyelashes, and before a series of weekends, sign up with the master to correct the extension.

Regrown eyelash extensions

Holiday Eyelash Design Ideas 2022 for Extensions

It is the holiday period that is great for experimenting with appearance, including with the volume of eyelashes.

Having tried the extension effect that you have long wanted, after the holidays you can return to your usual image.

Thick extended eyelashes

  • Classic eyelash extension is a process in which an artificial one is attached to each natural eyelash. At the same time, the volume is preserved, but the length of the eyelashes is added and a bend of the desired shape is formed. This extension looks natural, but spectacular. Usually, masters recommend making the first extension exactly classic in order to get used to the sensations on the eyelashes and eyelids. Suitable for those girls who naturally have sparse or short eyelashes.
Eyelash extension classic

  • Double the volume of eyelashes, as the name implies, increases the density of eyelashes by 2 times, i.e. 2 artificial ones are glued to each own eyelash.

However, such an extension looks quite natural, while allowing you to completely abandon eyelash makeup. It can be used for every day as well.

Double lash volume

  • Super volumes, respectively, increase the number of artificial eyelashes to several, collected in bunches, which are attached to 1 natural one.
Triple lash volume

Eyes look very impressive and usually do not require additional makeup, but on holidays it is quite possible to neglect this rule.

Fact about eyelashes

Paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen negatively affect hair growth, including eyelashes. They grow slowly, fall out more often, and their length decreases.

Eyelash extension 4D

Own eyelashes will not suffer, because. the master will assess the condition of the eyelashes and optimally select the desired diameter and length of the hairs. Bundling also reduces stress on natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions 5D

Eyelash extensions fox effect

Eyelash extensions squirrel effect

eyelash extensions hollywood

How to choose a design for holiday eyelash extensions that will be relevant in 2022

For a festive extension, you can choose some unusual eyelash design, which will also eliminate the need to perform creative makeup every time. There are a lot of options, you can choose the elements for the outfit or make the build-up the main accents in the image.

Decorated eyelash extensions

Colored eyelash extensions for the holiday 2022

There are several techniques for adding colored eyelashes to extensions, except for the understandable one, when all extended eyelashes are chosen in a different color, often bright.

Colored eyelash extensions

  • Colored ends. For eyelash extensions, eyelashes with colored tips are used, while the base and middle remain natural. You can choose one or more shades. This effect is used to make the look more open.
Eyelash extensions with colored tips

  • Unicorn. Colored eyelashes are glued to the outer edge of the eye for a more open and expressive look. The color should not take up more than a quarter of the length of the lash line. The color of artificial hairs can be any.
eyelash extension unicorn effect

  • Mermaid. It involves a gradual transition of color from one to another from the outer edge of the eye to the inner, changing the intensity of the shade.
Eyelash extension mermaid effect

  • Multicolor. Using different colors for building, the hairs are distributed along the entire length of the eyelid. Apply eyelashes of the same length to exclude the predominance of one color.
Eyelash extension multicolor

The choice of jewelry for eyelashes for a festive extension

For decorating eyelashes, you can use various accessories: rhinestones, sparkles, feathers. Of course, this extension option is applicable for use only on holidays.

Decorating eyelash extensions

  • Sequins. There is a type of artificial eyelashes covered in glitter that can be added when doing extensions. But most often, such eyelashes look extremely unnatural, difficult to care for, and foreign particles can easily get into the eye. However, there is an alternative in the form of mica powder, which is used to coat eyelashes during extensions. It creates the desired effect, but is much safer than the first.
Mica Glitter Eyelash Extensions

  • Rhinestones. Can be glued along the entire length of the eyelid, from the inner or outer corner of the eye. Usually they are attached with special glue at a time. Sometimes it adds small crystals to the hairs, but you need to be careful with this so as not to overload natural lashes.
Eyelash extensions with rhinestones and makeup

Decorating eyelash extensions with rhinestones

  • Feathers. They are used from different birds, they can be natural colors or repainted in brighter ones. The trend is gaining momentum quite quickly, so the main thing is not to overdo it. One or more small feathers in the corner of the eye will be enough.
Feather lash extensions

Eyelash extensions with feathers

How to combine holiday makeup 2022 and eyelash extensions

Experts emphasize that extended eyelashes do not require makeup, but may well coexist with it. You need to remember a few rules so that after the first party you won’t be left without eyelashes.

Long eyelash extensions

  • Makeup products should not contain oils, eyeshadows can be loose, and eyeliner and mascara should be water-based.
  • The mascara can be applied in a single layer, so as not to load your own eyelashes even more.
  • It is necessary to abandon waterproof products that are removed with special oil-based formulations, because. the adhesive may not withstand such an impact.
  • For make-up removal, light, oil-free products are also used. Eyelash extensions cannot be rubbed, so the use of sponges or a disc is not possible.
  • You can wash yourself with water at room temperature using gentle …

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